How to Pack Electronics

Nowadays, many electronic items are a part of our daily life. Whether they are kitchen appliances, a home theatre system, or a desktop computer, all electronics are very fragile and should be carefully handled and packed while moving.

Use Proper Boxes

If you still have the original boxes of these appliances, then pack them in their original boxes as they are of the correct size and will be able to protect the item. You can also buy specialty electronic boxes from the market if you do not have the manufacturer boxes. If neither is available, a sturdy double-walled box will be fine. Try to find a box that is just the size of the equipment to avoid the item from shifting inside while the box is being moved.

It is very important to take extra care while using packaging items. Avoid using packaging peanuts while boxing sensitive equipment as it may conduct electricity. Instead, you can use wadded newspapers or dry popcorn as they are non-conductive substitutes to foam peanuts. For extra padding and support, you can also use soft fabrics like blankets, pillows or clothes to cover your equipment. Set one layer of padding on the base of the box to help absorb travel shock. Take additional care to protect computer and television glass screens.

Pack Sensibly

It is not suitable to pack any heavy item with your electronics as it may crush the equipment during moving. Soft items can be packed with electronics. This way the extra space will be utilized and the equipment will get extra padding. Be sure to label the boxes appropriately. Writing “FRAGILE” or “TOP LOAD ONLY” with a bold marker will indicate that these boxes have to be carefully handled and kept above other heavy boxes to avoid being crushed. Moreover, labeling exactly which equipment is in the box will enable the movers to take greater care of the items and will also help you unpack quickly when you have moved.

Electronic Cables and Other Accessories

Keep the cables and accessories of each equipment in the same box as the equipment. This will avoid any chances of things being misplaced or lost. All remotes, cables and other accessories should be taped to the equipment directly or they can be put in a plastic bag that can then be taped onto the equipment. The more organized your packing is, the easier it will be for you to unpack.

Pack Electronics after Unloading Them

Do not leave batteries, DVDs, or ink cartridges in your equipment while packing. Always unload the equipment completely to avoid any chance of damage to the equipment. This will also prevent the device from turning on if a button gets pressed while moving.

Special Packaging Requirements

Some heavy-duty equipment like LCD televisions should be packed in specialized wooden crates to avoid damage. Make backups for computer systems to avoid loss of files in case of damage to the system.

These tips will help you transport your delicate electronic equipment safely and they will reach their destination in good shape.

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