Moving to Nashville, TN

Skyline of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Moving to Nashville will give you a whole set of new experiences, while you must be excited about relocating to Nashville, boxing up your entire life into cardboard boxes could be hectic. It is the second most populated city in Tennessee and is famous among music lovers. Be it pop, rock or country - the city is popular for all types of music. Whether it is a temporary visit to the city or a permanent relocation, the trend for music is something that you will notice for sure. One very famous locality in the city is known as Nashville’s Music Row which is a hub for tourists and is also a center for the music industry within the city.

It is an excellent town for all professionals. The cost of living is not very high and the city is extremely welcoming and positive. Some of the important points to consider before moving to Nashville are:


1. Moving services and tips:

For music enthusiasts, Nashville is a great place to move to. However moving from one place to another could be challenging and difficult. There are some important things to consider before making the move. Following are some tips:

  • Start getting moving estimates about 5-6 weeks prior to move date.
  • Determine other expenses related to moving and consider them in your budget.
  • See if you have any items or furniture in the house that you may wat to get rid of, make this decision early and reduce the amount of items to be moved if possible.
  • Inform everyone you will be moving, prepare to send notices to schools, banks, utility companies and service providers.
  • Notify your homeowners and other insurance carriers you may have about your upcoming move. You should also ask your Homeowner Insurance rep. If moving is covered under your policy.
  • Start cleaning out your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, shop wisely for food.
  • Start collecting boxes, if you need to pack. Make sure that if you are getting used boxes, you have inspected those used boxes for bugs and make sure they are completely dry.
  • If you have kids, make sure you hire help to help watch the kids on move day if possible. If you don’t have help feel free to visit our website and read about how to keep kids busy during a move.
  • Most people want to move during the summer when the kids are off of school. If you are planning to move in the summer, you should start the process early to make sure your mover has availability.
  • It is advisable that you visit Nashville at least once before making the move, especially if you are from a big city.
  • Downtown Nashville is filled with town energy and is a great place for touring. However, it is not the most convenient place for families. Consider neighborhoods like Hillsboro Village or German Town for single family homes.
  • Make sure to have a car or a transportation facility available since Nashville is mostly a driving town.
2. Highways and public transport:

There is not a lot of traffic but the overall transit system in Nashville is a little confusing, therefor, if you don’t have or own a car, ask a friend or a relative to help driving you around town and help with getting you to destination to meet the movers. If you don’t have anyone you know in town, you can try to arrange transportation with a Taxi or Uber. The use of GPS in cars helps a large part of the population. It is to be noted that the traffic congestions become especially bad between 4 to 7pm. The bus system in Nashville however, is quite extensive. The Metro Transit Authority provides transit services in and out of downtown and all through the city. Other public transits like Downtown circulator buses provides free of cost transportation from Monday to Saturday.

3. Climate:

The weather of the city remains average throughout the year. However, there are strong chances of thunderstorms and tornadoes during springs. Check the weather forecast for the week you are planning to move, to make sure it is not too cold, rainy or very hot.  Although you should plan ahead and secure a moving company at least a month in advance, the best time of year to plan for a move is in the spring or fall when the weather is not at its most extreme.

The city is extremely humid in the morning but by evening, the humidity level drops dramatically. It is ideal to carry out most of the moving plans in the spring season as summers can often be too warm. Winters in Nashville are short and pleasant; even the snowfalls are rarely disruptive. The City of Nashville experiences all four seasons, with hot summers, mild yet fluctuating winters and comfortable spring and autumn.

4. Education:

When moving to another state or city, with a family or kids needing good education you can research the state’s education site. For a list of available Universities or college please visit here. The music industry in Nashville is booming, having a major influence on the city’s culture. From tourism to business, employment to education, everything in Nashville revolves around music. Many grad schools and institutes related to the performing arts and music are also present here. In Nashville there is an abundance of universities along with an extensive community education system. As of today, Nashville houses 155 schools and various high schools that offers college-level credits to their students. Some of the top universities in Nashville include:

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Belmont University
  • Lipscomb University
  • Tennessee State University
  • Fisk University
  • Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Meharry Medical College
  • Welch College
  • American Baptist College
5. Government:

The Government of Nashville is headed by a mayor and consists of a council that comprises of 40 members. In 2013 the city was recognized and received platinum rating for making a large commitment to sustainability and economic development.  Following are some of the latest programs and initiatives taken by Nashville’s Government:

  • Nashvitality Mobile App
  • Construction and renovation of Metro buildings for maximum energy efficiency.
  • An initiative of program called NEW (Nashville Energy Work) that enabled the County homeowners to connect with various sources to help them improve home energies at affordable rates.
  • Government of Nashville introduced Electrical Vehicle project in the year 2012 and successfully installed 26 electric vehicle charging stations in parks, public facilities and community centers all around the city.
  • The mayor also signed an order to make the streets of Nashville safe and secure for the residents. The streets of Nashville are now perfectly able to equip all modes of transport, whether it is public or mass transit.
  • One of the biggest accomplishments of Nashville government includes an extensive Greenway System. This Greenway connects various neighborhoods to famous and common spots. This greenway follows along a large part of Nashville and most of its residents are only 2 miles away from accessing it.
6. Cities / metro areas:

The metropolitan areas of Nashville are centered in Nashville, Tennessee. It consists of 14 counties with the largest population in the whole state.

Following are the counties of Nashville:

  • Cannon County
  • Cheatham County
  • Davidson County
  • Dickson County
  • Hickman County
  • Macon County
  • Maury County
  • Robertson County
  • Rutherford County
  • Smith County
  • Sumner County
  • Trousdale County
  • Williamson County
  • Wilson County
7. Cost of living:

There are as many as 83 different neighborhoods here. The cost of living is much lower than the average cost of living in the country, the taxes are quite low and you will feel a vast difference, especially if you are relocating from a more expensive city like New York or Boston. Every neighborhood here has diversity in demographics and various options for purchasing homes are available at different price ranges. A large number of jobs and employment opportunities are found in the city. The top most industry is healthcare with music being second. Undoubtedly, it is the best place for music lovers. There are many opportunities for musicians to find work. Other than this,

8. Schools:

The city of Nashville is served by Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). The schools cater to nearly 82,000 students from diversified backgrounds. The school system serves a good quality of education where majority of the classes are taught by highly qualified teachers.  Some of the schools in Nashville are:

Elementary Schools:

  • Glendale Elementary School
  • Julla Green Elementary School
  • Percy Priest Elementary School
  • Lockeland Elementary Design Center
  • Valor Collegiate Academy
  • Crieve Hall Elementary School
  • Harpeth Valley Elementary School
  • Andrew Jackson Elementary School
  • East End Prep
  • Dan Mills Elementary School
  • Westmeade Elementary School
  • Lead Academy

 Middle Schools in Nashville are:

  • Margaret Allen Middle School
  • Antioch Middle School
  • Apollo Middle School
  • Bailey Middle School
  • Bass Middle School
  • Jere Baxter Middle School
  • Bellevue Middle School
  • Brick Church Middle School
  • Cameron Middle School
  • T. Creswell Middle School
  • Croft Middle School
  • Donelson Middle School
  • DuPont Hadley Middle School
  • DuPont Tyler Middle School
  • John Early Middle School
  • East Nashville Middle School
  • Ewing Park Middle School
  • Goodlettsville Middle School
  • Gra-Mar Middle School
  • Haynes Middle School
  • Head Middle School
  • G. Hill Middle School


High Schools in Nashville are:

  • Academy at Old Cockrill
  • Antioch High School
  • Cane Ridge High School
  • East Nashville High School
  • Glencliff High School
  • Hillwood High School
  • Hume-Fogg High School
  • Hunters Lane High School
  • Martin Luther King High School
  • Maplewood High School
  • McGavock High School
  • Middle College
  • Nashville Big Picture
  • Nashville School of the Arts
  • Whites Creek

Private Schools in Nashville are:

  • Abintra Montessori
  • Lighthouse Christian School
  • Lipscomb Academy
  • Davidson Academy
  • Donelson Christian Academy
  • Christ Presbyterian Academy
  • Harding Academy
  • Ensworth School
  • Ezell-Harding Christian School
  • Franklin Road Academy
  • Father Ryan
  • Goodpasture Christian School
  • Harpeth Hall School
  • Linden Waldorf School
  • Madison Academy
  • Montgomery Bell Academy
  • Nashville Christian School
  • Nashville International Academy
  • Cecilia Academy
  • Paul Christian Academy
  • University School of Nashville
9. Media outlets:

Since the city is a hub of music and arts, various media platforms are prevalent locally. The Tennessean is the most famous and oldest newspaper running in the city. The history of the newspaper dates back to the early 19th century. The newspaper has a very high number of readers. It includes separate editions for topics such as world news, business, sports, music, entertainment and community events.

Other sources of weekly local news include La Campana, NashVegas Insider, Nashville Business Journal, The Nashville Pride, and Nashville Scene, whereas The Contributor is a famous monthly source of news and entertainment for the residents if Nashville.

10. About Movers USA:

The city of Nashville is full of opportunities especially for people related to music. Be it music teachers, professionals or even aspirants - Nashville is the best city for you if you have passion for music. It is a great city for relocation.

However, moving from one place and leaving everything behind is certainly not an easy task. Emotional and physical stress is involved, but when you start facing issues with the whole moving procedure too and things start going a bit out of hand, the stress becomes unbearable and all you can think of is to somehow get past this terrible time.  An important support needed at the time of moving is a reliable and responsible mover. Movers USA understand the concerns, fears and anxiety that happen during any relocation, whether it is a full household or even just a few items.

Relocation can be time consuming, stressful and costly. It can be difficult to find the right company that can be trusted for relocation purposes. The involvement of finances, real estate, transportation and personal needs can all play a part in a move. It is important to choose the right company for relocation purposes.

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