Moving to St. Louis, MO

St. LouisMoving can be a nerve wracking process, but with that comes the excitement of moving to such an important and historical city. Famous for its Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri, is a city that is packed with some great attractions. From museums to the zoo and few of the world's most notable churches, It is the largest city in Missouri and has developed into an independent city since its economic decline after 1904. Today, the city has completely changed and has become a great place to move to with a lot of culture especially for music and performing arts lovers. The city is especially associate with blues, jazz and ragtime music. The city offers lots of entertainment for the entire family and is a great place to live in.

1. Moving Tips and Services

If you are planning to move to St. Louis anytime soon, you would want to make your move less stressful, which is why you need to follow our moving tips.

  • Most people want to move during the summer when the kids are off of school. If you are planning to move in the summer, you should start the process early to make sure your mover has availability.
  • When shopping for a mover it is best to ask family or friends for a recommendation. If you are getting names online, it is important to research those movers with local agencies like better business bureau or the department of transportation.
  • When you ask for moving estimates you should try and get the mover to come and visit and provide an in-home estimate. Most reputable moving companies would provide such estimate free of charge. Make sure that the estimate you get is in writing and you understand all charges and coverages.
  • Prior to moving it is advised that you go through your items and see if there are items that you may want to let go of, or sell. Reducing the amount of items would reduce moving cost, and if you can do a moving sale you can use some of the funds from such sale to offset the cost of the move.
  • Another great idea is to arrange for a “packing party”. You can invite friends and family and while you get them food and drinks and even play some good music, they can help supervise, or even pack some pots and pans.
  • Stay organized. Moving could be messy, therefor start a moving folder and try to stay organized as much as you can.
  • If possible, try to schedule moves in the middle of the month. Most homes are trying to reserve the last days, or, the first few days of the month for moving. If you can plan to move during a weekday and in the middle of the month, you may be able to save. Talk to your moving company representative to see how move date can help with saving.
2. Highways and Public Transport

During your move to the city, you’ll have to acclimate yourself with the neighborhoods you’ll be most traveling within. St. Louis has very well-maintained network of highways, roads, and railroads. All of these roads offer easy access to all the part of the city. The city also has its transportation network that is offered by MetroBus and MetroLink, which is a plus for many people planning to move to this city.

There are several interstate routes and state roads in St. Louis. The BNSF Railway and the Amtrak are great for passenger transportation, especially for those who don’t want to drive. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is the nearest to the city. The Memorial Drive and Interstate 70 both run throughout the city. So, whether you want to travel in light rails, metro bus service, or simply drive your own vehicle, you will find many roads and highways that connect the city to surrounding areas and provide easy access to the city’s main areas.

3. Climate

St. Louis is a city of extreme weather which is why when you are relocating here, make sure you are prepared. The city’s humid-subtropical and humid-continental location is the reason for its extreme climate. The city gets rainfall during spring, heat during summer, and chill during winters. It is always encouraged to check the local forecast for the week of your move to best prepare yourself. That information can be found here. The starting days of winter bring moderate cold but the later months can be quite cold with snow everywhere. But this city also gets lots of thunderstorms and tornados during spring and summer so make sure you are prepared for it.

4. Education

When you are moving to St. Louis you may need to know what you and your family’s options for higher education are. You are in luck! and St. Louis is home to numerous educational institutions for people of all ages. There are more than 75 schools operated by the St. Louis Public Schools that cater to thousands of students. Charter schools also began developing in the city since 2000 and are authorized under the Missouri state law. All the charter schools in the city are run by local corporations and institutions. The city also has many private schools and institutions that include Lutheran schools, secular schools, and Catholic schools.

The city also features some prominent research universities including the St. Louis University and the Washington University in St. Louis.

5. Government

Interstate movers are licensed by the FMCSA. TO check if a company is in good rating with DOT, please check here. The American Moving and Storage association also regulates moving companies. To check if a mover is a ProMover please visit here.

When you are relocating to St. Louis, it is important to ensure that all the government documents and legalities have been taken care of. Some of the things that you will need to settle right after you move to this city include the following:

  • Apply for your MO driver’s license
  • Register as a voter
  • Get a waste disposal system
  • Register your vehicle
  • Check local sales tax
6. Cities/Metro Areas

The city of St. Louis is packed with dynamic neighborhoods that are great for just about anyone. From upscale to ethnically diverse neighborhoods, you will find just the right kind of place to stay in this city. If you are looking for a neighborhood that is great for families, you can choose from Florissant and Chesterfield. But if you want to live near the hustle-bustle of the city and commercial area, choose Downtown or Skinker-DeBaliviere.

7. Cost of living

If you are planning to move to a state where you don’t have to pay a lot for living, St. Louis, Missouri is the place perfect for you. The cost of living here is 10% lowers than that in other states of the U.S., making it an affordable option for many families. Therefore, if you are looking to move to an urban area but don’t have a lot of money to spend, you will like this city that is quite affordable. Because many foods are produced locally here, you will be able to buy food items at much lower rates. the cost of education is also not a burden for families because many schools and institutions offer funding to students.

8. Schools

When relocating to St. Louis, one of the things that you don’t need to worry about is getting your children in the right schools.  Please check your local school and ratings here. There are numerous schools in this city that offer quality education for grades kindergarten to high-school level. You may find the breakdown of schools in the city below:

Elementary Schools

  • Truman Elementary
  • Sappington Elementary
  • Kennard Classical Junior Academy

High School

  • Lindbergh Senior High
  • McKinley Classical Leadership Academy
  • Metro High

Higher Education

  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • Louis University
  • Louis Community College
  • Louis College of Pharmacy
  • Ranken Technical College

The educational institutions mentioned above are the best ones in the city, but there are many more schools to choose from that are not on the list. Finding quality education in St. Louis is not a huge problem due to the availability of many public and private schools.

9. Media Outlets

When moving to a new place, it is important to know all about it and what better way to find out about it than local news outlets? St. Louis is a culturally and ethnically diverse city with citizens belonging to all walks of life. The various media outlets in the city offer great insight on everything that the city has to offer. And when it comes to current affairs and daily news, there are many publications that offer local news to the citizens. Some of the major publications and media outlets in the city include the following:

  • The St. Louis American – This newspaper targets the African-American residents in the city and offers some great insight to them on various topics. This is a weekly publication that features local and international news.
  • Louis Post-Dispatch – This is the state’s most popular newspaper and offers readers news headlines and other information on sports, arts, culture, events, entertainment, business, and much more.
  • The Vital Voice – This monthly publication is targeted towards the LGBT community and offers news and information on a wide range of topics.
  • Riverfront – This publication is packed with news about the music and arts scene of the city. The newspaper also features information on dining and nightlife, and is published every Thursday.
  • Louis Business Journal – This is a business-related publication that focuses on business insight and job postings.

There are many local TV channels that offer news and entertainment to the people of this city including the following:

  • KTVI TV 2
  • KSDK TV 5
  • KMOV TV 4
  • KETC TV 9
  • KDNL TV 30
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