Moving From Maryland to Florida – Things You Cannot Ship on a Moving Truck

When you are planning to move from Maryland (MD) to Florida (FL), you should be careful about what you pack. Not everything you have in your house can be shipped to your new house using a truck. While some things may be entirely unnecessary, there are other things that are legally prohibited from shipping.

Also, there are other things that can face severe damage if shipped using a moving truck and some that might cost you a huge amount of money to ship from one place to another. Before you start making plans about what to pack, you should get a list of items that are prohibited from shipping and another list of additional items that your movers do not ship.

Prohibited Items

Some of the most common things that are prohibited to be carried in a moving truck in MD are flammable items such as kerosene, empty or filled propane tanks, fuel and oils, lighters, firearms, fire extinguishers, ammunition and matches. Any other kind of pressurized tanks are also not allowed to be shipped.

Aerosol cans and sprays such as insecticides, hairsprays, polish and air fresheners are also prohibited from shipping in a truck with other items. Packing these items in compressed packages can result in an explosion, which can cause harm to other items.
Any type of cleaning chemicals including bleach, paint, detergent, liquid cleaners, thinners or other items that may be considered as acidic or hazardous also cannot be shipped by movers via truck.

Items that Movers Don’t Ship

There are certain other items that moving companies do not ship on their trucks. These items can vary from company to company. Mostly all of the companies do not allow shipment of perishable food and food contained in glass jars. Another common item that is not allowed on shipping trucks is live plants, which can get damaged during the journey. It is much better to leave your plants at your old house and buy new ones when you move.

Pets are also not allowed on a shipping truck by almost all movers. You can take your pets with you or you can ask the company if they provide transportation for pets separately. Most shipping companies also don’t allow you to transport valuable items such as cash and jewelry on their trucks. Such items should be transported by you when you make the move.

Unnecessary Things

You should also get rid of any unnecessary items that you are not planning to use before you pack your things. There are several such items in your household that may only be an added burden. Old clothes, books, toys, utensils and furniture can be sold or given to charity.

If you are planning to replace something, do not ship the old ones to your new house. Send them to the replacement center before you move and get the new one delivered at your new address directly. This can save you the cost of paying movers for these items.

Things That You Should Move With You

There are other things that are not necessarily prohibited to be shipped in a moving truck but it is better to carry them with you for convenience. Some of these items include family photos, prescription medicines that you may require at any time, important personal or negotiable papers and your moving documents. Any other thing that holds high sentimental value for you should also be packed separately and should be carried by you.

By packing smartly, you can not only save yourself from unnecessary costs, but also from unnecessary trouble. Always check with the moving companies in MD to know what you are allowed to ship on a truck before you start packing.

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