Moving in Baltimore MD

Downtown Baltimore, Maryland city inner harbor skyline showing the marina, buildings and business on a clear sunny day.

If you are planning a move to Baltimore, Maryland, you should be glad to hear that the largest city in Maryland, Baltimore is a cultural hub packed with lots of opportunities for everyone. The city also offers an array of outdoor recreation to its residents and is a place that is very lively. This city also has a rich history which makes it ever more interesting. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, this city has a beautiful waterfront that is perfect for anyone looking to move to a more urban or suburban area. The city is also home to some amazing glass buildings and its brick row houses are no less impressive.


1. Moving services and tips

One of the most challenging things that movers face when relocating to Baltimore is the heavy snow and chilly winters. However, the summer heat is no less painful, which is why it is best to plan your move during spring or fall. Even when you choose the safest months to make the big move, you might want to look out for thunderstorms as Baltimore often gets hit by these storms during the spring and fall season.

  • It is best to check the weather forecast for the day you are planning to make the move to ensure that you don’t end up getting stuck in a bad situation.
  • A good thing about moving to Baltimore is that you don’t need any permit. However, residential parking permits should be taken into consideration before you move to this city. It is also important to consider and plan your moving times in advance because some days and times see higher traffic in the city than others. Do not opt for rush hours to move and avoid choosing weekdays as traffic during these days can get out of control.
  • Organize yourself! Go through your home and make a list of what is being relocated. Taking inventory can help decided what you will keep and what you may dispose of or donate. It also helps to make a list of important tasks that have to be accomplished before and during a move.
  • Consider holding a yard sale or donating some of your unwanted items and furniture. Some organizations will even arrange to pick up your unwanted items. Some moving companies may have a disposal service as well.
  • Pack your boxes neatly, and have them labeled by contents and location of home where they belong. Professional moving companies will offer many packing service options if you need help. If you are packing yourself, it is important to use the best packing products for your belongings.
  • Make sure you carry your immediate belongings with you. Pack a bag with some essentials, like a change of clothes and essential toiletries. Don’t forget the snacks! You’ll need some snack and water to help provide you with the energy for the move.
  • The living expenses in the county are higher than the average in the US. Thus, it is important to find a suitable job before planning the move.
  • Plan ahead, go through the house and decide what you would like to keep and what you may get rid of or donate. Having less items may help make the move easier for you and more cost effective.
  • Use the appropriate boxes for packing different types of items. For example, for breakables, dishes, glass wear, etc., a Dish Pack box is best. For books and other heavy objects, small boxes are best. It is recommended to use new, unused boxes for fragile items. Not using the right type of boxes can increase the chance of damages to your belongings.
  • Label and organize your boxes to make unpacking easier. By knowing roughly what the contents are, you’ll be able to place boxes in the correct rooms and locate necessary items quickly.

It is also important to file an address change request by filling out the change of address form with USPS. This is important because when you move to your new home, you will get your mail on the right address and at the right time.

2. Highways and public transport

Because Baltimore is quite close to Washington D.C., it often sees major traffic issues. If you are moving to Baltimore, you might want to put a rest to driving your own vehicle as commutes can be long and tiring. However, there are many alternate systems that you can choose to travel throughout the city including the transit system, intercity rail, Metro Subway, and train. The city’s subway system runs around the city and the MARC connects the city to BWI airport.

The US 40 highway passes through east and west of the city and US 1 passes through the downtown area. The transportation is handled by the Baltimore City Department of Transportation which looks after the roads and maintenance of sidewalks, signs, and street lights. The main interstate highways in the city include I-70, I-83, I-95, I-795, I-895, and I-97.

3. Climate

Due to its location near the Bay and the Atlantic, Baltimore enjoys a mild climate. However, the city may experience extreme weather conditions during summers and winters. The city also gets heavy snowfall once in a while surprising the residents of the city. Summers on the other hand are quite humid and may have thunderstorms and hurricanes. The fall season is much more pleasant in this city.

If you are moving during the winter, you will most likely get the lowest rates of the year, but keep those tips in mind:

  • Most important: keep an eye on the weather at all time. Click here for weather forecast by zip code.
  • Make sure you have heat sources, warm clothing, lights and hot drinks on hand.
  • Clear the snow from walkways, the movers will be able to work quicker and in a safer manner when snow is clear.
  • Check parking and driveway areas are clear of snow.
  • Protect inside space.
  • Keep salt and shovels on hand.

Summer is the most popular season to move, therefore the rates are usually hire when hiring professional moving company. Keep these tips in mind when moving on summer:

  • Keep plenty of cold drinks and stay Hydrated.
  • Dress Appropriately with lightweight, comfortable clothing and wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • Turn on the air conditioning as soon as you get to your new home to avoid sweating while you are unpacking.
  • Chose you move date wisely: since summers are busiest time of the year for the moving companies, try to move on the middle of the month, and try to avoid weekends.
4. Education

Baltimore is home to some great higher education institutions that students from entire Maryland come to study in. The colleges and universities in Baltimore offer two and four year programs.

Some of the most prominent public and private education institutions in the city include the following:


  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • University of Baltimore
  • Towson University
  • Morgan State University
  • Coppin State University
  • Baltimore City Community College


  • The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University
  • Mary's Seminary and University
  • Sojourner–Douglass College
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • Baltimore International College

There are many elementary and high schools in this city that offer quality education in different fields of study. These schools are operated under the Baltimore City Public Schools.

For a full list of Maryland universities and colleges and their campuses locations in Baltimore, click here.

5. Government

If you are hiring a professional moving company, keep in mind that local moving companies do not required to obtain a license for local moves in Howard County. In order to check if your mover is registered with the state, you can visit the Maryland Motor Truck association and find the best moving companies in the state. Click the following link for a list of registered movers.

Maryland registered movers agree to:

  • Abide by a Code of Ethics, so that customers will be assured that their movers have the highest standards.
  • Follow general guidelines for dealing with customers and adhere to the program's Statement of Policy.
  • Agree to a system for arbitrating disputes between movers and customers, so that customers will be assured of a timely resolution of any complaint without the need for costly and time consuming litigation.
  • Furnish copies of their moving contracts, warehouse receipts and storage orders to the Registered Mover Committee for review so that the Committee may verify that the documents meet the standards of the RMP.

When moving to a new city or location, it is important to consider some of the essential government related factors. There are numerous things that you need to settle before you begin living life in the new place. And if you are moving to Baltimore, you would need the following things:

  • Voter registration
  • Trash and recycling system
  • Motor vehicle administration
  • Taxes
  • Driver’s license

You can get information on all these things on the city’s official website.

6. Cities / metro areas

Whether you‘d like to live a relaxed life or want to be close to the city, Baltimore offers a place of residence to everyone. There are many beautiful suburban neighborhoods and metropolitan areas in the city which can be chosen based on your preferences. Altogether, Baltimore has 225 neighborhoods that you can choose to stay at. The city is culturally diverse and has a lot of recreation to offer.

This place also has the big city vibes so if you want to move to a place that is offers the best city life, Baltimore is the perfect city to move to. Some of the most prominent areas in Baltimore include the following:

  • Federal Hill near Inner Harbor
  • Fells Point near Inner Harbor
  • Patterson Park
  • Mount Washington
  • Mount Vernon
  • Charles Village
  • Towson
7. Cost of living

When relocating, it is important to look at the cost of living by city and state as your day-to-day life will depend on it. You need to see the employment and housing market, utility, and medical care prices before you move to a new place. The cost of living in Baltimore leans towards a higher end. Therefore, make use of a calculator to calculate what you will be getting into.

8. Schools

The schools system in Baltimore is handled by Baltimore City Public Schools which has a diverse range of schools for the public. Most of the schools in this city offer quality education and have great options for the students. Not all schools within the system are top performers, but most of them have pretty decent credentials.

Some of the most well-known primary and secondary schools in the city include the following:

  • Western High School
  • Lake Clifton Eastern High School
  • Frederick Douglass High School
  • Digital Harbor High School
  • Carver Vocational-Technical High School
  • Baltimore City College
  • Baltimore City College

If you want to get your children enrolled in the top schools near your home, you can make use of the school locator tool by the City School on their website. This tool gives the names of the schools near your location.

9. Media outlets

When you move to Baltimore, you need to learn about the city that is new to you. A good way to start exploring and staying current is by making use of the various media outlets of the city. Some of the most prominent publications in this city include the following:

  • Baltimore City Paper – This free newspaper is a great source of information for anyone looking to explore the cultural and entertainment scene of the city. It also has information on dine out places, bars, theatres, concerts, and much more.
  • The Baltimore Sun – This is the most read newspaper in the city that offers complete news and information from different fields including sports, entertainment, business, etc.
  • Baltimore Guide – This newspaper is perfect for anyone looking for local news and information on business, community events, sports, etc.

Other than these outstanding publications, there are many local television channels that are a great source of information for those who are new n the city. Some of the most popular TV channels in the city include the following:

  • WMPB TV 67 - PBS affiliate
  • WMAR TV 2 - ABC affiliate
  • WJZ TV 13 - CBS affiliate
  • WBFF TV 45 - Fox affiliate
  • WBAL TV 11 - NBC affiliate
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