Questions to Ask a Moving Company

Are you planning a move? Want to hire a moving company for the move. That is a great decision, but you need to be sure that you are hiring a company which can provide you with quality services and charge you economical rates for it? You will also have to ascertain that the moving company is credible and will not try to steal your money or anything of the sort. So how do you find all of this out? Ask them a couple of questions, and use their answers to come to a decision.

Here is what you should ask every moving company before you think about hiring them.

Are you a moving broker?

A moving company can be of two types depending on their offered services. The first of these will handle the entire moving process right from packing to unpacking. They will have their own teams which will conduct all the tasks at your new and old residences, and will have their own logistics for transporting your belongings. The other type of moving company is actually a move broker which outsource their work to another a third party. This third party then takes care of the moving and tends to all the details.

Go for a moving company that provides all the services by themselves instead of ousting to another party. This will help you ensure that the company is credible and can be trusted with your belongings, whereas with a moving broker, you know nothing about the third party and will not be able to gauge the quality of the work they provide.

Do you subcontract your work?

The bigger moving companies often subcontract their work to a smaller moving company. If your chosen company also does this, be sure to find out more about their subcontractors, particularly the ones who will be catering to you. If the company does not provide you with information or does not have many details to share about their subcontractors, you will be better off by hiring another moving company for the job.

Do you have your own logo on the trucks?

There are many moving companies in the industry, but not all of them are registered or certified. A company which has a logo on their moving truck is probably a credible name in the industry, which is why they have branded their own trucks with it. Moreover, a company that has their logo on moving trucks is liable for your items during the transportation. One which does not may be using another transportation company and might not take responsibility for damaged goods.

Do you have your own warehouse?

At times, you may require extra storage during a move. The bigger names in the industry often have their own warehouses and will provide you with storage facilities, helping you save both time and money.

Do you accept credit cards?

Moving can be expensive and paying the bill with your credit card can avoid a strain on your pocket. This will only be so if the company accepts it.

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