How to Pack Fragile Items

Packing fragile items is a difficult job. While moving, fragile items may break if they are not packed properly. Here are a few tips that will help you pack fragile items with care so that the packaging is able to absorb travel shock while moving.

Firstly, you will need some supplies to wrap your items. These will include thick cardboard boxes, packaging peanuts, packing tape, bubble wrap and blank newsprint. Printed newspapers are not advisable as the ink on them tends to fade and can leave a mark on the glass.

Plates, Saucers and China

Take dish barrel boxes to pack kitchenware as these are strong and sturdy. Use a tape gun to conveniently seal the bottom of these boxes. Cushion the base of the box wadded newspaper to absorb travel shocks while moving. The soft bed of packing paper should be about six inches deep.

Wrap all the crockery individually in newspaper and tape the edges. Then start stacking the heavier plates at the bottom of the box and the smaller, lighter plates on top to avoid damage. When the box is full, fill the empty spaces in the sides with more crumpled paper. Layer the top with packing paper too. Now close and seal the lid of the box and label it “FRAGILE” with a bold marker.

Heavy Glass Dishes or Vases

Packing them is no different than how you will pack your flat plates. For thin dishes, double wrap them with newspaper and tuck the leftover newspaper on the inside edge of the dish. Tape the edges to prevent the dish from moving.

To pack vases, fill them up with crumpled paper and then roll them in layers of packing paper. When you feel that they are sufficiently secured, tape them on the top bottom and sides.

Stack the items as before, heavier ones first and the lighter ones later. Fill the rest of the spaces, seal the box and label it.


For stemware, you will need specialty packing cell boxes. You can purchase them from packing supply stores. If you already have simple boxes, just buy the dividers separately according to the size of your boxes.

Take one goblet or glass and stuff it with packing paper. Be sure not to press the paper in too tightly. When the glass is filled, roll it in two or three sheets of tissue and tuck the edges on the inside. Roll the tissue-wrapped glass again in a sheet of packing paper, once or twice as required. Instead of tucking in the edges, gently fold them around the globe and the stem.

Place each glass in the cell stem first and gently pack the empty space with tissue or bubble wrap. After the box is full, place tissue or bubble wrap on top of the stemware. This will prevent any movement of the glasses while on the move. Seal the box and label it “FRAGILE”.

It is advisable to attack a content list on the boxes for your own convenience. Once you unpack, wash all the dishes thoroughly before using them.

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