Movers USA Projects

Movers USA understands relocations are among a company’s most critical challenge. If the move takes too long, a company could lose money, it’s a risky business and luckily Movers USA is experienced enough to perform all types of relocations.
Movers USA Project - Moving a Celebrity

Moving a Star

What it’s like to move a celebrity Did you ever dream of getting to see a T.V. star’s home in real life? We recently moved a home just like that. Here’s how we did it, keep reading you might just find some useful tips for your next move.When you think

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Movers USA Project - Urgent Last Minute Move

Urgent Last Minute Move

An urgent last-minute move Getting a scheduled move is not always in the cards, sometimes our clients need a move right away and more times than not it’s a complicated move. One of our clients needed us to move a house from the TV show “house of cars” into storage

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Movers USA Moving Fine Art

Fine Art Move

The art of packing shipping and storing art Many of our clients have art pieces that need special attention, so in this article we would like to explain in detail how we make sure to protect them. Paintings without a frame We work with many self employed artists and their

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Movers USA Project - Ford Theatre Move

Ford Theatre Move

Movers USA partakes in history Movers USA played a part in history when it was called to partake in the renovation of Ford’s Theater. Ford’s Theatre is a historic theatre in Washington, D.C., used for various stage performances beginning in the 1860s. It is also the site of the assassination

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Movers USA Project - Firetruck Body Shop Move

Firetruck Body Shop Move

Movers USA transports fire truck body shop Movers USA performs both residential and business relocations. Recently, the family-owned moving and storage company was asked to complete a daring move: relocate a Maryland fire truck body shop.“It was pretty daunting at first, the fire truck shop had thousands and thousands of

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Movers USA Project - Hannibal Lecter Move

Hannibal Lecter Move

Movers USA transports fire truck body shop Movers USA caters to hundreds of residents, aiding them in their various relocations, the moving company routinely transports businesses and families across town, across state lines and even across the ocean. Most recently Movers USA was asked to transport a local Maryland family

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Movers USA Project - Fresh & Green Supermarket

Fresh & Green Supermarket Move

Movers USA completes fresh & green supermarket move One of Movers USA’s most recent grandiose relocation projects entailed moving two Maryland based Green & Fresh Supermarket branches. To properly prepare for the formidable project, Movers USA Founder Gil Ben Shoushan consulted his father, who served as a CEO for a

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Movers USA Project - Law Firm Move

Law Firm Move

Movers USA keeps Portner & Shure Law Firm in perfect form Another successful commercial feat for Movers USA: Portner & Shure Law Firm.The Maryland based law firm turned to Movers USA after hearing stellar reviews from a fellow law firm and requested their services. The busy law firm, open to

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