Moving Boxes 101 – Which Box to Use for Each Item

Planning to do all the packing yourself? No problem if you want to save some costs and as long as you can handle the exertion involved. So how do you get started? Get your some supplies and moving boxes of all sorts. Yes, you will need different types of moving boxes because every box is suitable for certain items only. While you can pack your items in simply any box, we do not recommend it because it makes them more prone to damage. After all, there is a reason why boxes of different sorts were designed, and using the rights ones will ensure your goods are not damaged during the move.

So which item can you pack in which box? Let us take a look at the details.

General Purpose Boxes

1.5 Cubic ft Box

This is box is small in size and can be used for any small items. You might be aware of this, but you may not be aware of the fact that you can pack the heaviest item in this box as well, provided it is small in size and the material of the box is durable.

The 1.5 cubic ft box is a good choice for packing things like records, books, CDs, canned food and other heavy tools.

3 Cubic ft Carton

This is a medium sized box, which is also used of packing small items. Things like pots, pans, lamps, electronic gadgets and outdoor tools can go in the 3 cubic ft box.

4.5 Cubic ft Carton

This is a large box, but you should pack lighter items in it. Regard this as a rule of the thumb; all lightweight items should go into bigger boxes. This will help you in handling the box when you have packed it up. If you fill too many heavy items, the overall weight of the box might become unmanageable. So what can you store in such a box? We advise lamp shades, clothes, non-breakable kitchen goods and linens.

6 Cubic ft Box

This is the biggest of all the general purpose boxes and you should pack the lightest items in it. Examples of this included toys, coats, pillows, blankets, comforters and rugs.

Special Boxes

Dish Barrel

The dish barrel has been specially designed for storing your fragile items. The box is made up of a strenuous and durable material, and comprises of multiple layers. You can pack all easily breakable items like lamp bases, china and other glassware in such a box. Needless to say, you should stuff the box with wads of newspapers as an extra precaution.

Mattress Carton

A mattress can be packed only in this box. Using any other box will probably mean you will have to fold the mattress, which will damage it. Mattress carton is available in many sizes such as twin, double and king. Make sure you are using the right size for your mattress.

Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes can be used for those clothes which you cannot fold or curtains and drapes.

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