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Protecting your professional interests is job number 1 for the Movers USA commercial division.

Relocations are among any company’s most critical challenges. Good moves are easily managed and have no operational side-effects. Bad ones can frustrate employees and stall productivity – and in any economic environment, those are worries no company needs. Only Movers USA has the knowledge, manpower and cutting-edge equipment to handle any type of business relocation.
From rock-solid planning to climate-controlled vehicles to organized unpacking, Movers USA works hard to ensure a speedy transition and minimal disruptions to your corporate functionality – whether you’re moving your business across town or across an ocean. Night and weekend moves, complete inventory protocols, GPS tracking of our state-of-the-art fleet and other standard services create a moving experience that’s anything but standard. Get an instant free estimate, discuss the options with a personal certified moving consultant and get cracking on the smartest relocation plan your company will ever enjoy. We’ll keep your business moving!

Commercial Moving Services

Tailored to Elevate Your Move

Business Moves

Moving your business is no small feat, but rest assured, we've got you covered. Whether it's a subtle internal reshuffle or an ambitious multi-departmental relocation, our holistic business moving strategies ensure seamless operations.

Office Moves

Entrust us with your office relocations for unparalleled end-to-end solutions, inclusive of optimal storage options. Our commitment? Exceptional quality assurance, robust security measures, and cost-effective approaches tailored to your unique needs.

Corporate Moves

Every corporation has its unique moving needs. Partner with us to craft a relocation blueprint that’s tailor-made for your organization, ensuring impeccable service and quality, irrespective of your corporate stature.

Library Moves

Libraries are vast repositories of knowledge, each distinct in its requirements. Be it a minor renovation, comprehensive collection shifts, or major infrastructural changes, we're your go-to experts for moves of all magnitudes.

School Moves

Relocating educational institutions demands precision. Our seasoned school moving team delivers meticulously planned logistics and budget management. Plus, with packing guidance, teacher support, and intuitive labeling, we ensure a smooth transition for all.

University Moves

Campus reshuffles or expansions? We've got you covered. Depend on our adept university movers for timely and efficient relocations, ensuring you're all set well before the semester commences.

Medical Equipment Moves

Safety is paramount, especially with fragile and high-value medical equipment. Rely on our specially trained team for punctual pickups and deliveries, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted.

Medical Clinic Moves

Healthcare facility relocations need an extra touch of precision. We prioritize consistent communication and accountability, ensuring your patient care standards remain uncompromised.

Hospital Moves

Hospitals are intricate ecosystems. From confidential medical records to specialized equipment, trust our experienced team to manage every aspect with utmost care, both during the move and in storage.

Laboratory Moves

Labs are hubs of innovation. Allow our experts to streamline your lab transitions, ensuring minimal disruptions and optimal pre-move preparations. Your dedicated project manager will oversee the entire process for seamless execution.

Hotel Moves

Hotels are about experiences. Our tailored moving solutions for the hospitality sector guarantee a smooth transition, ensuring all vendor collaborations are synchronized for a delightful guest experience.

Tradeshow Moves

Showcase your brand without the logistical hassles. Our seasoned tradeshow moving team ensures smooth transportation and setup, letting you focus on making a lasting impression.

Home-Staging Moves

Efficiency meets affordability with our home-staging solutions. Be it room-specific tasks or comprehensive home projects, our services cater to all your needs. Avail special rates for repeat clientele and specific item relocations.

Gym Moves

Transforming fitness spaces requires a special touch. Whether you're shifting a neighborhood gym or a large fitness center, our experienced team ensures every piece of equipment is relocated with precision and care. From weight racks to treadmills, we guarantee a seamless transition, allowing you to get back to fostering health and wellness in no time.

Fitness Studio Moves

Your fitness studio is a sanctuary of well-being. Relocating it demands expertise. Be it a dance studio, a boutique yoga space, or a high-intensity training center, we've got you covered. Our specialized team is adept at handling sensitive and specific studio equipment, ensuring your space remains as inviting and functional as before, post-move.

Commercial Storage

Flexible commercial storage solutions await you. From pallet configurations to vault setups, our warehousing options are designed for both short-term and extended requirements.

Additional Services

Beyond the conventional, our suite of services offers more than meets the eye. Even if you're not undergoing a full-scale relocation, explore our diverse offerings tailored to simplify your moving experience.

Commercial Moving FAQ

A commercial move is when moving an office or any kind of business.
Commercial move are priced based on the amount of items, size, weight and how much space they will take up on the truck.
Yes we can. We have a climate controlled, pest free, dust free, and you belongings stay wrapped inside of our sealed vaults.

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