General Moving Tips

Congratulations, you finally have a home and are ready to move. The process is really stressful, frustrating and time consuming. So how do you make the move easier and more manageable? By following the tips that we have for you here.

Before the Move

  • Plan your move weeks ahead in advance. Try not to leave anything for the last minute and get things done as early as possible.
  • Got children or pets? Yes, you love them but you cannot have them around on the big day. Ask your friends or family to take care of them for a day or two days if possible. It will relieve some burden of your shoulder.
  • Start packing up your supplies a few days before the move. You can tackle less used things like your garage items and books initially and leave the more useable things for the last days, but not the last one.
  • Label all your boxes properly. Also try to pack items of one room in the same boxes. This will make it easier for you to sort things out when you unpack.
  • Hire a moving company to help you with the job; just make sure your chosen package is affordable for you and that you have thoroughly researched the company.
  • Read the contract of the moving company thoroughly, and only then sign it. If you are not sure about a clause, clarify it with a representative.
  • Make sure you are covered either by your mover’s or your homeowners’ insurance policy.
  • On the last night, prepare a night bag for yourself that will contain all essentialities such as medicine, toothbrush, night gown and any other item you will require immediately. You can even keep a few light snacks in this.
  • Sleep well the last night.

On the Moving Day

  • Start of the day with a nutritious breakfast.
  • Be there when a moving company starts handling your boxes. They may have questions and you may want to provide them guidance so that they do the job as per your wishes.
  • When the driver is preparing a list of your items, keep a watch and make sure it is done right. If they make a mistake or incorrectly mention the condition of an item, let them know then and there.
  • Prior to leaving the house, check each and every room thoroughly and make sure you have not left anything behind.
  • Give the driver your contact details so that they can easily get in touch with you if any need arises. Also provide them with the correct address of your new residence.
  • Keep your night bag with you along. Do not hand over this to the moving company.
  • Also keep your valuables with you such as coins, cash, jewelry and important documents. Do not trust the movers with these things.

Follow the above advice; your moving process will be smoothened out and made a whole lot easier.

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