Local Movers in Columbia, MD

Columbia is one of the most popular and desirable place to move to.  It’s a great place to live and raise a family! Columbia is a well planned community of 10 villages located in Maryland’s Howard County - which is the second wealthiest county present in the US. The community was created with the intention of bringing human values, social sciences and humanities in practice. The differentiation aspect is that the development of the community was based on elimination all kinds of discrimination - be it social, racial, religious or that of gender.

The city has been ranked among the top best places to live in the United States. With a strong heritage, Columbia is a fascinating place to visit as well. The city oozes serenity and tranquility through its atmosphere and disposition. It is an ideal place to live in for those seeking a well-balanced life and an equal treatment for all residents.

The city was designed with a strategic plan to combine ten self-sufficient villages with a focus on promotion of ethical and humanistic values in the community. The center of the community is Lake Kittamagundi and The Mall in Columbia.

A range of museums, historical buildings, high ambiance restaurants, universities, schools and churches are found in the city. Some important places to visit include:  Robinson Nature Center, Merriweather Post Pavilion, the Mall in Columbia, Lake Kittamaqundi, Toby's Dinner Theatre and Ale House Columbia.

Some other tourist’s attractions in the city include:

  • Columbia Swim Center with Splashdown
  • Fairway Hills Golf Club
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Lake Elkhorn Park

The rate of economic development in the city is very high and positive. Currently, it is an excellent place for entrepreneurs and business persons to relocate to. Coupled with skilled workforce, high growth opportunities, favorable weather conditions, and availability of all the essentials within the city - it is one of the best places to develop a successful business.

1. Moving services and tips

It is very important to know the right information before planning a move. Some of the very important tips to keep in mind before relocation include:

  • The ideal weather in the city is during spring and autumn seasons. Therefore, it is highly recommended to move during spring or autumn to avoid the harshness of the weather.
  • Finding the right job in Columbia can be a little tricky. Therefore, research well before moving to the community.
  • Familiarize yourself with the town. Find where your local banks, schools and groceries stores are located. These are often the places you’ll need to go to first and it can help if you can find them quickly.
  • Take care in organizing your items by priority. Things that will fall to the bottom of the list may be items to dispose of or donate. Things at the top of the list will include most important or personal items. It helps to know where to start when packing and organizing a home before and after a move.
  • About a month in advance, research and select a professional moving company to assist you with all your moving needs. A good company will help you with every aspect of planning a move from helping to coordinate dates to providing valuable advice on packing.
  • Plan ahead for small children and pets to be taken care of during the move. Relocation can be stressful for children and animals too, so don’t forget to make sure their needs will also be met on the day of the move. Trying to arrange a caregiver for that day may help reduce the amount of stress for everyone.
  • The community is specially designed to eliminate discrimination in all senses. Therefore, all the residents living there are expected to behave accordingly. For example, it is a general practice in Columbia that children of all residents living in one neighborhood will go to the same school. The practice is designed to favor equality and decrease discrimination. It is very important to adhere to communal value systems and ideas to easily adjust in the city.
2. Highways and public transport

When moving locally in Columbia Maryland, we recommend you will have proper means of transportation on moving day. If you do not have a car, we recommend you ask a friend or a relative to accompany you that day. Most moving companies will not allow customers to drive with movers for Insurance reasons. Many people moving to Columbia enjoy the slower pace of a smaller community. Columbia is a community located in Maryland and so, is not a very busy destination. The Maryland Transit Administration also known as MTA, provides bus routes from Washington and Baltimore. There is no rail system operational in the city; however the bus service of MTA connects the city to the Washington Metro system. The services of different shuttles and buses are operated throughout the city. All the highways present in Columbia connect to different places in Annapolis, Washington DC and Baltimore.

3. Climate

When moving in Columbia md, please stay tuned to the forecast. Weather could play a big role on moving day. While in some situations the move date could be changed due to weather, in some situations movers have to work in tough conditions like snow, heavy rain and very hot days. The city experiences all the four climates in different parts of the year. The winters are usually mild to moderately cold. During springs and autumns, the weather remains moderate. Summers are usually very hot with high temperatures and increased levels of humidity. Springs and autumn are the best for relocation and tourism.

4. Education

Since there is a direct link between location, housing and education deciding where to live, could make a huge impact in your life. Before you move in Columbia MD, please take the time to research the area and decide what school district you want to belong to. As you may know, the location where a child is born and raised can determine his chances of living to adulthood, as well as his quality of life throughout childhood. Please take the time to read more and research where you want to live and where you want your family to grow at.

Columbia is known and preferred for its high educational standards by students around the world. It is a sought after place to live in part because of this.  The city doesn’t have any four years degree program institutes. However, a number of quality educational institutes are present in the community. Some of the very popular institutes are:

  • Howard Community College
  • American Career Institute
  • Lincoln College of Technology
  • University of Phoenix
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • County, Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • Johns Hopkins University

Other than the professional institutes, a huge public library system is also present.

Howard County Public Library is the top rated library systems all over the United States. Two branches of the Howard County Public Library system are present in Columbia. The central branch is present in Town Center of the city and the Eastern branch is present in Owen Brown.

5. Government

Columbia is a community present in Howard County of Maryland. Therefore, the territory is governed by the Columbia Association.

Columbia is unique since it was created for a focus on human values rather than on a model of science and technology. The idea of the city was developed by James W.Rouse. The aim of building the city was to end all the discrimination in race, religion, nationality and gender.

Maryland Does not require a local moving license. We strongly recommend you research your potential movers with the Better business bureau and the Maryland Motor Truck association.

The Maryland moto truck association offers a list of the Elite movers in Maryland, a list of movers that agreed to work and adhere to the highest code of ethics in the industry.

6. Cities / metro areas

If you are moving locally in Columbia Maryland, most probably your mover will apply charges by the hour. Therefor if you elect to move when traffic is busy it could end up costing more. By considering the time of day to move to avoid heavy traffic, you can save. The metropolitan area of Columbia is the second largest one in the state of Maryland.  The city has been developed on the theme of eliminating racism in every aspect. Divided into various villages, small towns and neighborhoods, the city is also famous for marketing itself as being a ‘color blind’ city to discourage racism. Some of the famous villages in the community include:

  • Harper’s Choice
  • Wilde Lake
  • Long Reach
  • Oakland Mills
  • Town Center
  • Owen Brown
  • River Hill
  • Kings Contrivance
  • Hickory Ridge
  • Dorsey’s Search
7. Cost of living

There is a lot to consider when moving in Columbia Maryland, and cost of living is a huge factor to consider. Currently, the city is developing at a fast pace and it is the best time to relocate. The cost of real estate is also constantly increasing. The overall cost of living in Columbia, Maryland, is currently $130.80 which is 26% higher than the national average. Overall, different expenses such as food prices, educational institutes, transportation and others are also high in the city. The cost of housing is 92% higher than the national average - which increases the cost of living in the city. Movers USA is located just a few miles away from Columbia MD, we are in Jessup MD. One of the advantages of using Movers USA in Columbia is that we are one of The closest local movers in Columbia MD.

8. Schools

Education is a valued staple in most communities in the area. Choosing a home in a good school zone will be a probity for parents when looking for a home to move into, most parents take school zoning very seriously when moving to Columbia MD. The school system is Columbia is maintained by the Howard County Public School System. The different standards of education include elementary, secondary and higher level schools. The standard of education in Columbia is much better than other cities. Please visit here  for a comprehensive list of schools in Columbia and their ratings. Some of the most famous primary and high schools present in the city include:

  • Bright Stars Learning Academy
  • Julia Brown Montessori School
  • Longfellow Elementary School
  • Thunder Hill Elementary School
  • Love of Learning Montessori School
  • Oakland Mills High School
  • Long Reach High School
  • Waterloo Elementary School
  • Harpers Choice Middle School
  • Talbott Springs Elementary School
  • Phelps Luck Elementary School
  • Running Brook Elementary School
  • Columbia Academy Elementary & Middle School
9. Media outlets

The life in Columbia is very active and engaging - with multiple activities taking place at once. It is very important to follow a good source of information to keep in touch with the daily updates happening in the city. Some of the most famous newspapers in the city include: The Baltimore Sun, Columbia Flier and Women’s Journal. Please take the time to listen to WCBM / WQLL Radio to hear about Movers USA.

10. Movers USA

Relocation can be tiring and stress inducing. It is very hard to find the right movers who can plan the right strategy for you. However, minimum risk should be involved when considering relocation. Ideally, the process of relocation should be reliable and smooth. Moving from one place to another can be a big hassle, let alone from one country to another. Therefore, to have the best moving experience, it is extremely necessary to find the right company.

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