Moving in McLean VA

Mclean VAMcLean is part of Fairfax County within Northern Virginia. You will find it tucked between Vienna and George Washington Parkway. Due to its proximity to Washington DC, it is home to many government officials, businessmen, members of the congress and diplomats. McLean is an affluent neighborhood with a thriving community of residents that enjoy a good standard of living. If you're wondering about moving to McLean, you must know everything about it before making the significant shift.

According to the 200 census, McLean is home to 48,115 residents who enjoy a safe and enjoyable environment to carry out their activities in and send their children to school. This state is focused on sports, good schooling and is known for its hiking spots and other adventure activities.

1. Moving services and tips

One of the hardest things to do when you are shifting to an entirely new location is to find a reliable moving company who will share the burden of moving with your equally. In this regard, you will find there are many trusted services that will make your move to McLean easier. However, you must be prepared for the worst-case scenario and make sure you have packed diligently.

Winding up your home isn't an easy task and what could be the best time to move your house? Given Northern Virginia's climate, which is mostly humid, you must choose the spring season to migrate if you can. Northern Virginia is a mix of southern northern when it comes to weather as well as culture. It could be very cold in winters and very hot in summers but most likely, the weather remains pleasant enough. Just a few things to check before you make the move include:

  • Use colors to differentiate and identify boxes so that it is easier to spot the relevant boxes for the right rooms.
  • Finish packing all the major things a few days before the planned move so that the moving company can easily ship your things to the new location before your arrival
  • Pack things of immediate use and supplies such as clothes and shoes in big shopping bags so that they are easily accessible.
  • Group similar things together so that they are easier to find upon arrival in the new place
  • On moving day, you should prepare a “survival kit” – Paper plates, towels, soap and toilet paper.
  • You must defrost refrigerators and freezers at least 24 hours prior to movers arrival.
  • You must disconnect all electronics and antennas so movers can move them.
  • If you have pets, please make sure they have someone to watch over them as the movers are working.
2. Highways and public transport

You won't find public transport to be a problem in McLean. The city government looks after its residents and there are number of transport options available to take you anywhere in the city. You can travel within the city by help of bus, Metrorail station, or metro bus. You will find 8 Amtrak train stations in the city within 30 miles of the city center. The average commute time is 28 minutes from one place to another while the average commute time to work is 11 percent higher than that of the national average. However, what you might find uncomfortable in McLean is that it's not very bike friendly and some of the roads may not have sidewalks.

There are a number of roads that run through McLean, which include the Capital Beltway, Interstate 66, Dolley Madison Boulevard/Chain Bridge Road, Dulles Access Road, George Washington Memorial Parkway, and Old Dominion Drive. You can take any of these to reach McLean or travel outside.

For more information about transportation options in McLean VA, click here.

3. Climate

Virginia rests at an elevation, which makes it prone to a humid continental climate. However, compared with other areas of the United States, this east coast is still considered to have a milder climate. McLean enjoys 203 sunny days in a year and gets 44 inches of rain per year, which is greater than the US average. It gets 7 inches of snowfall, which is lower than the US cities average. The humidity index of McLean is 41 out of 100. When you are planning a move, you will want to take the weather into consideration especially in Ann Arundel County where all four seasons are noticeable. if you are planning to move on winter or summer check the weather in advance based on your zip code to avoid hush weather conditions. Weather forecast can be found online here.

4. Education

You will find education to be a top priority given the access to libraries and weekend educational programs that are offered. Public schools in McLean spend $14,166 per student, which is higher than the US average. There are a number of private and public schools, colleges and universities that serve the children with high quality education along with emphasis on sports. You can visit the Dolley Madison Library for some study privacy, operated by the Fairfax County Public Library.

Two weekends schools run in the area. The Washington Japanese Language School gives supplemental education to Japanese speaking children in the area. Another schools funded by the Polish embassy in Washington DC is held on Saturdays in Longfellow Middle School, known as the Polish School of Washington DC.

There are also higher education options in the area, nearby colleges and universities include:

  • The Marymount University (Arlington, VA)
  • DeVry University (Arlington campus)
  • The University of Virginia's Scholl of Continuing and Professional Studies (Falls Church, VA)
  • George Mason University (9 miles southwest of McLean in Fairfax, Virginia)
5. Government

A number of headquarters are located in McLean along with county offices where you will get all the relevant information that you require. The headquarters of Central Intelligence Agency and the office of the Director of National Intelligences are located in McLean. In the same area, you can find the Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center of the Department of Transportation as well.

When researching moving companies in the area you will want to do some additional research to make sure the company is registered with the Virginia Movers and Warehousemen Association

6. Cities / metro areas

The metro area of McLean is the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria area. There are a number of venues that attract residents and tourists alike within the city such as Tysons Galleria and Tysons Corner Center. Other than that, the place boasts malls, parks, churches, and creeks where people come out to relax and unwind. Some of the most notable locations in McLean include the McLean Community Center, Spring Hill, Jones corner and Lewinsville Senior Center.

The nearest cities to Mclean include Brookmont MD, Falls Church, VA, Pimmit Hills, VA, Glen Echo, MD and Cabin John, MD.

7. Cost of living

When you are moving to a new place, one of the most important things to consider is the cost of living, which includes the average household income, home prices, and utilities expenses among other things. You will be surprised to know that the cost of living in McLean is quite high. It is 137 percent higher than the US average. Compared to the state average, the median household income is 192 percent higher and the home values are 289 percent higher.

8. Schools

McLean VA is served by Fairfax County Public Schools System (FCPS). You will find a healthy mix of private as well as public schools for your child in McLean. The private schools in the area are:

  • The Potomac School
  • The Madeira School
  • Oakcrest School
  • Saint John School
  • The Langley School
  • The Country Day School
  • Brooksfield Montessori

The public schools in McLean are zoned to the Fairfax County Public Schools. Elementary schools in the area include:

  • Haycock
  • Churchill road
  • Spring hill
  • Chesterbrook
  • Kent gardens
  • Franklin Sherman

FCPS public middle schools include:

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Middle School
  • James Fenimore Cooper Middle School

Public high schools include:

  • Langley High School
  • McLean High School

There are a number of colleges and universities nearby such as the Marymount University and Devry University in Arlington. The University of Virginia also has a School of Continuing and Professional Studies in Falls Church which is south of McLean. 9 miles southwest of McLean you will find the George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

9. Media Outlets

There are a number of media sources in McLean where residents can get the latest news updates. From newspapers, TV channels to FM radio and online resources, you can know what's happening in town and outside whether you are at home or on the road.

Some of the strongest AM radio stations include:

  • 1120 AM
  • 780 AM
  • 630 AM
  • 570 AM
  • 1580 AM
  • 730 AM

If you're more keen to listening to FM radio, some of the strongest include:

  • 1 FM
  • 9 FM
  • 9 FM
  • 9 FM
  • 5 FM
  • 3 FM
  • 5 FM

The major newspapers in the area include:

  • Sun Gazette Newspapers
  • USA Today
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