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How to Protect Furniture Going into Storage

It’s always best to be prepared prior to facing a difficult task. Storing away prized possessions and furniture in a storage space when moving is one of these tasks. It can be tedious work, but can be very detrimental to your belongings if you don’t take good care to ensure they are well taken care of. You want to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure when you return back to it. Help yourself by understanding several important points when storing your belongings in storage space when relocating.

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Full Service Storage vs. Self Storage

Planning to move? Chances are you will need a storage facility, especially if you are moving long distance. You have two main options for this: self storage and full service storage. Self storage is a service in which you can rent a container or even a truck and store all your belongings in it. You will have to pay a monthly charge and you will probably not be provided with any insurance policy unless you choose to buy one yourself. On the other hand, if you opt for full service storage, the company will take care of everything from packing to moving. As for your work, you only have to make the payment, and they will do the rest.

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