6 Tips on How to Treat Your Movers on Moving Day

Your move is extremely important to you. That’s the reason you hired a professional moving company. These guys will be doing your packing, transporting, delivering and unpacking. You will be spending a fair amount of time with these individuals. Yet most people don’t know how to interact with them.

Therefore, we bring to you 6 tips on how to treat your movers on moving day:

1. Time Is Of The Essence: Be Punctual!

Moving is stressful as it is, and your movers are working on a tight schedule. Therefore, make sure to start on time. If you will, for any reason, be unavailable, assign someone else who will be present to guide your movers. Also, it is important to note that you are on a specific contract, and if the moving is delayed due to you, you may be charged an additional fee.

2. Make Them Feel Comfortable

They may not be your guests, but they are working really hard for you. When they arrive, greet them in a polite and friendly tone. Introduce them to your family and show them around your house. Ask them if they need anything, or if have any questions. Also, try to make it a point to remember their names. Most movers may have their name tags on, so that would make it easier. This attitude will make them feel at ease, and who knows, might make your moving go more smoothly. Politeness can sure go a long way.

3. Provide the Basic Requirements

Moving is undoubtedly a laborious job. Therefore, consider your movers’ the basic needs and comforts. Here is how you can do that:

  • Make certain that they have access to ample supply of water
  • Provide coffee; most of your movers need their caffeine intake
  • Designate a clean bathroom for them, stocked with hand sanitizers and paper towels
  • Keep the temperature in check; if it’s too hot, provide fans, and if it’s too cold provide space heaters.
  • Providing your moving crew with a light lunch won’t hurt. Since your moving will not take more than a few days, this will not be too expensive, and they may really appreciate the gesture.

4. Facilitate Communication

Even though your moving company has already briefed their guys on what is required, your movers may be unclear on some stuff. Keep an open communication option in order to eliminate any errors that may cause you delay, or worse, loss. Build a rapport with them you communicate the fact that you’re approachable. That way they can voice their concerns.

5. Be a Good Tipper

Since they’re being paid by the company, most movers will not expect a tip. However, movers are in the service industry and as such they are used to get tips. If you’ve decided to tip them, question is how much? That depends on their performance on the job. If you feel that the crew was competent and efficient, it’s not a bad thing to recognize their efforts. An average tip is $5 per hour per mover, so Let’s end on a positive note.

Another point to note is that you could give a lump sum amounts to the foreman. Most reputable movers are very honest and share tips in a fair manner.

6. Provide Feedback

If your movers have performed well, write a nice testimonial or letter of appreciation to the company manager about the performance of their movers. Try to name individually. Who knows, this might land them a raise!

Treat your movers well, and your moving experience, that was supposed to be tiresome and hectic, may actually go seamlessly.

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