Interstate Movers: Custom Tailor Your Options to Suit Specific Needs

Hiring interstate movers can greatly reduce your stress.  Relocating is not an easy task to say the least, and it can also be traumatic. That is because apart from the physical efforts, emotional factors are also involved, and managing both of them can destroy your mental peace. The best way to lower the burden of your shoulders is to hire interstate movers.  That way, you only have to worry about the emotional aspects associated with moving to another house, or even another city.
To help you achieve this task, this article will provide a few guidelines that will help to find reliable interstate moving companies that offer services that suit you specifically.

Legal Obligations

The first thing you should notice about any interstate moving service is whether it adheres to legal obligations or not. Interstate movers are required by the law to meet safety requirements, which include disallowing the transit of any toxic or poisonous substance. Moreover, all drivers should be licensed.
This will ensure that no significant damage will occur when your cargo is being transported on trucks and vans. So make sure that your mover works in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Reps and Not Brokers

In the course of finding a professional moving service, you will come in contact with an agent who will guide you in all the necessary procedures. Most of the time, you will deal with the sales representative of a company.  However, it is also possible that the person communicating the details of the service with you is not an official rep but a broker.
The danger of dealing with a broker is that he might not accurately provide information about the prices and estimates that you will receive from a broker may not represent the ones offered by the business directly. So be careful who you deal with.

Binding and Non-Binding Estimates

When you will be offered estimates by an interstate mover, they will either be binding or non-binding. What’s the difference? To begin with, a binding estimate is of a contractual nature. It is made prior to the customer hiring the service and it keeps both parties legally bound. That means that the business cannot charge anything in addition to the “bound” amount and the customer must pay that price.
This form of an estimate is highly convenient for the customers. A non-binding estimate on the other hand is a simple quote that you receive from the moving company. Although it is not a contract, a non-binding estimate is still as detailed as a binding one. Weight of the cargo is considered when this estimate is calculated, along with other factors like storage and fuel.  The company would also survey your house before providing a non-binding quote. Since estimates are not fixed, you can expect a variation of 10% above or below the given price.

Saving Money

Finally, it will benefit you to save some dollars while relocating as your budget can be tight in such a situation. One of the best ways to save money on a move is to receive quotes from several companies, which you can use either for accurate comparison or bargaining.

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