Excellent pre-move customer service from Jim.  I have forgotten the name of the moving supervisor, but he also provided excellent customer service.
They were scheduled to arrive between 8 and 10 am, and the 22ft truck with 5 men pulled up precisely at 8am. The truck was impressively clean too.  The team worked effectively and quickly emptied the house, including a piano and several large pieces of furniture from the basement up narrow stairway.  They also brought up a refridgerator/freezer from the basement.  They did a very good job of protecting the furniture that I identified as antique and/or fragile.
I wouldn't say that the team was really friendly, but they were courteous, professional, and got the job done promptly.  They were responsive to all of my questions and last minute requests.
The drive to the storage facility was about 45-60 minutes and they were very prompt.  I was very nervous that everything would not fit into storage, but within a couple hours they had moved everything into the 200 square ft storage unit. They accomodated my request to put extra padding on an item and to make sure that certain items could easily be accessed by me later.  Everything fit so that we were able to just close the unit door.  Like a giant game of Tetris. Very impressive!
When all was said and done, they had completed the job in fewer hours and at a lower cost than was quoted.  I tipped each man $20.  I hope that was enough!  They really did a good job.
I've had negative moving experiences in the past with other companies. I will DEFINITELY use these guys again... hopefully in a couple of months I'll be using them to move my stuff from storage to a new home.

Sean Hagan,