Moving to Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida (USA) flag waving on the wind

Moving to Orlando Florida anytime soon? Here are some useful information to keep in mind:

One of the most energetic and lively cities in the US, Orlando is the fifth largest city in Florida. The city oozes the vibes of vitality and radiance through the streets. It is also well known for its colorful and magical Disney World. The city is popularly called the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

Planning relocation to this city is a great idea because Orlando is full of fun opportunities, active places to visit and interesting things to do. It is counted in the top 25 largest metropolitan cities in the United States. Due to the gorgeous sights and beautiful lakes combined with amusement parks, theme parks, space centers and lavish malls - the city has been named as “The Beautiful City”.

Although an amazing city to move to, the city is not right for everyone. There are some very important factors to keep in consideration before making the final decision. Some of the basic information about the city includes:

1. Moving Tips and Services

It is very important to be fully prepared before planning to move to a new city. Movers USA provide significant guidance to their customers before planning a move. There are some important things to remember before moving to Orlando.

They include:

  • Do not rely solely on GPS. The road travel to Orlando has many distorted overpasses and areas where the GPS system is unlikely to work. Therefore, it is very important to keep another source of tracking the area or to keep a printed map on route.
  • Keep yourself well prepared by taking hurricane kits. The important things to be carried in the kit include: bottled water, blanket, food items, first aid and toiletries. The chances of the occurrence are very low but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • To be more in touch with the different aspects of the city, start following the very famous Orlando Sentinel paper. It will help in getting a better idea of the culture and events happening around town. Orlando is full of diverse events happening all the time, so it is important to use different sources of media such as television channels, newspapers and magazines to get the latest information about the city.
  • Plan ahead for small children and pets to be taken care of during the move. Relocation can be stressful for children and animals too, so don’t forget to make sure their needs will also be met on the day of the move. Trying to arrange a caregiver for that day may help reduce the amount of stress for everyone.
  • Prior to moving it is advised that you go through your items and see if there are items that you may want to let go of, or sell. Reducing the amount of items would reduce moving cost, and if you can do a moving sale you can use some of the funds from such sale to offset the cost of the move.
  • Another great idea is to arrange for a “packing party”. You can invite friends and family and while you get them food and drinks and even play some good music, they can help supervise, or even pack some pots and pans.
  • Stay organized. Moving could be messy, therefor start a moving folder and try to stay organized as much as you can.
  • If possible, try to schedule moves in the middle of the month. Most homes are trying to reserve the last days, or, the first few days of the month for moving. If you can plan to move during a weekday and in the middle of the month, you may be able to save. Talk to your moving company representative to see how move date can help with saving.
  • You should always research when looking at potential movers. Do not be fooled by the “low price”. You should research your movers with the better business bureau, the US department of transportation and state agencies like MMTA – the Maryland motor truck association, or, in VA the VMWA – the Virginia Movers and warehouseman’s association.



2. Highways and public transport

You will have to find your way around in your new City.  If you have your own personal vehicle, this may be easier for you, especially during your relocation. If you do not have your own car, the public transportation in Orlando is very well scheduled. Different bus and metro services are operational in the city. The bus services are provided by the LYNX, providing service for at least 65 routes in the city. They also have more than 5000 bus stops present throughout the city. All the different modes of transportation are cheap and of low cost. Different shuttle, taxi and even mini cruise options are available for transportation. Mini cruises are also very popular. They are present in the Cape Canaveral, which is almost 45 minutes away from the city of Orlando. The place can be reached by taking a shuttle or bus service.

3. Climate

Anyone moving to Orlando will surely love the climate. Visit here for some information and averages of the climate in the region. The city experiences two major weathers including winters and summers. The summer season is very rainy and with a high level of humidity. The temperature can rise up to 90 degrees in the summer season. Throughout the year, the weather remains on a warmer side. It is an ideal place for people loving sunny and bright days with beautiful lakes and palm trees all around.

4. Education

If you are interested in higher education for yourself or for your children when you move, you’ll be happy to know that the quality of education in Orlando is above average. There is a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of education. Other than the very prestigious public schools and universities present in the city, there are also many notable public institutions. Some famous universities include University of Central Florida, Valencia College Nova Southeastern University, Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Herzing College and many others.

Headquarter of OCLS (Orange County Library System) is located in Downtown Orlando. The library provides detailed materials for extensive research, language and software learning classes, tutoring and mentoring along with assistance to find the right book or material for your work.

5. Government

Interstate movers are licensed by the FMCSA. TO check if a company is in good rating with DOT, please check here. The American Moving and Storage association also regulates moving companies. To check if a mover is a ProMover please visit here.

As far as local government goes, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local politics of your new home. Orlando has a very organized form of government. The officials include a mayor and commissioners serving in six different districts of the city. The personnel serve a  4 year tenure and arrange meetings on a bimonthly basis. They protect the rights of public authorities such as venues for tourism, law enforcement within the city and projects for infrastructure of the city. The fire protection department also works under them.

6. Cities / metro areas

Chances are, if you are moving to Orlando, you will not be moving into the Magic Kingdom.  You’ll be moving to one of Orlando’s multiple neighborhoods.  Check them out here. The very famous localities such as Sanford and Kissimmee are known for the mesmerizing attractions including Universal Studios, Disney World and Sea World. The other neighborhoods include the Old Orlando which is a little far from the center of the city and the environment is calmer as compared to the hub of the city.

7. Cost of living

You may be relocating for a job in Orlando as that is the most common reason for moving into the area. The salaries are higher if compared to the overall cost of living. It is estimated that the cost of living in the city is at least 9 percent lower than other cities in the US - which is a huge difference!

The city of Orlando is developing consistently with more opportunities in various industries. There is an extremely high rate of tourists visiting the city every year. The main attractions include museums, space center tours, theme parks and lakes.

Most of the people are employed in maintaining these tourist spots. The unemployment rate is constantly shrinking with hardly a 7% left. The city is building a whole new level of potential due to being one of the top choices for tourists.

8. Schools

The education system is a big thing to factor in to where you are looking to relocate. One of the first things you’ll want to do when moving to a new home is check the schools. Please look here for a complete list and ratings. The education system in Orlando is very well established.  Around 178 public schools are present in the city. The public education system in Orlando is operated by Orange County Public Schools. It is also one of the largest school districts in the US.  Some of the best high schools in Orlando include: Orlando Science Middle/High School, Dr Phillips High School, Boone High School Edgewater High School and many others.

As many as 170,000 students are enrolled in different schools. The various learning communities for schools include the West, Southwest, East, North and Central.

9. Media outlets

When you move to Orlando, you’ll have no shortage of recreational activities. It is an ideal place to live in for artists, historians, musicians and fun-loving people. The city has a great range of historical museums, theme parks, tourist’s attractions, space centers, beautiful gardens, serene lakes and much more to offer. Different events are regularly arranged, relating to arts - from theatre to concerts of various musicians. Another ideal spot for tourists as well as residents is the “I-Drive” which is also known as International Drive. It is an ideal place to dine in and try cuisines of different cultures.

Orlando Sentinel is the most popular newspaper in Orlando. It is also the most commonly read in the city. The newspaper has very interesting columns related to health, sports, business, arts and culture, world news and weather. The Orlando Business Journal is an annual publication concerning the topics of business and finance within the state of Florida. The journal also gives awards to different successful people including women entrepreneurs, young businessman under 40 and many others.

10. Movers USA

The idea of relocating somewhere can be anxiety inducing for many. Everything from real estate to educational institutions - requires starting from scratch. It is thus, of utmost importance to use strategic planning to move from one place to another. There are companies that can establish effective strategies for you to implement them to make your relocation smoother.

When you are moving your house to a new city, one of the things that can make the entire move easy and smooth is a professional moving company. Choosing an experienced and reliable relocation service provider can help you in a number of ways. Not only does it ensure that your furniture is well handled but it also provides you with consultation services in case of queries and emergencies. The right moving company will help you through the process and ease your mind about an upcoming relocation.

When it comes to local and long distance relocation, it is not always possible to relocate by yourself entirely and can lead to much stress and dissatisfaction. Movers USA makes sure that you receive the best service in this regard. With our decades of experience in moving, we make sure that the specific needs of every client are met. Our well trained and dedicated employees make sure that every piece of furniture in your home, as big as the antique piano you love or other major furniture are moved in the safest way and in the best of hands. Experience and quality is what sets us apart. We treat every move as if we were moving our own belongings.

Movers USA isn't just a relocation company but helps its clients in every way possible to make the move easily. They provide disassembly and reassembly service for furniture, personal certified moving consultants, and climate controlled storage units among others services, which lessens the burden for the client who already have a number of others things to look after during a relocation. We can help every step of the way, from providing expertise advice and guidance of every aspect of the moving process.

We have the knowhow, the experience, and top of the line man power and equipment to make sure any move, of any size is done to the upmost of client satisfaction.