What is the Storage Size I Will Need to Store Everything in My House?

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People, who are considering moving, often ask what sort of storage size they should look for in order to keep all their important stuff before moving to their new home. It is a question that can be answered quite easily, especially if they have a relatively good idea of what they important things they want to move. To make it even simpler for them, the best way to judge the actual storage size that will be required for a move is through 4 simple questions that have been answered in the article below for your convenience when you decide to move.

How Much Stuff are You Moving?

The question of how much stuff you are moving is determined by the total volume of the contents that you have packed. This takes into account all your possessions that you have packed for the move. You can calculate the exact amount to get a fair view of the total stuff you are moving through the following tools.

Storage Calculator

This is a great tool, since it can provide an accurate figure related to the quantity of all the items which you are intending to move. This will allow you to have a better idea about the total amount of space that will be required for storing your stuff and also help you in making a better decision.

Units Available

This is a helpful tool which can tell you the exact amount of space that will be required for storing purposes.

These tools are extremely helpful in determining the exact amount of space you will require for storing your things in a storage facility.

Can it be Stored All Together?

People can sometimes let their emotions play a part when they are storing things in a facility for their move. At times you have to make a rational decision and it is not recommended to store all of your things together. Here are some reasons as to why you shouldn’t do that:

  • Most of your possessions will require climate controlled spaces, which is generally a lot more expensive than conventional spaces.
  • You should not store your bedroom items, such as bedding and furniture, with garden and garage appliances and tools. This will mean that your bedroom will start smelling like your garage or garden.
  • Most fixtures and appliances need to be installed before you move into the house; therefore, you should not consider storing them in a facility, since that will create an unnecessary assle.

Do You Want to Stack All Your Stuff?

The way you pack your things plays a part in deciding whether your belongings are stackable or not. Stacking your stuff when storing in a facility, saves a lot of room, since less space is required for storing items. If you pack all your belongings into boxes that can be easily stacked, it will work to your advantage. Therefore, you should decide if you want to store stuff that is stackable or non-stackable before you store them in a facility.

How Much Access Will You Require for Your Things?

This is an important question, since it will determine which things will go into storage. You may want to have access to most of the things you store at various times, so think carefully before storing your essentials.

It becomes extremely easy to utilize easy self storage if you take all these questions into account and know exactly what you want when you are moving.

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