Keeping Kids Busy During the Move

If your children have grown older and go to school, it will be easier to move with them. You

Young parents sitting beside cardboard boxes and drinking wine. Theirs daughter standing in frond and holding box. She's looking at camera.

may find it hard to convince them, but after that, they will not create many issues if you go about it the right way. Keep them involved, and they will become excited about the move and the new home.

There are many ways in which you can keep your kids busy during the move, and make them feel involved. But while at it, keep in mind that you should not push your children too much or too hard. Their pace will be slower than yours, and they’ll take it longer to finish the tasks assigned. Moreover, they will want more breaks and get easily bored as well.


Make them pack essential items in one place

There are always a few items which you will need right after you move into your new home such as a pair of clothes, medicines, some snacks and so on. Same is the case with your children. Ask them to pack all these things themselves. If they are not sure about this, help them come up with a list of essential items which they will require. Generally, a typical list includes pajamas, blackest, pills, some toys and so on.

Ask them to pack up their belongings

If your kids are over 10 years, they should be able to pack p all their belongings with a little help from you. Before this, you should request them to separate all their stuff in three main piles: to take, to donate and to throw away. Only the first pile of these will have to be packed.

Go through all your children’s toys and clothes, and remove the ones that are not in such a good condition so as to reduce the overall weight of your belongings. While helping your kids, you should talk about the time they will have in their new home so that they can reduce their anxiety and feel relaxed.

Get them to prepare an inventory list

An inventory list is a huge blessing when it is time to unpack. As you pack up the boxes, keep your children with you and ask them to note down all the items you are putting into the box. Once you have packed up the box, ask them to write down the list of items on another paper. Stick one copy on the box, and keep the other copy with you in a separate place.

Request them to label the boxes

Your children can also help you with labeling the boxes. Make sure you follow a color code; assign a color to every room and label boxes containing items of that room with the allotted color. Ask your kids to label the top and all sides of the box so that sorting out becomes easier when you move.

Act on our advice, and the move will be easier and less stressful for both you and the kids!

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