Moving to San Diego, CA

Panorama of San Diego, California, United States. San Diego North Bay, City Skyline, Shelter Island and the Pacific Ocean Blue Water.

If you are planning a move to San Diego, it will help to know a few things about your new city. It will be an exciting time made more so by knowing important details about the city. The second largest city of California, San Diego is also the eighth largest city of US. This is the city from where California came into being. It was settled by the Kumeyaay people who lived there for more than 10,000 years. When it comes to carriers, most of the people who are associated with military are in prominence in the city, but there are many other business ventures to join. The city is known for its defense and military, tourism and real estate. It is an ideal place for all the people who love beaches and warm climatic conditions as well as art, culture, great restaurants and major sports event..

Living conditions for professionals are especially great because there is a great job market. Some top employers in the city of San Diego include, University of California,  Kaiser Permanente, United States Navy, UC San Diego Health, San Diego Gas & Electric and Sharp HealthCare. It is a great place for relocation, if you are looking for career change or upgrade.

1. Moving Tips and Services

Thinking of what is the best time to move to San Diego? The answer is easy: Every single day of the year!  This is because there are no climatic restraints, or any difficulty in finding the perfect neighborhood to live in. it is one of the best seafront cities to live in with plenty to explore and enjoy. There are many beaches and other interesting places that people can hang out with families. However, if you are planning on moving to San Diego, CA, anytime soon, keep in mind that since the city includes few of the major universities in California, like:  University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, it may get more challenging to move to the city during late August when many students are seeking housing options and moving services.

Here are some additional Moving Tips that you may find useful:

  • Organize yourself! Go through your home and make a list of what is being relocated. Taking inventory can help decided what you will keep and what you may dispose of or donate. It also helps to make a list of important tasks that have to be accomplished before and during a move.
  • Consider holding a yard sale or donating some of your unwanted items and furniture. Some organizations will even arrange to pick up your unwanted items. Some moving companies may have a disposal service as well.
  • One of the most important tasks will be securing a moving company. You’ll want to research and choose a professional company at least a month prior. A good company will be able to give you helpful advice about how to better prepare for the move.
  • Choose a professional company that has experience in transporting furniture to ensure every precaution is taken to protect your belongings.
  • Pack your boxes neatly, and have them labeled by contents and location of home where they belong. Professional moving companies will offer many packing service options if you need help. If you are packing yourself, it is important to use the best packing products for your belongings.
  • Make sure you carry your immediate belongings with you. Pack a bag with some essentials, like a change of clothes and essential toiletries.  Don’t forget the snacks! You’ll need some snack and water to help provide you with the energy for the move.
  • The living expenses in the county are higher than the average in the US. Thus, it is important to find a suitable job before planning the move.
  • Plan ahead, go through the house and decide what you would like to keep and what you may get rid of or donate.  Having less items may help make the move easier for you and more cost effective.
  • About one month in advance, you’ll want to have researched and chosen a moving company and finalized arrangements.
2. Highways And Public Transport

Most people when moving to San Diego will run into some kind of problems with the traffic. When it comes to traffic, densely packed traffic jams do not even begin to explain the situation. There can be absolute standstills during the weekdays. As is the case with most big cities, it is better to use public transport if you be anywhere on time! There are three interstate highways that start from this city, Interstate 5, Interstate 8 and Interstate 15. For public transportation, there is an option to either go by bus, ferry or the commuter and light rails. This makes it easy to travel from one place to the next without getting caught in the rush hour.

3. Climate

San Diego’s mild climate makes it an ideal place to move. San Diego is the perfect places where the weather almost always remains mild. This is the reason why it is one of the top-ten cities for beautiful climate in Farmers’ Almanac. It is also one of the two cities featured in The Weather Channel, as the best summer climate city. Summers are dry and warm, while the winters remain temperate. There is average rainfall and extremely rare snowfall. This is another reason why it is ideal for relocation.

4. Education

Choosing a home in a school zone will be a priority for some. Education in San Diego is sound. Be it the public or private schools, education standards are maintained. There are many colleges and universities in the city. Some of them include San Diego Miramar College, San Diego Community College District, University of California, San Diego, Alliant International University, Point Loma Nazarene University, The Art Institute of California, San Diego, University of San Diego and many more.

There are also three ABA credited law schools as well as one medical school in the city. For the ease and comfort of professionals and students, there are dozens of libraries situated all over the city, some of which are open 24 hours a day.

5. Government

Interstate movers are licensed by the FMCSA. TO check if a company is in good rating with DOT, please check here. The American Moving and Storage association also regulates moving companies. To check if a mover is a ProMover please visit here.

Like almost all cities of California, San Diego is also run by city council members and mayor. It was through the votes of the city people that the government form was changed to strong mayor government from council-manager government. San Diego is also part of the Secure Communities. San Diego is represented by California’s 49th, 50th, 51st, 52nd and 53rd congressional districts in the United States House of Representatives.

San Diego has seen its share of scandals of which the San Diego free speech fight 1912 is the most famous. During the event, the San Diego Police Department killed one member of IWW and vigilantes tortured anarchists. Speech was also restricted throughout the county.

6. Cities / Metro Areas

San Diego has a large metro area to choose from, however, getting around in the city is not difficult, especially if you have your own car. Most residents own cars.

There are around 53 areas that are part of the Community Planning Areas of San Diego.  Find more cities and the metro guide here. On the north of the city is the Interstate 8 and Mission Valley, while the southeast and east have City Heights, Southeast San Diego and the College Area. To the northeast Balboa Park is situated. Some other nearby communities includes Kearny Mesa, Navajo, Clairemont and Tierrasanta. Agricultural preserve like Lake Hodges and San Pasqual Valley are also located on the far northeast end of the city.

7. Cost Of Living

Even though the cost of living is relatively in San Diego, all the people who have made the relocation agree that it is worth the move. Houses are expensive but the salaries are there to match them. It may sound rather discouraging, but once you find a job in San Diego, living there would become comfortable and happy. Since there are a lot of jobs available in the city, people who move to the area have no trouble settling right in without having to face financial crisis.

8. Schools

When you move with small children, one of the first things to be done is research the school zones and public ratings. Find that sort of information here.  The public schooling system is run by the San Diego Unified School District. There are 107 elementary schools, 24 middle schools, 13 alternative and atypical schools, 28 high schools and 45 charter schools. There are also quite a few public and private universities. Some of the best schools found in San Diego are, E3 Civic High School, Health Science High & Middle College, High Tech High charter schools, Francis Parker School, Excelsior Academy, San Diego Early/Middle College, School of Creative and Performing Arts and many more.

So if you have children or you are looking for a good university, then finding school for them would not be hard for you when you have made relocation to San Diego your choice.

9. Media Outlets

When you decide to move to San Diego, then there must be some source where you can find out about what is happening in the city, what places to visit for entertainment, what are the varying prices of real estate etc. For all these answers, newspapers and local TV channels are the best source. Some of the newspapers that you can rely on include,

San Diego City Beat, is the newspaper you need if it is politics, arts and music you want to find out about. The circulation is on a weekly basis, with over 50,000 readers. It is one of the most famous magazines of the city due to its updated information and interesting writing style. It is the perfect guide for all the people moving to San Diego who are not at all familiar with the city life.

U-T Diego, the most widely circulated newspaper in San Diego and fifth most read paper in California, U-T San Diego, has also been named one of the top 30 popular newspapers of US. It is the result of a merger between San Diego Union and the San Diego Evening Tribune. It contains everything from local to international news, sports and business.

Some reliable local TV channels are KFMB TV 8, KGTV TV 10 and KNSD TV 39.

10. Movers USA

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