Moving to Santa Rosa, CA

A vineyard in the wine growing region of Napa in California.

Most people find moving to Santa Rosa California very exciting, however the process of packing your entire home into cardboard boxes and than packed into a moving truck is a bit more challenging and less exciting. In this article we will try and help you understand the process of moving to another state with a moving company as well as get you some information about Santa Rosa CA.

Santa Rosa is the 28th most highly populated cities of California. It is also the county seat of Sonoma County. Before the Europeans invaded the country, Santa Rosa was occupied by the famous tribe Pomo, whose natives were known as Bitakomtara. They were very possessive about their area, which is why they would only allow others to enter with permission. In 1906, when the San Francisco earthquake hit took place, almost all of the downtown area was destroyed, but amazingly enough most of the population remained unharmed. It was after the World War II that the city started growing and became what it is today.

Santa Rosa, CA is a great place for all kinds of professionals as there are plenty of jobs available. Another reason why Santa Rosa is so popular is because of the historic significance and scenic beauty of this city. This is why tourism is high and a source of income for Santa Rosa. The many wineries and vineyards are what attract a lot of people from all over the country to pay visit to this beautiful city.

Some of the must see places of the city are Pacific Coast Air Museum, Downtown Santa Rosa, Old Courthouse Square, historic Railroad Square, Jack London State Historic Park, Russian River resort area, Charles M. Schulz Museum and California Indian Museum and Cultural Center. Santa Rosa is a prime place for relocation because of many advancement opportunities in career, as well as because of the seaside and mountainside location of the city. Another reason is the weather which is almost pleasant from summer through winter.

1. Moving Tips and Services

If you are planning to move to Santa Rosa as soon as possible, make sure you do it during the summer season. This is because summers are dry and warm, while winters can have severe rain spells. If you still plan to move during the winter season, do so during the day hours because evenings and nights are clouded with fog.

Organize yourself! Go through your home and make a list of what is being relocated. Taking inventory can help decided what you will keep and what you may dispose of or donate. It also helps to make a list of important tasks that have to be accomplished before and during a move.

Consider holding a yard sale or donating some of your unwanted items and furniture. Some organizations will even arrange to pick up your unwanted items. Some moving companies may have a disposal service as well.

One of the most important tasks will be securing a moving company. You’ll want to research and choose a professional company at least a month prior. A good company will be able to give you helpful advice about how to better prepare for the move.

Choose a professional company that has experience in transporting furniture to ensure every precaution is taken to protect your belongings.

Pack your boxes neatly, and have them labeled by contents and location of home where they belong. Professional moving companies will offer many packing service options if you need help. If you are packing yourself, it is important to use the best packing products for your belongings.

Make sure you carry your immediate belongings with you. Pack a bag with some essentials, like a change of clothes and essential toiletries.  Don’t forget the snacks! You’ll need some snack and water to help provide you with the energy for the move.

If you are on a budget and have been thinking on how to save money on your move, make sure you schedule your move during one of the weekdays. Weekends are usually booked quickly which is why charges are high.

Great thing Santa Rosa is famous for is the food. From high-end Californian and Mediterranean cuisines to affordable Mexican you can get anytime of the day or night. Actually some of the best Mexican restaurant in the Bay Area are located in Santa Rosa. This may be due to the high population of Hispanics in the western areas of Santa Rosa. Apple Valley Lane has the highest Hispanic population of 87%. The city is still a mixture of multicultural locals.

2. Highways And Public Transport

The worst thing about the city is that there is too much traffic. Since the population continues to increase, more and more people focus on their own transportation. It is better that when moving to Santa Rosa, you choose public transportation for your commute to work. This is the best thing for professionals as there are quite a few options like Santa Rosa City Bus, M V transportation, Sonoma County Transit and more. Driving around in your own vehicle would get you stuck in traffic for hours, n matter what route you decide to take. Depending on where it is that you want go, you can pick the transportation system that best suits your needs.

SR 12 is the state highway that acts as a freeway for Fulton Road in Santa Rosa.

3. Climate

The climate of Santa Rosa is described as Mediterranean due to warm days and cool nights. Fog is common even during the summer evenings and nights. There is rainfall 74 days a year with rare snowfall in the mountains around the city. Lowlands see snowfall once in a while. According to most people who have moved to Santa Rosa, the temperature there is ideal, which is why beaches are almost always crowded. If you like beaches and open spaces, then you can consider relocation to Santa Rosa because weather conditions are excellent.

4. Education

There are plenty of educational institutes in the city, including primary, secondary and high schools, as well as colleges and private schools. These include:

School districts

  • Piner-Olivet Union
  • Rincon Valley Union
  • Bellevue Union
  • Santa Rosa City Schools
  • Bennett Valley Union
  • Wright
  • Mark West Union
  • Oak Grove Union
  • Roseland


  • University of San Francisco (USF) - Santa Rosa
  • Empire College
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
5. Government

The best resource to check if a moving company is licensed to move out of state and to check their complaint history is the FMCSA. When shopping for a mover it is best to ask family or friends for a recommendation. If you are getting names online, it is important to research those movers with local agencies like better business bureau. You can also check with the American Moving and Storage Association and see if your mover is a Promover.

California’s 5th congressional district, Santa Rosa has representation in the United States House of Representatives. The city is run as per the laws of California by a select county council and a mayor. By the efforts of the state and the people, Santa Rosa has attained the slogan of “The City Designed for Living”. Another slogan, adopted by Santa Rosa Chamber is “California’s Cornucopia”.

6. Cities / Metro Areas

Santa Rosa is divided into four parts, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. Some of the neighborhoods of the city are:

  • West End Arts and Theater District
  • Town & Country/Grace Tract
  • Stonegate
  • South Park
  • Santa Rosa Avenue
  • Roseland
  • Rincon Valley
  • Ridgway Historic District
  • Olive Park
  • North West Santa Rosa
  • Moorland Avenue
  • Montgomery Village
  • Montecito Heights
  • McDonald Mansion Historic District
  • Lomita Heights
  • Juilliard Park
  • Hidden Valley
  • Dutton Ave
  • Country Club/Fountaingrove
  • Coffey Park
  • Cherry Street Historic District
  • Burbank Gardens Historic District
  • Bennett Valley
7. Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Santa Rosa is relatively high. This is because of the architectural design, scenic sights, high rise tourism and availability of a wide variety of jobs. The economy of the city is thriving though; Forbes has listed Santa Rosa as one of the best places for business and careers. Even though job opportunities have gotten somewhat lower, there are still many employers always looking for heard working employees. Some of the top employers are:

  • Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Keysight
  • County of Sonoma
  • JDSU
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Joseph Health system
  • Santa Rosa City Schools

Once you are able to find the right job, it won’t be too difficult to settle in this beautiful, high rise city. Check out the local newspapers and news channels, as well as websites to find the right job for you. They are updated every day.

8. Schools

There are quite a few public and private schools in Santa Rosa. Education standards aren’t very high but there are many options to choose from. The tuition for public schools can be pretty expensive. Here are the public schools situated in Santa Rosa:

Private schools

  • Redwood Adventist Academy (K-12)
  • Sonoma Academy (9-12)
  • Sonoma Country Day School (K-8)
  • Luke's Elementary School
  • Rose Elementary School
  • Rincon Valley Christian School (K-12)
  • Summerfield Waldorf School (K-12)
  • Cardinal Newman High School (9-12)
  • Eugene's cathedral school
9. Media Outlets

Now that you have decided to finalize your relocation to Santa Rosa, you will need to find out all you can about the city. The best place to do so is through the local newspapers and TV channels. The most reliable newspapers in this city are North Bay Business Journal, La Voz, Press Democrat and North Bay Bohemian. These newspapers will give you all the latest news, as well as happening in the city. You can find out what is new and what is in store for the city, entertainment wise as well as professionally.

Some TV channels that you can tune into include, KTUV, KRCB, and PBS/Link.

10. Movers USA

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