How Important Is It to Stage Your Home So It Sells Faster

When you decide to sell your house, the most crucial step would be to stage your home. We always hear that first impressions are important. In the real estate business, they are even more critical. Staging your home for sale will help it sell faster and fetch a better price for your property.

Mostly, while looking for a home, the main priority in a buyer’s mind is location. But if he sees a messy and cluttered house at a very good location, he may not be willing to buy it. National statistics prove that homes that are staged take half the time to sell in comparison to those that are not staged. Some of the benefits of staging are mentioned below.

Staging Helps you Organize your Home

You will be required to clear away and de-clutter your cabinets and shelves in the staging process. You can start packing unneeded things into boxes and store them away. This will be a good opportunity to motivate you to begin packing for the move as well. When the time actually comes to start packing, you will already be packed halfway.

Staging can be Entertaining

Even though this process needs you to invest your time and effort in it, it will not be boring. Changing the look of your house needs a creative mind. If you always had an interest in interior designing, you could experiment with your ideas at this time.

Staging can Help Sell the House Quickly

The kitchen is the top-most priority of a buyer when he wants to buy a home. If you do some modifications in the kitchen like cleaning the cabinetry or give some extra touches to your shelves, change the lights or paint the walls using light colors, it can give the impression of a bigger house with open and airy rooms and the buyer will instantly like it.

Staging Reduces your Home’s Time on the Market

A survey by the National Association of Realtors, demonstrated that homes that were on the market for more than four weeks sold at a 6% less price than ones that were sold in the initial four weeks. Also, if your home on the market for months, you will be forced to reduce the price. Staging will help you sell your house faster.

Staging Fetches You a Better Price

Staging your home will help you justify your asking price to buyers. If your home makes a good impression on the buyer’s mind and he finds it worth the money you are asking for it, he will willingly pay the price and will not need much convincing. Statistics show that sellers who spent $500 on average on their home staging project recovered 343% of the staging cost in their selling price.

Your realtor may recommend a professional on request to help you with the process. He may even contribute in the staging costs of your house if there is a possibility of getting a better price for your home.

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