How to Pack Your Valuable Antiques, Arts, Heirloom and Wall Hangings for the Move

Moving is a stressful process of which packing is the most difficult part. While it is easier to handle things like clothes and books, packing valuables like antiques, art and other collectibles is a difficult job because they are more prone to damage and require extra care. You can pack all these items by yourself or you can hire pros for the task. Let us discuss both options in details.

Packing the Items Yourself

Get the required supplies

You can pack the items yourself but make sure you supplies are strenuous and durable. These are easily available in the market. Things which you will need include packing tape, triple walled moving cartons, bubble wrap, fine tissues, craft paper and labels that spell out relevant phrases like ‘fragile’, ‘Do not load’, Load last; unload first;’ and so on.

Separate your items

Separate your valuable items into things, which you can pack and which you cannot. For instance, all items like jewelry, cash, coins, medial records, documentation and other precious things must not be packed and you should carry all of these with you. Even if you hire a moving company, do not hand over any of these things.

Pack the items

Now turn your attention to things which can be packed. Unsecure loose parts and other removable pieces. Wrap up bubble wrap around all the items and then pace them in their original containers. If you do not have these, you can use other boxes that are strenuous and are of the right size. Stuff the boxes with wadded newspaper as an extra protection and then seal it up with strong tape.

Label the boxes

The last step is to label the boxes and clearly state the items that you have packed in a specific box.

Assigning the Job to the Pros

When it comes to valuable items, appointing the pros is your best bet. After all, you will not want something that is so precious to you to get damaged during the move. The pros are skilled at this task and know exactly how these items should be handled, packed and transported. Hire them, and they willl make sure your items reach your new home safely.

Whichever moving company you hire, their representatives will come and inspect your belongings. Let them know about fragile items and they will note the details. Accordingly, they will figure the best packing materials and then pack your items.

Though this will vary with your chosen company, all bigger items like antique furniture and crystal chandeliers are packed in wooden crates. Smaller items go in sturdy boxes after they have been wrapped and padded with strong materials. If any item has an unusual shape, your moving company will design a special box for it, especially if you are moving over long distances.

Once the items are packed, they are labeled and then loaded onto the moving truck. You are then provided with a list of inventory, which you have to sign after you have made sure that every item has been loaded.

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