Moving to Phoenix, AZ

Landscape at sunset in Saguaro National Park, Arizona, USA

Whether we like it or not, most of us will have to pack up our belongings and move out of state at one point or another. While starting over in a new state is exciting, packing your life into small, cardboard boxes could be worrisome.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is a city that is located in Salt River Valley and mainly remains sunny throughout the year. This metropolitan city is located in the Sonoran Desert, which is the reason that it has a subtropical desert climate. Thanks to its beautiful weather, Phoenix offers an extensive range of recreation and outdoor activities to the residents.

1. Moving Services and Tips

If you are looking to save money with lower moving rates for moving to Phoenix, AZ, pick hotter months to do so. In contrast to many states Relocation in the summer costs less than in winter. The reason for that is the moderate weather of Phoenix that most people from other states prefer moving here during the cold months, which is why moving costs go up in winter time.

If you can tolerate the rising temperature during the summer season, you should definitely choose the off-season and save some money. The heat is what keeps most residents from planning a move during the hot months in this city. If you choose summer to plan your big move, make sure you pick early mornings or late evenings to do also check for the weather forecast because the weather is quite unpredictable and daytime in summer can mean dust storms.

Relocating to a new place always comes with a lot of stress and things to remember. When it comes to exploring the city of Phoenix and finding a place to work at, it is very important  to keep in mind the parking situation. You cannot just park your vehicle anywhere in the city because there are parking signs everywhere, you have to be careful. It is best to look online at the city website for instructions here you can park for free or obtain parking permit. Otherwise you  will end up getting parking ticket.

2. Highways and Public Transport

When moving to a new state, you would want to  check traffic conditions, you can call your movers to ask or you can visit here for traffic conditions.

Because Phoenix is the largest and heavily populous city in Arizona, it remains quite busy. This city has two interstate highways and several state highways that are enough to get you anywhere within the city or outside it without the hassle. These facts are important to remember when moving. Your movers may need to plan to move in such a time when traffic is slow. However, the city has three major highways including U.S. Route 60, Interstate 10 and Interstate 17. All of these highways connect different cities to Phoenix, making relocating much easier.

However, all the highways in Phoenix remain packed with traffic because it is the most populous state capital in the U.S. but you will only find heavy traffic in peak times of the day or if there is a special event in the city.

3. Climate

There is a reason that Phoenix is known as the Valley of the Sun. this city has a moderate climate that leans to the hotter side and summer days can reach 100 degrees. But there is little humidity in the weather which keeps you from sweating. The winters are not very extreme and the average temperature will drop to 65 degrees.

4. Education

There are total 29 school districts in Phoenix, AZ, that offer education to the public. The city also has 215 elementary schools and 4 high schools. The largest high school district in Phoenix is the Phoenix Union High School District that has 3, 000 employees and features 16 schools.

The three high school districts in Phoenix include Tolleson Union, Glendale Union, and Tempe Union. The city also contains numerous charter schools and has many more elementary school systems that serve the city.

The Arizona State University is the main university offering higher education to the people of Phoenix alongside other institutions including the Grand Canyon University, Barrow Neurological Institute, Arizona Christian University, and the Arizona Summit Law School.

5. Government

When it comes to moving to a new place, it is important to get every legal requirement in check including all the government-related things. You will need to register for a number of things and to ensure everything is settled in time, it is important to do first things first. When moving to Phoenix, you will need to take care of the following:

  • Vehicle registration and a new driver’s license
  • Taxing
  • Voter registration
  • If you need to check your movers for licensing click here.
  • To check if your movers are pro movers click here.
6. Cities/Metro Areas

Phoenix is located in the northeastern part of the Sonoran Desert and most of the city is just plain desert. A major part of Phoenix comprises of urban villages, but there are many neighborhoods in the city as well. But Phoenix is a very fast growing metropolitan area in Arizona and has all types of neighborhoods that residents can choose to relocate to.

To check out more cities when moving to AZ click HERE.

7. Cost of living

The cost of living in Phoenix is lower and its index is 95 from an average of 100. However, the price of goods, services, and healthcare is still higher than the national average. But there is good news for those with their personal vehicles because the price of gas in Phoenix is 10% lower than the average rates.

But if you are looking to move to this city and buy a place, you might be paying higher than the average cost of apartments and homes.

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8. Schools

When moving to Phoenix, one of the biggest challenges that families face is to find the right school for their children. Although Phoenix has over 30 school districts, but state funding has affected many schools leaving families with little choice. The city also has several elementary schools that offer education for grades kindergarten through 8. Most elementary schools also serve as high schools. However, there are many exceeding private schools and institutions offering quality education to students. The city includes elementary schools districts, high school districts, and unified districts with the highest number of schools offering high school education. If you are looking for schools in Phoenix, you can take help from the following list:

High School Districts

  • Tolleson Union High School District
  • Tempe Union High School District
  • Phoenix Union High School District
  • Glendale Union High School District

Unified Districts

  • Scottsdale Unified School District
  • Paradise Valley Unified School District
  • Deer Valley Unified School District
  • Cave Creek Unified School District

Elementary School Districts

  • Wilson Elementary School District
  • Washington Elementary School District
  • Union Elementary School District
  • Tolleson Elementary School District
  • Tempe Elementary School District
  • Roosevelt Elementary School District
  • Riverside Elementary School District
  • Phoenix Elementary School District
  • Pendergast Elementary School District
  • Osborn Elementary School District
  • Murphy Elementary School District
  • Madison Elementary School District
  • Littleton Elementary School District
  • Laveen Elementary School District
  • Kyrene Elementary School District
  • Isaac Elementary School District
  • Fowler Elementary School District
  • Creighton Elementary School District
  • Cartwright Elementary School District
  • Balsz Elementary School District
  • Alhambra Elementary School District
9. Media outlets

There is no shortage of media outlets in Phoenix and if you are in search of one, you will come across a variety of options. There are numerous publications, magazines, newspapers, and TV stations in the city. Below is a list of different media outlets that are prominent in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Phoenix New Times – This newspaper offers information about the local headlines and happening in the city including culture, arts, nightlife, events, theaters, and dining. This newspaper is available every Thursday on newsstands free-of-cost.
  • The Arizona Republic – This is the largest newspaper in the state of Arizona and is one of the most popular sources of information for the residents as well. This newspaper offers news on sports, world affairs, business, and much more.
  • Phoenix Echo – This newspaper is great for staying up-to-date on entertainment, politics, and daily news. But this newspaper also targets the LGBT community and is published twice a week.
  • La Voz Arizona – This is the largest Spanish publication in the city.

Local and world news TV channels in Phoenix include the following:

  • KTVK TV 3
  • KTVW TV 33
  • KSAZ TV 10
  • KPNX TV 12
  • KPHO TV 5
  • KNXV TV 15

So, if you are moving to Phoenix, you don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date with the latest news because the numerous outlets and publications are great sources of information.

10. About Movers USA

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