Things to Ask for When Getting a Moving Estimate

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Moving houses is a stressful experience to undergo, and no matter how many times you do it, you will invariably find yourself struggling to cope with the pressures and the stress of moving. One of the most important things to do when you are moving is to hire a reputable moving company and acquire a moving estimate. This will allow you to calculate the overall costs of moving from your home, and also give you a reasonable idea about how you should approach your move.

Here are some of the things you should ask for when getting a moving estimate:

In Person Visit and a Written Estimate

You should always request a written moving estimate and have a look at it firsthand in order to avoid fraud or any complications later on. Make sure that you provide the correct details of your current location as well as the location you want to move to, so that the moving company can give you a figure that is closest to the total cost of your move. Make sure that you visit the company in person so that you can gather accurate information about the move.

Make Sure that the Company is Well Informed

Ensure that you provide the moving company with precise information so that they can make an informed estimate which will be as close to the actual cost as possible. Leaving out things and forgetting to add items that have to be moved will only add more money to your bill later on. Most moving companies charge their customers on an hourly basis, and the items required to move, so take those factors into account, and make sure that the moving company is well informed.

Understand the Pricing Structure

It can be quite confusing to figure out the cost of your move, which is why it is essential that you understand the price structure which the moving company is implementing. Not only will it keep future headaches away, it will also allow you to prepare beforehand for any unforeseen expenses that invariably creep into every move. Understanding the pricing structure properly will also allow you to negotiate better with the moving company.

What May the Estimate Include and Are There Any Additional Costs?

The estimate should include everything that will be required during the move, including all items that have to be moved, the cost of packing and unpacking, and the total distance from one location to the next. Also make sure that you inform the movers of obstacles and special or heavy items so that you are not charged extra later on.

Is There Any Coverage Included in the Estimate?

Look for any coverage from your mover in the estimate. Most moving companies provide insurance and valuation protection to people, which ensure that all damages during the move will be covered by the moving company.

Are You Getting a Binding Estimate or Can the Estimate Change?

This is one of the most important things to get right, since it will make the move a lot easier for you. Always ask for a binding estimate from your moving company, so the cost of the move cannot be changed, even if it exceeds the first estimate. This way, you will not have to pay extra to the company in case there are unforeseen expenses.

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