Movers in Maryland (MD) Offer Tips to Stay Green

Green practices are constantly on the rise and with the increasing energy crisis, it is no surprise. People nowadays are looking for more ways to preserve energy in every wake of their life and more businesses are tailoring their practices in order to go green. If you are planning to relocate, you can engage in several eco-friendly practices to save the environment while you can save money yourself.

The very first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the unnecessary items that are cluttering up your house. You can resell them, exchange them or give them away to charity. You can either keep the items that you think can be recycled, or you can give them to companies that recycle things. Try to cut back on trash as much as possible by thinking what can be used in any possible way before you throw it away.

You should always keep the original boxes of appliances with you since they are the best way to transport them when you are moving. If you are planning to purchase something new, either get it delivered to the new house or keep it packed in its original packaging.

Avoid buying new boxes for packing your things unless absolutely necessary. You can get free boxes from superstores, retailers, neighbors, friends, family members or other tenants who have recently moved in.

If you can’t make time to go around looking for free boxes, try to purchase used boxes. A number of different websites offer used cardboard boxes for free or low prices all around MD.

Another perfect substitute for using cardboard boxes is to rent plastic boxes and other packing supplies from moving companies. Some companies deliver these plastic boxes to your house at a prearranged time at a small rental fee and then pick them up a couple of weeks later. They also provide you with other packing materials such as recycled papers for cushioning. Since plastic boxes are sturdier, they can also provide added protection to your things while saving you a lot of money.

You can also use recycled paper for cushioning purposes. You can start saving up newspapers and ask your friends to save theirs too. You can also use recycled grocery bags to pack delicate items separately.

If you are planning to hire moving companies, make sure they undertake eco-friendly practices in their operations such as driving bio-diesel trucks and using recyclable boxes. Also ask them about their waste disposal strategy.

If you are planning to rent a truck and handle the move yourself, you can hire a truck that uses bio-fuel. You should also be careful about the size of the truck you select according to your needs. Large trucks can use up more energy but if they are too small, you might have to make more than one trip.

You should also plug off all the electronic appliances once you start packing, even if you are planning to pack them later. Empty the fridge and turn it off too. When you are moving, avoid turning on the air-conditioning since it won’t be of any use due the open doors and windows.

Save as much energy as you can and use environmentally friendly products while you are moving. Employ moving companies that use green practices and try to avoid waste as much as possible. Once you have relocated to your new house in MD, make a resolution to employ green practices regularly. Preserve energy and cost by going green this time you make a move across town.

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