Moving? Get it Done Right the First Time

Moving a house is an extremely tedious and complex process. There are many things to take care of and a lot of sorting out needs to be done. Just looking at all the stuff that needs to be packed can drain out our energy. But if you plan out your entire move, you will be able to move without getting all worked up and stressed.

Inform Your Family & Friends

If you know the date when you will be moving out, it is best to inform your close friends and family before time. Having them help in the packing will be fun and will ease your workload. Moreover, they will come up with ideas and help you pack in an organized manner.

Choose a Moving Company

Evaluate all the pros and cons before choosing a moving company. Make sure the costs of the service fit your moving budget. Analyze what you will require your moving company to do for you and then decide whether you will need a full-service mover or a self-service mover.

Pack Fragile Items Properly

It is very important to pack all your belongings correctly. If you are careless in your packing, your belongings may get damaged while loading, unloading or on the way. Pack all fragile items in double-walled boxes using newspapers, bubble wrap and packaging peanuts to give the items a soft padding to avoid travel shocks on the way. Ensure that the box is sturdy and is properly sealed using packaging tape.

Label these boxes “FRAGILE” on the top and at the sides. If you pack a glass frame or mirror, tape an “X” using a packaging tape from corner to corner to prevent it from damage or from damaging other items, in case it breaks. Also, label boxes “DO NOT BEND” of such items on all sides.

Packing fragile items like electronics, crockery and artwork will safeguard them against any kind of damage.

Organize Your Belongings

Organizing is very important when you pack. If you label all your boxes properly and make the extra effort of listing down the items in each box, it will save you ample time when you will get to unpacking everything. You can attach these lists onto the side of your boxes.

Loading the Boxes in the Moving Van

When you are all packed up and ready to load, check if the ramp of the van is fitted correctly. When loading, see which boxes are heavier and place them first in the moving van. Then load all the other boxes in an organized manner in proper piles. Lastly, all the boxes marked “FRAGILE” will be placed on top of the other boxes so that they don’t crush under the pressure of the heavier boxes. Ensure that boxes containing fragile items are placed in a way that they do not fall off the top, in case the van jerks or stops.

If professionals are available, let them take care of everything. After all your luggage is secured in the van, you can ask the driver to drive the van to your new place.

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