Moving in Silver Spring, Maryland

Silver SpringIf you already live in the Silver Spring, are moving to a new home and are electing to stay in the area, it is no surprise as to why. Towards the north of Washington DC, Silver Spring is a suburban city that has undergone major transformation in the past few years. It is the third most populous place in Montgomery County, Maryland, with over 76000 residents. It offers a host of entertainment and educational venues for its residents, which include restaurants, parks, libraries, museums, and other recreation places.

Summers in Silver Spring are pleasant, allowing residents to enjoy patio dining and outdoor concerts. The downtown area lies just 2 miles south of Capital Beltway along George Avenue and holds several special and annual events throughout the year to keep its residents entertained.

1. Moving services and tips

When you are shifting homes, the biggest concern is finding an experienced and professional relocation company that can handle everything with ease. Professional movers are not only well versed with moving objects and furniture without damage, but make sure they reach the given address safely.
Choosing a good moving company is very important if you want to feel at ease while relocating to Silver Spring and in this regard, you will find that there will be many options to choose from. However, before you move, keep in mind the safety of the place. Silver Spring has a low and falling crime rate.
Relocating can be stressful but you can make sure that it does not become so with the following tips:

• Organize yourself! Go through your home and make a list of what is being relocated. Taking inventory can help decided what you will keep and what you may dispose of or donate. It also helps to make a list of important tasks that have to be accomplished before and during a move.
• Consider holding a yard sale or donating some of your unwanted items and furniture. Some organizations will even arrange to pick up your unwanted items. Some moving companies may have a disposal service as well.
• One of the most important tasks will be securing a moving company. You’ll want to research and choose a professional company at least a month prior. A good company will be able to give you helpful advice about how to better prepare for the move.
• Choose a professional company that has experience in transporting furniture to ensure every precaution is taken to protect your belongings.
• Pack your boxes neatly, and have them labeled by contents and location of home where they belong. Professional moving companies will offer many packing service options if you need help. If you are packing yourself, it is important to use the best packing products for your belongings.
• Make sure you carry your immediate belongings with you. Pack a bag with some essentials, like a change of clothes and essential toiletries. Don’t forget the snacks! You’ll need some snack and water to help provide you with the energy for the move.

2. Highways and Public Transport

If you will drive your own car, you ought to know that there are plenty of side street parking spaces available. You will also find that there are about 16 parking lots and garages as well, in downtown Silver Spring. However, at rush hour, you can find it frustrating to drive on Colesville Road and the Beltway section nearby as it gets the heaviest traffic.
Moving around in Silver Spring, if you don't have your own car, it will not be a big issue. The suburb provides a number of public transport options such as buses, transit system, metro, and taxis. The average commute time in Silver Spring is 34 minutes. You can access the capital, Georgia venue, Colesville road, and New Hampshire Avenue in this time. The major roads in Silver Spring are the 3-5 lane highways.
The Silver Spring rail station bus terminal is the busiest, which connect several transit services such as the MARC Train, Metrobus Ride On, Metrorail Red Line, Greyhound Bus Terminal and the free VanGo service.

3. Climate

The climate in Silver Spring displays every type of season and weather. Please take this into consideration as you are making a move in order to plan around extreme weather. We suggest chosing the spring or the fall for an ideal climate to move in. The summer months are as hot, as the winter months are cold. You can expect a lot of snow with the coldest period lasting from mid Jan to early March. The snowiest time of the year is in early Jan, late December and late March. In summers, you can expect a lot of rain but be prepared for the sun as well. September and October months in Silver Spring are warmer while other summer months are expected to be very hot.

4. Education

Education is obivously a very impostant factor when moving with children still in school. Silver Spring has a number of private as well as public schools, which serve the area. Some of the public schools that you will find include:

• Albert Einstein High School
• Northwood High School
• Wheaton High School
• Springbrook High School
• John F Kennedy High School
• Paint Branch High School
• Montgomery Blair High School

The Montgomery Blair High School is recognized for its programs in communication arts, computer science, and mathematics. The private schools in the area include:

• The Yeshiva Of Freater Washington
• The Siena School
• The Nora School
• The Torah School Of Greater Washington
• The Barrie School

5. Government

When moving in Silver Spring, the matiencene of the area and value of the Parks and Recreation programs will be apparent.
You will find that the city is well planned by the efforts of the government. In Montgomery County, Maryland Government provides a number of services for the residents such as maintenance of public library, recreation, health and social facilities, transportation, and culture and leisure activities. It works for the safety of the public and residents, ensuring that all complaints are followed through.

6. Cities / metro areas

The best area in Silver Spring is the downtown area where you can find many apartment buildings, shops, entertainment options, restaurants, and offices, all within the distance of a few blocks. When you are moving to a new place getting to know these facilites will be most usefull.
If you are looking for a quieter residential area, you can find that a short distance away from the downtown, which is close to the entertainment hub of the city as well. Some options to explore if you're looking for a residential project include:

• The Crescent- 930 Wayne Avenue
• The Galaxy- 8061 13th Street
• Aurora Condos- 7923-7915 Eastern Avenue
• Silverton Condominiums- 1201 East-West Hwy
• MICA Condominiums- 1220 Blair Mill Road

You can easily find single family homes on the outer edge of downtown which range between $350,000 and $1,000,000. Another complex to consider living in if you're looking for high end town homes and garden apartments, is The Blair Complex near the Metro which includes a CVS Pharmacy, grocery store, bank, restaurants, nail salon, and doctor and dentist's offices as well.

7. Cost of living

If you are relocating to Silver Spring, a number of things will influence your decision about where to take up residence in the city. Overall, how you spend there, where your employment is and how you settle in the city depends on the cost of living, which compared to the US average, is 38.02 percent higher.
You may also find the cost of living higher in the downtown area whereas in other parts, you may be able to find reasonable housing. New condominium buildings and apartments are filling up the downtown area, as it is very favorable with a host of attractions nearby. You can find a one bedroom condo in the range of $200,000 and two bedroom units in the lower range of $300,000.

8. Schools

Along with public and private elementary and middle schools, the city is also home to the Montgomery College or at least part of it. The community college of Montgomery County serves as the city's main institute for higher education. The National Labor College is another institution catering to higher education, which is located on the outskirts of the city near White Oak neighborhood.
Also, the main campus of Howard University is located in Washington, DC but its School Of Continuing Education is located in Silver Spring that provides training in healthcare and English as a Second Language. You will find at least five libraries in the city as well which include:

• Silver Spring Library
• Wheaton
• Marilyn J. Praisner
• White Oak
• Long Branch

9. Media outlets

You will find that there are a number of resources to help you stay updated of the city’s news and happenings. Its suggested that you keep abreast of local news in order to acclimate you with your new community. You can frequently check the city's official website for latest events and functions, which keep taking place around the year. Other than that, the Washington Post and Washington Times cover all the area news. If you want to look for news online, the best sources are The Voice and the Silver Spring Patch.

10. About Movers USA

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