Budgeting for Your Moving Expenses

Are you planning to move? Have you estimated the cost? Yes, we know it will be too much, which is why, we are going to help you trim it down. Act on the advice that we have for you here, and you will be able to save on your move in ways you never imagined.

Save on Supplies

Moving supplies are a necessity, but the process still costs a pretty penny. Try to reduce this as much as possible.

  • You can get moving boxes in a very good condition for free at some superstores. See if your local grocery shop falls in this category.
  • If any of your friends or family has moved in the past, they may be able to lend you the boxes they utilize.
  • Browse classified ads; some people advertise their boxes for sale at very low rates after they have moved.
  • Do not buy a tape dispenser; just borrow it from someone.
  • Need bubble wrap? Actually, you do not. Crumpled up newspapers are just as good.
  • Try to avail the lowest price that you can get on tapes.
  • If you want to pad up your boxes, use your own blankets as liners, instead of renting these from a moving company.

Save on labor

Though you cannot manage most of the move by yourself, there are parts which you can do on your own quite easily. Avoid assigning these tasks to moving companies.

  • Do the packing yourself, or pack most of the things by yourself.
  • Get estimates from a number of companies. Try to get an affordable deal that provides you with all the services you want.
  • Are there any items you would not need immediately after the move? Ask your mover to consolidate them with items of other customers, and they will provide you with a significant discount for this.
  • You do not really need to hire someone to take care of your pets or children. Just ask your friends or family to do it.

Save on the trip

If you are moving long distance, you may incur excessive costs for the trip. Try to bring them down.

  • Stay the night before the departure with a relative or friend, instead of a hotel.
  • Got some sleeping bags? Spread them out in your own house and spend the night there.
  • If staying at a hotel is absolutely necessary, make sure you avail some sort of discount.

Are there are any ways to earn a small income stream soon enough?

Yes, if you can generate a small income stream, you can utilize it for your move and your budget will not be affected that much. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Gather items that are still in a good condition but you do not use them. Sell them at a garage sale.
  2. Does your employer offer you leave encashment? Now is the time to make use of this, if you have any unpaid leaves.

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