Moving a Star

What it’s like to move a celebrity

Did you ever dream of getting to see a T.V. star’s home in real life? We recently moved a home just like that. Here’s how we did it, keep reading you might just find some useful tips for your next move.
When you think about a moving company you don’t really think of it as a very interesting job. You think of picking up heavy household appliances and how tired you are at the end of the day. You probably didn’t think you would get to meet interesting people, but you know what? Celebrities move too. You would be surprised at how many famous people we have moved over the years.
A while back we got a job moving a famous actress, we can’t say who exactly. But we can tell you she was on The real housewives of D.C. It always feels humbling when someone puts his or her possessions in your hands. The responsibility of having to take someone from one address to another while making the process as easy as possible is not something we take lightly.
When you think about it, the person moving has so much to deal with. The purchase or rent of the new property. Relocating to a new area that might be farther away from friends and family. Maybe our client needs to travel back and forth between the two locations to close the deal? On many occasions our clients might not be present for pickup or delivery. The last thing they need is to have to deal with the move. And when you’re working with someone that can’t afford to miss a beat at work you have to organize yourself in a way that almost anticipates your client’s needs.
As movers that means taking into account packing materials and space on the truck that our client might not have mentioned. It’s hard for people to anticipate how much room their whole lives will take in a truck. More times than not our possessions seem like they are part of us. So much so they seem to disappear entirely. When we move we are confronted with just how much stuff we really have. More times than not it’s the number of boxes we need.
Add to that custom furniture and rare decoration pieces along with a move that ends up in three different location. And you understand why we have to take our service to a whole other level. In this specific move, we had to take some of our client’s belonging to her new home, as well as to a family member and storage facility, remember we told you that you don’t really know what you have till you move?
This move took us three days. First, we showed up at our client’s location with a team of professional packers. Going through the home and making sure that anything with even the smallest chance of getting scratched is covered with cloth or bubble wrap. Placed in the appropriate crate and color coded to make sure it reached its destination. Colors are an easy way to avoid mistakes. When you code the boxes they don’t stand out as much as colors do.
Fragile items were individually wrapped and placed together so that our client won’t have to worry about losing any part of a set. Weather it’s the fine china or her favorite set of coffee mugs. Everything has to be perfect, as if we are moving our own grandmothers. That’s what makes us stand out.
She also has custom furniture that had to be taken apart and reconstructed in the new location. The parts were kept together in special crates and all the screws where in those crates along with all the other small components. We always make sure to keep screws and nails in bags and mark where they belong, so that in the reconstruction phase we don’t leave anything out.
Once we completed the packing and color coding the items, it was time to distribute them to the three locations. Our move supervisor made a list of all the boxes and where every color coded box was going. This list contains not only the number of boxes but the their content as well. Our clients might decide to change the destination of a certain box after we finished packing. This inventory list allows her to do just that. Changing a sticker on a box is so much easier than going through the content.
Because we’re talking about three different locations we use three different trucks so we can’t afford to make any mistakes. Just one misplaced box would mean discomfort for our clients and that is unexceptable. Our supervisor made sure to check and recheck his list on pickup, distribution and delivery to avoid any mistakes.
Many customer don’t know that there are regulation when considering a move. We have limitations on how far a truck driver can drive a day. How we should cover your possessions, and what type of containers to use. Plastic bags for instance are not allowed, mainly because your items could tear a hole in the bag and get lost during the move.
There are specific items like the piano in this move that requires a custom create to protect it. An item like that is more delicate that you think, if it’s not handled properly it might need retuning after the move.
Each of our distribution managers called the contacts our client provided before heading out, so they could set a time it would be most convenient to arrive with the packages. We know how annoying it is to wait for movers that don’t respect your time. We provide our clients with a convenient windows of a few short hours, so they know when to expect us.
Showing up and dropping off the shipment is a very important part. Most people remember the beginning of the move and the end. The process can be so taxing they just want it to be over.
In conclusion: When you choose a moving company, it’s important to choose right. You have so many important things you collected throughout the time you lived in your old home. And most likely you didn’t even think that you’re going to move and some point. When you choose the right movers it won’t matter, your belongings will be treated with care. And you won’t have to worry about anything. You can focus on your new home and how much fun it will be to set it up just the way you like.