Avoid Moving Company Scams

Moving, in itself, is a frustrating and tiring process. Do you know what makes it more stressful? When you do not hire a professional moving company for the job. And do you know what worsens the situation? When you do hire a professional moving company and they scam you. Indeed, a professional mover is a good choice, but moving scams are also very common. Knowing about such scam will enable you to judge the credibility of the company you are about to hire.

Here is a look at the most common moving scams and the ways in which you can avoid them.

You are charged way more than necessary

If you have done even a little bit of research with regards to moving, you will know that moving companies primarily charge you a rate that is based on the weight of your belongings and the distance you are moving. Obviously, the greater these to values are, the more will be the cost incurred. Before you hire any moving company, provide them average values of these two factors and ask for quotes. You can compare the quotes of two or more companies, and also compare the quotes with online moving cost calculators. There are many of these on the internet and they can provide you with accurate estimates if you input accurate values.

You are additionally charged for everything, big or small

A reputed moving company gathers all information from you and provides a good enough estimate.
While doing so, they clearly tell you the services that have been priced and the ones for which you will have to pay an extra amount. As long as you stick to the same services, these companies will not charge you more. On the other hand, there are some moving companies that start charging you for every little thing. For instance, they may charge you for disassembling your furniture, labeling your boxes, and so on.

Prior to hiring a moving company, you should clearly ask them services for which an extra amount has to be paid. As an example, a basic insurance is usually included in the standard package, but if you want a full coverage, you will have to pay an additional amount. Similarly, if your house is not located on the ground floor, you will be charged more.

Your appointed moving company fails to show up at the scheduled time or does not show up

This scam is one scam that can be very inconvenient, especially if you are moving long distance, and have a plane to catch in the next couple of hours. The worst part is that dealing with this scam is more difficult than paying extra amount because of the inconvenience caused. The only thing you can do to ensure that this does not happen, is to hire a reputed moving company. Thoroughly conduct a search and try opting for a company for which you have a reference.

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