Tips for a Successful Move

So you have finally found that dream house and have to plan a move now? Does this make you happy or are you sort of anxious? We think it would be both. As glad as you will be that you are moving into another house and neighborhood, you will be just as worried about the move. We are so sure you must have heard so many stories of moves that turned out to be a disaster because they were so difficult to manage or incurred unwanted costs that could have been easily avoided. And these stories are exactly what would be stressing you out right now. Are we correct or wrong?

Moving is a seemingly complex process, but plan it well and you will get it just right. Yes, the thought of so much packing is frustrating, but like we said a proper strategy is what you need. And this is where professional movers step into the picture. Take help from the pros and half your troubles are over, but there is one big problem with this otherwise perfect scenario.

Moving companies are a great help and can simply the process to a considerable extent. However, just like any other industry, fraud is common even in this sector, and there are many fake companies. All these fail to provide you with quality services and charge you excessively. As such, when you hire movers, you need to be absolutely sure that you are appointing a credible company that will satisfy you and not leave you disappointed. Should you be able to do this, your move will be successful and no problems with arise.

Here is what we advise for a smooth move.

Know your rights

As a consumer, you are entitled to many rights when you a hire moving company. There is a lot of information on this, and your chosen mover will be able to provide you a detailed document. Go through it thoroughly and understand the information it contains. Your main rights include an estimate, coverage for damaged, lost or destroyed goods, a written contract that highlights all the detail and reweighing of your items if you feel the weight is inaccurate.

Hire a registered moving company

Moving companies are huge in number. Only go for ones that are registered because there are lesser chances of a scam with them.

Read the information which you obtain from the mover

As already mentioned, your mover will provide you with a detailed document containing all your rights. They will also provide you with estimates, a written contract that outlines all the clauses, a complete list of services, a bill of lading and the inventory list. Please read all of these carefully and make sure you understand all the terms and details.

Deal with problems in a professional manner

If you have a problem with your mover regarding charges or damaged items, you can file a claim with them after the move. The issues will be resolved in accordance with your chosen insurance policy and your mover’s dispute settlement program.

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