Moving in Rockville, Maryland

RockvilleTownCenterIf you are looking to move to a new exciting place with great education on job opportunities, Rockville, Maryland is the place for you! Located in the central part of Montgomery County, Rockville is a beautiful city that forms part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The third largest city in Maryland due to its strategic location is also one of the best places to move to.

1. Moving Services and Tips

One of the most challenging things that you may face when moving to Rockville is its hot and humid summers. The best time to move to this part of the world is during fall, spring or the winter season.

However, if you can tolerate the rising temperature during the summer season, you can definitely plan your move during the summer season. The heat is what keeps most residents from planning a move during the hot months in this city. However, if you choose summers to plan your big move, make sure you pick early mornings or late evenings to do so because the weather is quite unpredictable and daytime in summer means dust storms.

It is best to check the weather forecast for the day you are planning on making the move to make sure that you don’t end up getting stuck in a bad situation. The best part about moving to this part of the world is that you don’t need any permits. Nevertheless, you might need to submit an application for residential permits before checking into this city. It is also important to consider and plan your moving times well in advance to avoid any hassle. Do not opt for rush hours to move and avoid choosing weekdays as traffic during these days can get out of control.

It is also important to file an address change request by filling out the change of address form with the United States Postal Service or USPS to make sure you receive mails on your new address.

When moving, proper planning is key. To check out more moving tips and packing tips please visit out tips page however if you want some of our best tips here they are:

  • Start getting moving estimates about 5-6 weeks prior to move date.
  • Determine other expenses related to moving and consider them in your budget.
  • See if you have any items or furniture in the house that you may wat to get rid of, make this decision early and reduce the amount of items to be moved if possible.
  • Inform everyone you will be moving, prepare to send notices to schools, banks, utility companies and service providers.
  • Notify your homeowners and other insurance carriers you may have about your upcoming move.
  • Start cleaning out your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, shop wisely for food.
  • Start collecting boxes, if you need to pack. Make sure that if you are getting used boxes, you have inspected those used boxes for bugs and make sure they are completely dry.
  • If you have kids, make sure you hire help to help watch the kids on move day if possible. If you don’t have help feel free to visit our website and read about how to keep kids busy during a move.
2. Highways and Public Transport

The city of Rockville does not have a public transit system of its own. Nevertheless, Montgomery County offers a Ride-on-Bus metro service; and a Metro Bus Service and a Metro Rail Service is offered in the city by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The city also offers bus service for senior citizens through the Senior Center. There are a number of transit agencies that operate routes within Rockville.

The city is connected to the regional public transportation system via the Washington Area Metropolitan Area Transit Authority that runs the Metrorail and Metro-bus lines. Two metro rail stations serve the city on the Red Line including the Rockville Station and Twinbrook Station. The Shady Grove Station is located just north of the city and serves as the terminus of the White Flint Station and the Red Line. Furthermore, a bus service is also run by the WMATA with several lines running through Rockville.

For information about Rockville transportation options, click here.

3. Climate

Due to its location, the city enjoys a mild climate. Summers in Rockville get hot and humid, whereas in winters the temperature ranges from 0 to 5°F. The city receives significant rainfall throughout the year. Even the driest months have a lot of rain. Average temperature in Rockville is 4°F.

When you are planning a move, you will want to take the weather into consideration especially in Ann Arundel County where all four seasons are noticeable. if you are planning to move on winter or summer check the weather in advance based on your zip code to avoid hush weather conditions. Weather forecast can be found online here.

If you are moving on winter, you will most likely get the cheaper rates of the year, but keep those tips in mind:

  • Make sure you have heat sources, warm clothing, lights and hot drinks on hand.
  • Clear the snow from walkways, the movers will be able to work quicker and in a safer manner when snow is clear.
  • Keep salt and shovels on hand.

Summer is the most popular season to move, therefore the rates are usually hire when hiring professional moving company. Keep these tips in mind when moving on summer:

  • Keep plenty of cold drinks and stay Hydrated.
  • Dress Appropriately with lightweight, comfortable clothing and wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • Chose you move date wisely: since summers are busiest time of the year for the moving companies, try to move on the middle of the month, and try to avoid weekends.
4. Education

Rockville is home to some great higher education institutions that students from entire Maryland come to study in. Education is one of the most important aspects to look for when you have kids and you have to move. The city is served by Montgomery County Public Schools System. and you will find that there are a number of elementary, middle and high schools that serve this suburb. There are both public and private schools that you can look into for your child once the moving is complete.

Some of the best educational institutions to study in Rockville include:

  • Montgomery College
  • Hair Expressions Academy
  • Montgomery College
  • Omega Studios' School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences
  • Strayer University-Rockville Campus
  • Grafton School
  • Camp Olympia Country Day School
  • The Franklin Schools
5. Government

When moving to a new city or location, it is important to consider some of the essential government related factors. There are numerous things that you need to settle before you begin living in the new place. And if you are moving to Baltimore, you would need the following things:

  • Voter registration
  • Trash and recycling system
  • Motor vehicle administration
  • Taxes
  • Driver’s license

You can get information on all these things on the city’s official website.

If you hire a local Rockville Maryland moving company, they will not required to obtain a license for local moves. In order to check if your mover is registered with the state, you can visit the Maryland Motor Truck association and find the best moving companies in the state. Click HERE for a list of registered movers.

6. Cities / Metro areas

Whether you‘d like to live a relaxed life or want to be close to the city, Rockville offers a place of residence to everyone. There are many beautiful suburban neighborhoods and metropolitan areas in the city which can be chosen based on your preferences. Some of the best neighborhoods in Rockville include the City Center, Hungerford Towne, Beantown, Rollins Park, Woodley Gardens, Parkside, Glenora Hills, Lakewood Estates and Derwood.

7. Cost of living

When relocating, it is important to look at the cost of living by city and state as your day-to-day life will depend on it. You need to see the employment and housing market, utility, and medical care prices before you move to a new place. The cost of living in Rockville is 54.20%, which is a little higher than the U.S. average.

With significantly higher cost of living rates, the place is also popular for having a very competitive job market. A range of skilled labor is available in the county which makes getting a job very tough and generates serious competition.

8. Schools

The schools system in Rockville is strong. Most of the schools in this city offer quality education and have great options for the students. Not all schools within the system are top performers, but most of them have pretty decent credentials. Rockville, MD is served by Montgomery County Public Schools System which is the largest school district in Maryland and the 18th largest in the United States. As of the 2009–2010 school year, the district had 11,500 teachers serving 141,777 students at 200 schools.

Some of the best public schools in Rockville include:

  • Albert Einstein High
  • Alternative Programs
  • Marioloiderman Middle
  • Arcola Elementary
  • Ashburton Elementary
  • Bannockburn Elementary
  • Beall Elementary
  • Belmont Elementary

The list below shows some of the best elementary schools, kindergarten schools and Montessori schools in Rockville.

  • Alef Bet Montessori School
  • Christ Episcopal School
  • Hebrew Day Institute
  • Berman Hebrew Academy
  • Green Acres School
  • The Frost School
  • St Elizabeth Catholic School
  • Jude School
  • St Marys Elementary School
  • Montrose Christian School
  • The Lourie Center School Of The Reginald S. Lourie
  • The Children's Learning Center
  • Community School of MD @ Jacks
  • Academy Primary School & Child Development Center
  • Rockville Nursery School & Kindergarten
  • Good Shepherd Montessori School
  • Charles E Smith Jewish Day School
  • Executive Child Development Center
  • Foundation Schools
  • Norbeck Montessori
  • Ivymount School
  • Georgetown Hill Early School Woodley Gardens
9. Media Outlets

When you move to a new city, you need to learn about the city. A good way to start exploring and staying current is by making use of the various media outlets of the city. There are numerous publications, newspapers, magazines, and television channels in the city of Rockville that offer news, entertainment, and insight to different areas of the state.

Some of the most prominent publications in this city include the following:

  • Montgomery County Sentinel
  • Rampage
  • Rockville Aspen Hill Gazette

You can also get a lot of news, insight, and information about the city of Rockville through the various television channels. Some of the television channels broadcasted in Rockville includes the following:

  • Broadcast Rockville
  • MDComsat-Regional
  • NYDirecTV – National, NY
  • DigitalDirecTV- Washington, DC
  • DigitalDish- National, NY
  • Digital-Dish-Washington, DC/Hagerstown, WV
  • DigitalVerizon- Rockville, MD
  • Rockville 11
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