Moving Myths: Are They True or False?

In every industry, there are often a lot of myths, and the same can be said for the moving industry. Are these myths false or is there some truth to them? Let us take a look at the most popular moving myths and decide their credibility.

Hire the first mover you come across since all are the same

This is a widely believed statement and there is not even a fraction of truth to it. All movers are very different from each other, which means that you should search for the best one and hire only them. You have to choose a reputed company that can provide you with quality services while not straining your budget. If you can get a reference for a moving company, that will be great. If you cannot, go through online reviews and check with Better Business Bureau or BBB.

Every move is a disaster so avoid moving altogether

Once again, not true. There are so many people who assume that every move is a disaster even though they have never experienced one. All these people put the blame on the fact that no move can be planned in advance, which is why none can be completed successfully. This is not right; every move can be planned to the minutest detail, and if you do just this, you will be able to conduct it very smoothly.

Plan your move at least six weeks before the due date, follow a timeline, and hire a moving company to help you out with it.

Packing can be done in any type of box because they are not different

Wrong again. Every box is not the same and they differ in a lot of aspects. These differences primarily arise because of the material from which the boxes have been made. For instance, a professional moving box is more durable and strenuous so that it can store all heavy items. If you use any other box, it will not be able to bear the weight and rip apart. Just as the material, size is also important; you can store books in small boxes but you will need large boxes for your kitchen appliances.

Labeling is just a waste of time

Once again, a myth that is not right. Indeed, labeling can be frustrating when you are doing your packing, but move to your new place and unpack, and you will be thankful you did it. Avoid labeling and your unpacking will be nothing short of a nightmare, making it difficult for you to sort things out.

While labeling, try to be as detailed as possible. If you are short of time, make sure you scribble the room to which the items belong along with the category.

Moving insurance covers all the damage

The truth of this myth actually depends on the policy you have. Generally, most policies provide a basic coverage, and you will only be given an amount equal to a fraction of the total costs.

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