10 Questions to Ask When You Research for a Mover – Part 1 – Escaping Fraud!

You should always look up your mover, in order to escape fraud when you are moving or relocating. In recent times a lot of complaints have been filed by people, who have been scammed by rogue movers, who give low ball park estimates to entice people into acquiring their services and then conning them out of their money and possessions. This is why it is imperative that you gauge your potential mover properly, in order to make a stress free move.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking your mover or moving company in order to escape fraud:

A –Are the Movers Professional and Certified Employees or Do They Use Day Labor and/or Subcontractors?pro mover logo

Most professional and certified moving companies have skilled and experienced employees who do all the heavy lifting and moving. Some movers use daily labor, while others have subcontractors working for them, who handle the moving process. You should always look to hire a company that has its own professional and certified employees, since there is a significantly lesser chance of them scamming you, when you are moving.

B – Is the Mover Bonded and Insured?

This is an important question to ask, since it will mean that you will be eligible to acquire valuation coverage for your goods and valuable items. A bonded and insured moving company will provide coverage for all goods that they pack and unpack, along with loading and unloading the goods, while moving them. Also, legitimate movers will have all their employees covered under worker compensation Insurance so you are not liable in case of an injury of any employees in your home.

C – Are the Movers Using a Fleet of Trucks with Company Logo, or a Rental Truck?

A professional moving company have their own fleet of trucks with the company logo on them. Ensure that the company, you hire are using their own trucks with proper logos and documentations, and any moving company offering to move your possessions in a rental truck is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen, since they will most likely be rogue movers.

D – What is the Agreed Upon Method of Payment?

Legitimate movers will offer several methods of payment for your convenience: Cash, cashier check, money order, and all credit cards. You should use caution when a mover demands all payments to be made in Cash or Money order Only.

E – What Kind of Deposit Does the Mover Require?

Many moving companies will ask for a deposit from you before the move, to hold until the move has been completed. It is important to do a background check on the moving company before you give them a deposit to escape fraud. Any amount ranging from $100 – $300 is deemed as a reasonable deposit to a moving company. It is important to note, that different movers have different requirements for deposits, which may change according to the percentages of the total cost of the move, and the required duration of the move.

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