10 Things People Forget When Moving

So you are planning to move. Great idea that does bring many benefits. But we can understand the stress that you go through before and during a move. And in all this anxiety, you are bound to forget quite a few useful things. We’ll quickly take you over some of the most important ones.


Before the move

1. Notify your children’s school

Many people fail to notify the new schools to which their children will go after the move. You should do this a couple of months in advance. Find out more about the admission process, documents required and other important details. Also have a word at the old school so they can initiate their leaving processes well in time.

2. Inform your caregivers

You talk about the move to everyone; friends, family and relatives. But other than them, you should also inform your caregivers about it. If you have a nanny, housekeeper, tutor, babysitter or anyone else, let them know at least a month before the move.

3. Deal with your anxieties and your kids’ too

Like we said, moving is stressful, and by no means does that imply that you should forget the best people in your life. Just as anxious as you are about the move, so are your children. Spend as much time with them as possible throughout the move period. Make sure you have all regular activities like going for a walk after lunch, telling your kid’s a story at bedtime or having waffles on the weekends. This will help your entire family relax.

4. Remember the color code

Unpacking can become so easy if you label your boxes properly. Purchase colored labels, and allot a color to every room in your new house. Now label boxes that have to go in one room within the same color. And do this on at least on two sides of the box. It may take time, but later on, you will be really glad about it.

5. Switch on utilities

Switch on utilities of your new home a day or two before the move.


On the big day

6. Help your kids make a survival kit

Put all your kids’ toys, books and other important belongings in one bag. If your child requires diapers, bottles and any other thing else, also keep them together. This kit will help you deal with your children throughout the day.

7. Prepare a night bag

Stuff things that you will immediately need in your new home in a single bag such as your toothbrush, medicines, some snacks, plates, glasses and anything else which you may require.

8. Consider your pets

If your pate shave special needs regarding food, sleep and travelling, make sure you cater to it.

9. Keep essential documents with you

Never pack important documents like your passports, medical records and social security cards, and take them with you.

10. Have an energizing breakfast

The day you move is a big day indeed, and you need to muster all the energy you can for it. Have a rich breakfast that keeps you energized the whole day.

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