2-Stage Move Storage

All the world’s a stage – or two

With the real estate market still struggling, more people are contemplating the “2-stage move.” more businesses are going that way, too.

Statistics show that when it comes to selling a property, the emptier it is, the quicker it sells. Potential buyers can more easily imagine a space as their own without someone else’s stuff packed wall to wall. So whether you’re selling an office suite or a three-bedroom house, the less furniture, clothing and boxes you have scattered about, the better.
But until you’re ready to complete your move, what do you do with all your stuff?
Whether you’re packing up part of your house to help your realtor close a sale or stashing away part of your corporate possessions until you’re ready to complete your big move, Movers USA’s flexible storage options are exactly what you need to complete the “2-stage move.” The same courteous, professional service that infuses every relocation and storage job we take is applied to your partial project; until you’re ready for them, your possessions will enjoy the same fine treatment in a secure, climate-controlled, conveniently located facility.
Just let us know the moment your new home or office is ready, and we’ll pack up your stored items and come get the rest, and having everything delivered to your new digs in no time! Over 25 years, Movers USA has built a stellar reputation for its exceptional relocation services and its short- and long-term storage options. That same excellence now applies to our 2-stage move services – the best chance you’ve got to sell your home in this tough real estate market!

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