The Ultimate Guide for DIY Packing: Learn How to Pack Pictures and Frames

When the time come’s for packing your goods for the impending move, it can be a very stressful period of time as you will be dealing with a lot of pressure, some emotional and some brought on by all the intense preparations of the move. One of the most difficult items to pack are pictures and frames, since they can be damaged quite easily and need to be handled with extreme care when you are relocating.

You can easily chip the corner or break the glass of a frame or picture when handling these goods during the move, which will not only ruin the aesthetic appeal of the good but also cause more expenses in damage repairing as well. This is why you should learn how to pack pictures and frames without damaging them and this guide will provide you with everything that you need to know about packing pictures and frames when relocating.

  1. The first step you should consider when packing a picture or a frame is to choose the right box for packing the good.
  2. You will need to keep the box you chose flat, and if it is not flat, then take the box apart.
    Apply tape firmly and securely to one of the box to ensure that it is solid. Use the best packing tape you have for this.
  3. Put the picture with it’s frame lying flat on the box. Make sure that the box is filled with bubble wrap to ensure that the picture has a soft cushion inside the box.
  4. Wrap the entire picture with bubble wrap and cover it completely, then place tape all around the edges of the bubble wrap.
  5. Make sure the picture is secure inside the box and there is no way for the picture to move or slide around inside the box. Seal all sides of the box to ensure that there is no way that the box will come apart.
    Mark and label the boc as fragile and write the location of the room you want to place the picture inside your new home.
  6. When loading the box onto the moving truck, ensure that the picture is lying sideways and is not completely flat against the floor, since it can absorb pressure and shock much easily if it is resting on its edges and will prevent any damages during transit.

Additional Tips

  • It can be quite easy to pack your picture or frame when you are relocating if you purchase a special cardboard that protects your picture. These cardbaords are designed to protect the edges of the picture frames from being damaged and are very useful.
  • When you are loading the pictures on the moving truck ensure that other boxes are not placed on top of the boxes carrying pictures and frames.
  • Ensure that the boxes can’t move during transit, since it will increase the chances of damage to your pictures. Boxes can break open by colliding against or falling on top of each other, so make sure that all boxes are secured and tightly wedged together.

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