Avoiding Extra Charges on Your Upcoming Move

Are you planning to move? We are sure you must have estimated the total costs that will be incurred in the process. Did the number surprise you? The good thing is that you can bring it down if you pan properly and act smartly. This is so even if you hire a moving company for the task. Here are some ways that can help you in avoiding all the extra charges that are associated with a move.

Timing may not be everything, but still is quite a lot

According to a survey, a move in the winter season costs 25% less than a move in the summer and spring seasons. That is quite a lot of difference, so try to plan your move towards the end of the year. This does not mean that you do so in the cold chilly months; even the late September and October months are good enough because by that time costs are reduced.

Just as the time of the year is important so is the time of the month. Moves towards the start of a month are more costly because that is when people prefer to move. As such, moving companies have a lot of business and they charge more. In the last days of the month, this is not so and you may enjoy better prices.

Anything that you do not need? Do not bother packing

Moving costs mainly depend on the distance you are moving and on the weight you are taking with you. While you cannot do anything about the distance, you can always control the weight. Try to reduce it as much as you can and take only what you truly need. Thoroughly go through your belongings and separate any items that you have not used for the past couple of months. You can dispose them, donate them or even sell them, providing you with an income stream that will be small but welcoming. Whatever you do, just do not bother taking them with you.

Pack some of belongings; and try to use free boxes for this

Indeed, you cannot pack all of your things, but you can at least put away your clothes and books in boxes. Do this because it will reduce the work of the moving company, thereby decreasing your costs. You will need boxes for this, but if you buy them, your purpose will not be served. Either take boxes from your friends or family who have moved in the past or use the ones available at your local supermarket if they are free. You can even buy recycled boxes which will be more economical than standard ones.

A tax break can do you good… if you qualify for one

The IRS can be quite generous at times, especially with people who are moving because of a job switch or any other reason which they like. This will help you deduct some of the moving expenses like transportation, and you will even have to pay lower taxes, which are actually two benefits.

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