Moving in Potomac MD

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Are you planning to move to Potomac Maryland in the near future? You should know that Potomac has been listed on Forbes list of best educated areas in the country. It also made its way to CNN's ranking as the forth most affluent neighborhood in the US. This secluded neighborhood is part of Montgomery county suburb and boasts some of the most lavish and architecturally exquisite houses. If you are looking for a pleasant, peaceful, and friendly neighborhood, then this is it but mind you, it's also one of the most wealthiest and costly. Let us find out all that you need to know about moving to Potomac.


1. Moving Services and Tips

Potomac lies north of Bethesda and most people, who live here, commute to Washington DC for work. If you’ve decided to make the move to Potomac, you must be looking for moving services and you are bound to find many that help make the move easier. There are a lot of moving companies but not all fair the same.

Your number one priority when it comes to selecting a moving company should be their experience and their ability to cater to your specific needs. Not every family has the same kind and volume of belongings to transport and your service provider should be able to cater to the type of belongings you have to transfer. You need to make sure there will be no damage and harm during shifting. Ask your professional mover about insurance options, check if the company you chose is bonded and insured. Also keep this things in mind:

  • Make sure the company you select has ample experience in shifting houses.
  • Make sure they have a professional fleet who will handle your furniture well
  • Make sure you research your mover with local agencies like the better business bureau.
  • Always know the contact number of the service provider you hire in case of emergency
  • Talk to friends and family before selecting a service and read reviews online

Shifting house is not easy and you will see that most houses in Potomac are spacious and lavish. The services are scattered around town so if you're used to living in the city, it may be difficult to settle in. However, while packing your things make sure:

  • You have enough supplies and boxes to put away everything
  • Keep your personal items handy
  • Prepare a separate bag that you can take with you which has your important stuff
  • Wrap fragile things carefully and inform the moving company about boxes that carry those things
  • When packing boxes make sure heavy items go on the bottom and lighter things go on top.
  • Seal all moving boxes with box tape.
  • Fragile and breakable items should be packed in heavy duty boxes.
2. Highways and public transport

Potomac is a suburb of the country's capital where most people drive around in cars. The services and venues are scattered around and there is little use of public transport. You will however find a few options for commuting. A few bus lines by WMATA and Montgomery County run infrequently but the stop are farther away from each other. The closest metro station that you will find is the Rockville station on Red Line, which is 6 miles to the northeast. Other two metro stations are Washington and Dulles International Airport bus station, which are 13 and 15 miles away respectively. You will rarely find yourself stuck in traffic and the average commute time in Potomac is 31 minutes, which is less than the national average of 25 minutes. It can take around 30 minutes on a traffic-free road to drive to DC along the Clara Barton Parkway. The I-395 and I-270 just inside of Potomac River connect to the suburb.

For more information about Potomac and Montgomery County Public Transportation, click here.

3. Climate

The summers in Potomac are generally hot and humid while the winters are towards the milder side. The average summer temperatures are 70 degrees, which means you can survive this town in any season. Neither the winters nor summers are very hot; the air quality is also ranked at 40, where ranking of 1 is considered to be the best. The best time perhaps to move house to Potomac is in between summers and winters, be sure to check the weather forecast before setting your dates so that there is no hassle or delay due to heavy rain or storm.

When you are planning a move, you will want to take the weather into consideration especially in Ann Arundel County where all four seasons are noticeable. if you are planning to move on winter or summer check the weather in advance based on your zip code to avoid hush weather conditions. Weather forecast can be found online here.

4. Education

The public schools in Potomac spend around $17,336 per student, which is higher than the US average school expenditure of $12,435. The education of Potomac schools is considered to be high class as the suburb is known for its quality of students. The graduation rate is 96 percent, which is again higher than the graduation rates of other states. The top ranked schools by Education Week are the Winston Churchill High School and the Potomac's Public High School.

5. Government

The government and the developmental work in Potomac come under the Montgomery County. You can find all the relevant information of every government department on their website. You simply have to follow the links provided to reach your relevant authority for any concern that you may have. If you hire a local Potomac MD moving company, they will not required to obtain a license for local moves. In order to check if your mover is registered with the state, you can visit the Maryland Motor Truck association and find the best moving companies in the state. Click HERE for a list of registered movers.

Maryland registered movers agree to:

  • Abide by a Code of Ethics, so that customers will be assured that their movers have the highest standards.
  • Follow general guidelines for dealing with customers and adhere to the program's Statement of Policy.
  • Agree to a system for arbitrating disputes between movers and customers, so that customers will be assured of a timely resolution of any complaint without the need for costly and time consuming litigation.
  • Furnish copies of their moving contracts, warehouse receipts and storage orders to the Registered Mover Committee for review so that the Committee may verify that the documents meet the standards of the RMP.


6. Cities / metro areas

There are a number of cities around Potomac, which you can visit when you have the time. Potomac itself is rich in history and you only have to take out the time to explore it. Some of the cities that lie close to it are: Philadelphia, Washington DC, Travilah, MD, Glen Echo, MD, North Bethesda, Rockville, MD, Cabin John, MD, Great Falls, VA, Garrett Park, MD, and Bethesda, MD.

Some of the most notable locations around the town are the Bethesda Country Club, Falls Road Golf Course, Rockville Water Plant, Congressional Country Club, Potomac Park Community Center, Great Falls, Tavern Visitor Center, and the Heights Playhouse.

7. Cost of living

While Potomac is a quiet, friendly suburb it is far from low on the cost of living index. Compared with the country average, the cost of living in Potomac is 127 percent higher. Houses are lavish with a median home cost of $827,800 while the median income lies at $162,766. When you are moving to a new place the cost of living is one factor that plays a very important role and in Potomac, you can expect yourself paying higher for utilities, transportation, housing, and groceries.

8. Schools

When moving to Potomac, you should know about the schools that are available to have your child enrolled. Potomac has a number of public, private, and religious schools, which all provide top quality education. The schools system in Potomac is strong. Most of the schools in this city offer quality education and have great options for the students. Potomac, MD is served by Montgomery County Public Schools System which is the largest school district in Maryland and the 18th largest in the United States. As of the 2009–2010 school year, the district had 11,500 teachers serving 141,777 students at 200 schools

Montgomery County Public Schools operating in the area include:

  • Winston Churchill High School
  • Thomas S. Wootton High School

Public elementary and middle schools include:

  • Ritchie Park Elementary
  • Potomac Elementary
  • Beverly Farms Elementary
  • Cold Spring Elementary
  • Wayside Elementary
  • Herbert Hoover Middle
  • Bells Mill Elementary

Religious schools:

  • The Heights School
  • Connelly School of the Holy Child
  • Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School

Private elementary and middle schools include:

  • Our Lady Of Mercy School
  • Washington Hebrew Congregation Rjw
  • Geneva Day
  • The Manor Montessori School
  • St James' Children's School
  • The Fourth Presbyterian School
  • Potomac Glen Day
  • St Francis Episcopal Day School

Public high school in Potomac:

  • Winston Churchill High

Private high schools in Potomac:

  • The Bullis School
  • German School Washington Dc
  • St Andrews Episcopal School
  • The Heights School
  • Connelly School Of The Holy Child
  • Muslim Community School
9. Media outlets

Relocation to Potomac will not cause you to go out of touch with the rest of the world because there are a number of media outlets reporting timely, relevant and breaking news about the town and beyond. Some of the most active and strongest FM radio channels to tune into include:

  • FM 94.7
  • FM 97.1
  • FM 93.9
  • FM 90.9
  • FM 105.1

For all the latest news in Potomac you can log onto or subscribe to one of the many local newspapers for news. A number of TV broadcast station are there around Potomac.

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