Items That Can’t Go on a Moving Truck – Items not to Ship

While moving, you have to be careful of what you ship. There are many things that you may not be allowed to ship under the moving company regulations. But there are also some items which you should not ship as it will cost you more money.

Prohibited Items

Items that people ship are sometimes flammable, perishable, corrosive or poisonous. Some items that are prohibited include:

Cleaning/Laundry Supplies- These include detergents, bleaches, liquid cleaners or acids which are corrosive in nature. If they leak, they may damage the other items in the shipment.

Aerosol Cans- Spray cans like insecticides, air fresheners, hairsprays and furniture polish may explode if they are packed in a compressed package or if they are placed under heavy items. This may cause damage to articles in the boxes.

Flammables- Anything that is flammable is prohibited on a moving truck. A few flammables are kerosene, propane, diesel and gas. It is not safe to ship them.

Refrigerated or Opened Food- Most food items are perishable. Ones that need to be refrigerated once they are opened, or those that are already opened and need to stay cold to be useable, should not be shipped in a moving truck. Furthermore, liquid food like pickles, jams, syrups or beverages should not be put in a moving truck.

Valuable Items- Items that are high in value such as jewelry, priceless collections (coins, stamps etc.), medication or cash should not be shipped in a moving truck. You should move such items yourself and keep them in your care at all times.

Unnecessary Items

Many items can be shipped in a moving truck but you may not use them in your new home. Some examples of such items are:

Heavy Furniture- If your new house is small and there will not be enough room for your favorite chest or bookcase, it is better to leave it behind. Moving such items will be useless and will be a burden on your budget as well.

Old Clothes/Books/Toys- Children outgrow most of these. If you have used clothes which you do not intend to use further or old books and toys that have already been enjoyed by your children, it is better to either give them away to charity or hold a yard sale for interested neighbors.

Replaceable Items- Many things in your house are old enough to be replaced. If you are thinking of buying a new dishwasher when you move to your new home, you do not need to ship the old one with you. It will just cost you more money and take up unnecessary space in your moving truck.

The most important thing while you move is the safety of your shipment. If you carefully plan out your move, and think about whether each item that you are going to ship is worth the cost and the weight, then you will end up moving things safely and paying less for the whole shipment.

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