Full Service Storage vs. Self Storage

Planning to move? Chances are you will need a storage facility, especially if you are moving long distance. You have two main options for this: self storage and full service storage. Self storage is a service in which you can rent a container or even a truck and store all your belongings in it. You will have to pay a monthly charge and you will probably not be provided with any insurance policy unless you choose to buy one yourself. On the other hand, if you opt for full service storage, the company will take care of everything from packing to moving. As for your work, you only have to make the payment, and they will do the rest.

So which of these should you opt for: self storage or full service storage? Ask yourself a couple of questions and their answers can help you decide.

Which is a more convenient option?

As already mentioned, when you avail a self storage service, you have to do everything. If you are not used to packing, this can be problematic for you. What if you cram everything up and in the end some of your belongings are still left? You will either have to rent another unit or repack. As long as you are okay with this, you may be fine with self service storage.

Now consider full storage. There is no packing to do, and your provider will have to worry about making enough space for every item.

How much does each service cost?

Costs are an important factor in every decision. Generally, a self service storage plan will be more affordable since you are just renting out a unit. All other things like storing, loading and transporting are your duties. As for full service storage, that is more costly, but do not forget the convenience involved. You just have to call your service provider, and that is it. They do everything else, and you only have to supervise them.

So which is more important to you: a low cost or more convenience? Decide and then choose a service.

Which service is safer and more reliable?

Self storage units are mostly stored outside and are exposed to extreme weather conditions. If moisture leaks into your unit, there is a chance that your belongings will get damaged. Please note that some services also provide you with indoor self storage options. If this is the case, environmental concern will not be an issue.

As for full storage service, storage is usually indoors. Moreover, there is a complete inventory list which helps you in tracking every item and ensuring that all your belongings are safe.

How long will you need the storage?

A full storage is a more expensive option, so you need storage of prolonged periods, you may be better off with a quality self-storage service provider.

Will you be able to access storage at any time?

Availing full service storage means you can access your items during office hours for a fee. With self storage, this is not always the case.

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