Moving in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Gaithersburg MDMoving to Gaithersburg Maryland can be a great decision! If you are planning a move to this city in the near future, here is useful information you should know.

some Gaithersburg is a suburb as well as a primary city located towards the northwest of Washington DC. It is the fourth largest city in the Montgomery County, Maryland. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 59,933. There are a number of entertainment and recreation avenues for residents including cultural events that take place all year round. The city is divided into two sections, the east, and the west, by the interstate 270. You will find the eastern section of the city to be older with many buildings from the past while the western side is urbanized and more modern.

1. Moving services and tips

Moving to a new city isn't an easy task and there are multiple considerations that you have to make before making the big move. Whether it is work or a break from your rushed life, you will find Gaithersburg a favorable option as a city to move in to.

The city offers a host of entertainment avenues and recreation activities including many parks. For the full list of the city parks, click here. The unemployment rate lies at 4% and you are most likely to find a neighborhood that is suitable for you. However, who you choose as your professional mover is very important because it can make a big difference. Good moving companies ensure that all your stuff is moved carefully without anything going missing or getting broken.

When selecting a moving company, make sure to compare prices but don’t compromise on service. Keep their contact information handy and give them yours as well in case of emergency. To make sure you move safely and smoothly, here are a few tips:

  • Use the appropriate boxes for packing different types of items. For example, for breakables, dishes, glass wear, etc., a Dish Pack box is best. For books and other heavy objects, small boxes are best. It is recommended to use new, unused boxes for fragile items. Not using the right type of boxes can increase the chance of damages to your belongings.
  • Label and organize your boxes to make unpacking easier. By knowing roughly what the contents are, you’ll be able to place boxes in the correct rooms and locate necessary items quickly.
  • Check the weather forecast for the week you are planning to move, to make sure it is not too cold, rainy or very hot. Although you should plan ahead and secure a moving company at least a month in advance, the best time of year to plan for a move is in the spring or fall when the weather is not at its most extreme.
  • Make sure you have the right home address and directions to where you are moving
  • At the time when the movers are at work in your home, make sure you keep an eye on your pets, if any, and small children. Removing most or all distractions or obstacles help your move progress faster and creates a safer environment for the movers. Try to arrange a babysitter or a play date for small children.
2. Highways and public transport

When it comes to moving around in the city, there are a number of options. You can ride on buses, marc trains, Metrorail, shuttles, taxies and even buses to move around in the Washington metropolitan area. The city is located on the I-270, which will connect you with the Washington beltway to the south. However, taking that road in rush our can be a hassle.

All transportation information can be found here.

The same road will also connect you on I-70 to the north. You can also take the Frederick Avenue, which runs from Washington, DC to Frederick and beyond. You will find that biking is also common in Gaithersburg and there are dedicated shaded paths for it as well. You can lock your bicycle at the parking garage in Olde Towne Gaithersburg near the MARC rail station.

3. Climate

You will find Gaithersburg to be a pleasant, beautiful city, which gets average rain of 40 inches per year. The highest temperature reaches 87 degrees in July and the lowest you can expect is 25 degrees in January. The humidity in the hotter months averages around 44 out of 100, which is also the US average on the comfort index. The best time to move house in Gaithersburg is during the spring/summer months when the temperatures are comparatively pleasant and there is no threat from harsh rain or snowfall.

Summer is the most popular season to move, therefore the rates are usually hire when hiring professional moving company. Keep these tips in mind when moving on summer:

  • Keep plenty of cold drinks and stay Hydrated.
  • Dress Appropriately with lightweight, comfortable clothing and wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • Turn on the air conditioning as soon as you get to your new home to avoid sweating while you are unpacking.
  • Chose you move date wisely: since summers are busiest time of the year for the moving companies, try to move on the middle of the month, and try to avoid weekends.
4. Education

Education is one of the most important aspects to look for when you have kids and you have to move. The city is served by Montgomery County Public Schools System and you will find that there are a number of elementary, middle and high schools that serve this suburb. There are both public and private schools that you can look into for your child once the moving is complete. You will also find high schools that provide a good level of education within the city. The public schools spend $17,336 per student on facilities and education, which is higher than the average school expenditure in the US, which rests at $12,435.

For higher education, Gaithersburg located within short drive of the following institutes:

Montgomery College

University of Maryland -

Johns Hopkins University -


5. Government

Gaithersburg Maryland moving companies are not required to obtain a license for local moves. In order to check if your mover is registered with the state, you can visit the Maryland Motor Truck association and find the best moving companies in the state. Click HERE for a list of registered movers.

The government in Chevy Chase can be classified into three tiers: town government, Montgomery county government, and the State of Maryland.

When you are moving to any city, you must have an idea about its governing policies. Be sure to carry all your documents with you so that there is no hold up. A five member city council that’s elected serves as the legislative body of the city. Since 2014, the mayor of the city is Jud Ashman and the day-to-day administration is overseen by the City Manager. The government ensures that all public utilities and spaces are well provided for and well maintained. In case of any problem, you can contact the relevant government department by accessing their website online.

6. Cities / metro areas

When you complete relocation to Gaithersburg, you will find it to be a very diverse city and according to your affordability, you can find a house in a good neighborhood. When it comes to choosing an area to live in, a number of factors play an important role such as the housing prices, proximity to city centre, and other things. Washington, DC lies just 18 miles from the southeaster border of Gaithersburg. Within Gaithersburg, the neighborhoods that you can explore for living include:

  • Montgomery village
  • North Potomac
  • Kentlands
  • Washington Grove
  • Washington Center

The median home cost in the city is $502,100 and homes have appreciated by 7.6 percent since 2014. However, you will find that if you search long and hard, you will find a place that suits your taste and preferences. When it comes to choosing an area to live in make, sure it is at least near to public transport facilities if you don’t have a personal car. This makes it easier to access the entertainment and recreation venues such as the Arts Barn, Benjamin Gaither Center, City Hall, Aquatic Center, and Activity Center at Bohrer Park.

7. Cost of living

Moving to a new place is a big decision which comes with factoring in a number of key things. The primary factor to consider is the cost of living, which includes the housing rent, utilities, medical protection, and taxes. You might find the cost of living in the eastern side of the city to be lower compared with the western side, which is urban. However, you must know that the cost of living in Gaithersburg is 65.09% higher than the US average.

8. Schools

Gaithersburg is served by Montgomery County Public Schools System which is the largest school district in Maryland and the 18th largest in the United States. As of the 2009–2010 school year, the district had 11,500 teachers serving 141,777 students at 200 schools. You will find a number of public and private elementary, middle and high schools in Gaithersburg. Public schools that you will find for your child's elementary and middle school education include:

  • Watkins Mill Elementary
  • Stone Mill Elementary
  • Travilah Elementary
  • Forest Oak Middle
  • Brown Station Elementary
  • Washington Grove Elementary School

Among private middle and elementary schools, you will find:

  • Church Of The Redeemer Christian School
  • The Jefferson School
  • Martin's School
  • Georgetown Hill Early School
  • ETS Chaiyim School

The private high schools in Gaithersburg are Covenant Life School and The Foundation School of Montgomery County while the public high schools include Watkins Mill High, Quince Orchard High, and Gaithersburg High.

9. Media outlets

You will find newspaper, TV, as well as online sources of media channels that keep the residents updated with news, both locally and internationally. The primary newspaper outlet you will find in Gaithersburg is the Washington D.C Media Market. For news and information on the west side of Gaithersburg, you can find it in the Town Courier. You can talk to cable TV and internet service providers that serve the city of Gaithersburg for their services. These include:

  • Verizon Fios
  • RCN
  • Comcast Xfinity
10. About Movers USA

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