MonticelloWhether you are moving to Virginia for the first time or making a local move within the state, there are a few interesting things you should know about this state! Not only is it a great place to live, the state has many historical qualities that make living here quite an experience.

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Virginia, but also nicknamed the "Old Dominion" and "Mother of Presidents", did you know that Virginia was the first colonial possession established in mainland British America (from here its "Old Dominion" Nickname)?

In addition, as many as eight Presidents of America were born in this state - which is the highest number of Presidents to be born in one state!

With the metropolitan city of DC at a very close proximity to the northern part of Virginia, it is one of the places with the largest job opportunities in the U.S. No wonder Virginia has been one of the most popular states in the nation to live in. Virginia is very unique in how it handles cities and counties equally, managing local roads and prohibit its governors from serving two or more consecutive terms.

Virginia is known for its heritage in law-making and adequate government; Virginia General Assembly is the oldest continuous law making assembly in America. Virginia government has been often ranked most effective in the U.S.

Virginia is Located in the Atlantic region in the United States and is one of the best places to visit in the U.S. due to its diversity in the following:

  • Agriculture - over 65% of forests cover the state and the famous Shenandoah Valley is in Virginia.
  • Federal - Few of the state federal agencies like the Department of Defense headquarters and the CIA headquarters located in Northern VA.
  • Military - Hampton Roads is known for its large military presence and shipyards.


Virginia is constantly developing on an educational, social, recreational and financial level. With the state's northern part sharing the border of the metropolitan city of DC, it is one of the places with the largest opportunities in the U.S.

1. Moving Tips and Services

Moving to or within Virginia definitely has its benefits. Virginia is constantly being preferred by many residents due to the increase in popularity. Located near the capital city, it is surely an excellent place to live in. Comparatively cheaper and less expensive to DC, it is chosen by people who want to be close to the prominent offices in the area. The quality of academic institutions in the state is very good which makes it a great place to live with kids.

The ideal time for moving to Virginia is during spring and autumn. The summers can be very hot with temperatures above 80. Humidity is also very high during the summer season. If you cannot avoid summer move, keep in mind that most of the people chose to move on that time. call a moving company as soon as possible, as busy as they are, they usually need plenty of notice — often at least six weeks or much more if you’re moving a long distance.

The winters are very cold and frequent snowfall can cause closing of schools and put a stop to many activities.  However winter may turn out to be a beneficial time to move. You can save up quite a bit of money if you can endure moving in the cold weather .

There is also a pre-defined eligibility criterion to be considered for a driver’s license. Check with Virginia Department of Motor vehicles as soon as possible what you will need to obtain a local driver's license.

2. Highways and public transport

The use of public transportation is very common in the state. In many cases, people may not have access to their own personal vehicle. During a move, that may cause some inconvience so you may want to take care in securing transportaiton before and during your move day.  Since most of the residents here commute to DC for their work or studies, the best option is to use public means of transport. The use of metro is fairly common among the residents and different metros have unique colors including blue, yellow and orange, which determine their routes.

The metro service in the state of Virginia has comparatively cheaper fares with convenient routes and quality of service. Other than the public mode of transportation, biking is also fairly popular among the residents. In any case, traffic congestion is not extreme due to a variety of available modes of transportation.  This is comforting to know during  a move in which you will want to reach your new home quickly and without many delays.

3. Climate

The climate in Virginia displays every type of season and weather. Please take this into consideration as you are making a move in order to plan around extreme weather.  Centered around the Chesapeake Bay and with the Atlantic Ocean in the East, the weather is very well balanced. The shoreline and lakes prevent temperatures from going to the extremes and the nearby mountains control the intensity of thunderstorms and rain in the city. The weather in Northern Virginia is different from that in the Southern part, especially during the winters. The north side is more likely to have heavy snowfall from November to March.

4. Education

Education is a valued staple in most communities in the area. Choosing a home in a good school zone will be a probity for parents. Located near the most prestigious area of Washington DC, the state of Virginia is constantly increasing its academic standards. There are a large number of public schools offering various programs including placement classes, international baccalaureate programs and summer institutes.

George Mason University is the largest university in the state with the number of students exceeding 30,000. Some of the best and oldest institutes of the US are also present in Virginia including:

  • The College of William & Mary
  • Lee University
  • Randolph College, Hampden
  • Sydney College
  • Virginia Military Institute
  • University of Richmond
  • Emory & Henry College
  • Virginia State University a Washington
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Roanoke College

For more information regarding universities in Virginia, please review them online here.

5. Government

Virginia has a very useful site with the most qualified movers listed. Please visit the Virginia Movers and Warehousemen’s Association here to review the registered companies and know they withhold the highest of standards in the industry. The state of Virginia has one of the largest numbers of government officials. The various employers include the Central Intelligence Agency, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, the United States Geological Survey and many others that are based in the state.

6. Cities / metro areas

The most popular areas for relocation in the state include Alexandria, Arlington, Crystal City and the very famous Fairfax. Virginia is an ideal place for those seeking less expensive places to live near the DC area.

All the localities and cities in Virginia are cheaper as compared to the surrounding cities such as Washington DC and New York. However, some cities in the state are more expensive. Consider your budget and decide the right city accordingly.

7. Cost of living

When making a move in a new county or new state, cost of living is an important factor. If compared to the other parts of the country, the costs in Virginia can be much higher. However, the salary range is also higher in the state. The real estate and housing prices have also been very high in certain neighborhoods. To choose the ideal place to live in, with your budget, it is extremely important to consider your financial status. The localities that are near to the metropolitan areas or Washington DC tend to be more expensive and higher in prices than the rest of the state.

For a lot of people, the main reason for moving to Virginia is the availability of better employment opportunities. The state has amazing jobs available with upscale salaries. Different jobs in the private sector, multinational organizations and many others are present. Due to Washington DC being at a very close proximity, Virginia has plenty of opportunities in the federal government sector too.

8. Schools

The educational system of the state is ranked among the top ten in the entire United States, making it a perfect place to relocate if you have small children or highschoolers.  It is one of the best places to get schooling from. A number of private and public schools of K-12, elementary and high school levels are present. The students of Virginia are known for outperforming students from other states in different tests taken on a national level. More than 1,300,000 students are enrolled in various educational institutions.

Some of the famous elementary and high schools include:

  • Brook Road Academy
  • The Covenant School
  • Trinity School at Meadow View
  • Loudoun School For The Gifted
  • Denbigh Baptist Christian School
  • Eastern Mennonite School
  • Alexandria Friends School
  • Virginia Beach Friends School
  • Fork Union Military Academy
  • Cape Henry Collegiate School
  • Hampton Christian High School
  • The Miller School of Albemarle
  • Oak Hill Christian School
  • Great Hope Baptist High School
  • The New School of Northern Virginia
  • Stephen's & St. Agnes School
  • Southside Baptist Christian School
  • Wise County Christian School


9. Media outlets

There is no doubt if you are moving to Virginia, you’ve done your fair share of online research. The state of Virginia is very active and different events take place constantly in parts of the state. To keep track of most of the events happening in the cities, it is very important to follow a good source of information, such as a local newspaper. The most popular newspapers read in Virginia include:

  • Bristol Herald Courier

One of the most detailed newspapers, the Bristol Herald Courier is a daily circulated newspaper. It covers important editorials and articles on different areas such as national and international news, fashion, health, sports, weather and much more. The daily readership is much higher than the other newspapers in Virginia.

  • Daily Press

Another famous newspaper in the state is The Daily Press. It is published in Newport, Virginia. The newspaper is more than 150 years old and was primarily owned by the Tribune Company. The current owner of the newspaper is Tribune Publishing.

Some of the other famous newspapers include:

  • The Daily Progress
  • Martinsville Bulletin
  • The Free Lance–Star
  • Dispatch The Roanoke Times
  • Danville Register & Bee
  • The News & Advance
  • Richmond Times
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