10 Questions to Ask When You Look for a Mover – Part 2 – Stress Free Moving!

Apart from escaping fraud when you are moving, it is also important to hire a mover that is providing you with stress free moving services, so that you do not feel overwhelmed during the move. Always choose certified and reputable moving companies that have a solid background, and favorable reviews from previous customers, since this will give you a pretty decent idea about the type of services you can expect from the company.

Here are some questions to ask your mover, when you are researching for a stress free move:

F – Is the Company Going to Send an In-Home Estimator?

Most companies will send an in-home estimator, to do an onsite inspection and provide you with an estimate for your move. This will give you the total estimated cost of the entire move, allowing you to make preparations for getting the finances ready that you will require for the move. The in-home estimator may provide you with a binding or an un-binding estimate of the move, and should always ask for the legal documentation and certification of the in-home estimator before signing on any document.

G – Is the Mover Going to Provide a Written Estimate Identifying All Costs?

All professional moving companies are ordered by federal law to provide you with a written estimate that should identify all the hidden costs of the move. You should always ask for a written estimate in order to get peace of mind, from the threat of fraud and get a fair idea about the finances of the move in total as well. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but also help you at the end of the move, since the mover cannot ask for any additional charges that go above the written.

H – Does the Company Provide Easy to Reach Friendly Customer Services?

A good moving company provides satisfying customer support services, that are easy to reach and are available at all times. It is important to choose a moving company with impeccable customer services, since it will make your job a whole lot easier and take away any stress you may have regarding the move. A company with friendly customer service, will be efficient and professional, and will always be willing to listen to you and answer your queries during the move.

I – In Case Needed for the Company to Have a Written Claim Procedure or a Dispute Program?

It is imperative for the moving company to have written claim procedures or a dispute program, in case of any dispute arising between you and the moving company. It is quite common for moving companies to try and force themselves out of paying for damages for your possessions during the move, or refuse to move certain items unless they are paid for extra money. In event of any such disputes, a moving company is ordered by federal law to have a dispute program or written claim procedure, for any disputes or disagreements that may arise during the move.

J – Does the Moving Company Belong to Any Moving Association or Rating Membership like AMSA, MMTA, BBB, Angieslist, etc.?

A moving company that is a part of a moving association or rating memberships, such as Angieslist, BBB, AMSA, MMTA etc, is bound to provide you with exemplary moving services. Ensure that you employ the services of your moving company after looking them up on the rating membership or moving associations, to have a stress free move!

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