Moving in Annapolis Maryland

Moving in Annapolis

Whether you are planning a move to Annapolis Maryland for the first time or making a local move within Annapolis, there are a few interesting things you should know about this state! Not only Annapolis Maryland is a great place to live, the city has many historical qualities that make living here quite an experience.

The city is located about 30 miles east of Washington DC on the Chesapeake Bay. The number of current residents is around 38,000. Beautiful historical and state buildings are a huge attraction in Annapolis. It serves as the hub of the political activities in Maryland. The most important state of the art government buildings is present in the city. The weather is generally hot during summers and mild to cold in the winter period. Some of the important factors to know about the city include:

  • It is the capital city in the state of Maryland. The location of the city is very important and it is a part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.
  • The presence of enormous state buildings creates a serious feel within the city. The pace of life is a bit slower in Annapolis as compared to the cities surrounding it. There is an air of tranquility and composure present within the city. Due to the overall systematic way of life here, the residents of the city appear to be very calm and composed, and most stay busy in their daily routines. However, they are friendly people once you get to know them.
  • These are some of the important points to know before moving in Annapolis. It is a very good city to live in, especially if you like an organized life with a well-defined routine (this will depend on your occupation as well).
1. Moving services and tips

It is a wonderful city to relocate to due to the presence of enormous state buildings and organizations. Before moving in Annapolis, it is of significant importance for movers to know about few things. They include:

  • Inform everyone you will be moving, prepare to send notices to schools, banks, utility companies and service providers.
  • Notify your homeowners and other insurance carriers you may have about your upcoming move.
  • Stay organized. Moving could be messy, therefor start a moving folder and try to stay organized as much as you can.
  • If possible, try to schedule moves in the middle of the month. Most homes are trying to reserve the last days, or, the first few days of the month for moving. If you can plan to move during a weekday and in the middle of the month, you may be able to save. Talk to your moving company representative to see how move date can help with saving.
  • You should always research when looking at potential movers. Do not be fooled by the “low price”. You should research your movers with the better business bureau, the US department of transportation and state agencies like MMTA – the Maryland motor truck association, or, in VA the VMWA – the Virginia Movers and warehouseman’s association.
  • Start getting moving estimates about 5-6 weeks prior to move date.
  • Prior to moving it is advised that you go through your items and see if there are items that you may want to let go of, or sell. Reducing the amount of items would reduce moving cost, and if you can do a moving sale you can use some of the funds from such sale to offset the cost of the move.
  • Another great idea is to arrange for a “packing party”. You can invite friends and family and while you get them food and drinks and even play some good music, they can help supervise, or even pack some pots and pans.
  • The allure of the city is not limited to the presence of powerful state buildings or ancient galleries only. The city also has state-of-the-art museums and admired number of theatres. Other than this, a great number of quality restaurants, huge shopping malls and tremendous heritage buildings are also present. These spots along with a strong political aspect make Annapolis an attraction for the tourists. Some of the remarkable institutions include The State House, The Naval Academy, and St. John’s College. The noteworthy attractions include theatre, historical art and museums.
  • It is important to know for interstate moves, that the property rates in Annapolis are constantly fluctuating; therefore it is very important to contact the right agents. The prices are very flexible and can change within the duration of a week or month - so make a move smartly.
2. Highways and public transport

The infrastructure of the city is well maintained and structured. The Annapolis Department of Transportation (ADOT) is responsible for providing bus service in different localities of the city.

The different bus routes also pass by shopping areas, educational institutes, hospitals and corporate organizations. The department of transportation is also responsible for providing special transportation to people with disabilities and senior citizens.

3. Climate

Annapolis is part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and is relatively flat with the highest point being just 50 feet above sea level.

The city has subtropical and humid climate throughout the year. The summers tend to be very hot and humid and it is not an ideal time for relocation. The weather during winter season is relatively moderate and the humidity levels are also low. Overall, the temperature does not go into extremes throughout the year. The city has a moderate climate and the annual precipitation is 47.27 inches.

4. Education

We all know there is a direct link between where you live and education. The location where a family member or a child is born and raised can determine his chances of living to adulthood, as well as his quality of life throughout childhood. Please take the time to read more and research where you want to live and where you want your family to grow at.

For a list of MD schools and school grades click here.

The educational standards in the city are relatively high. Due to the fact that Annapolis is surrounded by the most important cities and area in the country, quality academic services are offered. Some of the best schools present in the city include:

  • United States Naval Academy
  • University of Maryland
  • C2 Education of Bowie
  • Anne Arundel Community College
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Severna Park United Methodist Church Nursery School
  • University of Maryland
  • Northeast Stars Montessori
  • Maryland Independent College & University Association
5. Government

Annapolis moving companies are not required to obtain a license for local moves. In order to check if your mover is registered with the state, you can visit the Maryland Motor Truck association and find the best moving companies in the state. Click HERE for a list of registered movers.

Maryland registered movers agree to:

  • Abide by a Code of Ethics, so that customers will be assured that their movers have the highest standards.
  • Follow general guidelines for dealing with customers and adhere to the program's Statement of Policy.
  • Agree to a system for arbitrating disputes between movers and customers, so that customers will be assured of a timely resolution of any complaint without the need for costly and time consuming litigation.
  • Furnish copies of their moving contracts, warehouse receipts and storage orders to the Registered Mover Committee for review so that the Committee may verify that the documents meet the standards of the RMP.

The city has a mayor form of government. Along with a mayor, the city council has eight aldermen selected through different elections. The mayor is elected by a citywide vote. The city government is responsible for maintaining the fire protection agencies, state owned buildings, public educational institutes, tourism and much more in the city.

Important organizations such as state legislature, appellate court and governor’s office are located in Annapolis. Many administrative offices including cabinet departments are also present in the city.

6. Cities / metro areas

The city is divided into different metropolitan areas. Some of the most popular neighborhoods and suburbs in the city include:

  • Arnold
  • Crofton
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Cape St. Claire
  • Davidsonville
  • Millersville
  • Arundel on the Bay
  • Gambrills
  • Parole
  • Germantown
  • Severna Park
  • Edgewater
  • Crownsville
  • Riva
  • Hillsmere Shores
  • Lothian
  • Odenton
7. Cost of living

It is necessary for the movers to know that there is a significant rise in demand for the real estate. The price of a home in Annapolis is much higher compared to those in other cities. The price of real estate in the center of the city is much higher than other areas mainly due to the presence of major establishments. The overall structure and construction of the city is of the finest quality.

The cost of houses in Annapolis is very high due to a gap in supply and demand. The available land for construction of homes or apartments is very limited in the city. But since the rate of relocation Annapolis is very high, it is getting very difficult and expensive to find a suitable home.

Some localities are more in demand than others. For example, there is a huge demand to own a house near State Capitol and Chesapeake Bay. The real estate prices in these areas are sky-rocketing. Recent estimations show that a home near State Capitol can cost as much as $750,000 if not more. However, you can find properties in lower ranges in different areas.

8. Schools

The school system is operated by Anne Arundel County Public Schools in the city. Many schools along with regular educational programs also offer international schemes of study such as the International Baccalaureate program.

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Some of the famous schools in Annapolis include:

  • Aleph Bet Jewish Day School
  • Eastport Elementary School
  • Mary's High School and Elementary School
  • Severn School
  • Mary E. Moss Academy is also in the Annapolis area
  • Anne's School of Annapolis
  • The Key School
  • Annapolis Area Christian School
  • Martins Lutheran School
  • Indian Creek School

Some of the very famous public schools in Annapolis include:

  • Arundel High School
  • Severna Park High School
  • Old Mill High School
  • Southern High School
  • Broadneck High School
  • Annapolis High School
  • South River High School
9. Media outlets

The city is full of vitality and many events constantly take place in different localities within the city. To keep a track of all the regular events, it is very important to follow a quality source of information. One of the most widely read newspaper in the city is The Capital. Combined with a high readership and quality publications, the newspaper is surely a great way to get information about the city. It covers all the information on different issues such as national and international news, sports, health, politics, and education, weather and job placements.

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Another famous magazine in the city is Chesapeake Family Magazine. The magazine is famous for quality and engaging content. It has a monthly readership of more than 30,000. The magazine covers all the important topics such as parenting, child-parent relationship, childhood development and abuse, adult psychology and much more.

Some other famous newspapers in the city include:

  • Washington Post
  • Maryland Gazette
  • Bay Weekly
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • Chesapeake Publishing
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