Moving to Michigan

Joe Louis Fist DetroitWhen you make a move to Michigan, there are some basic and important things you’ll want to know about the state, and the area you are choosing to relocate to. We hope this article will provide you with such information. Michigan is known as the Wolverine State with the University of Michigan using the state’s nickname as their mascot. An interesting story behind the unique nickname dates back to the time of the Civil War. In today’s age, the state has modernized itself.

They have built infrastructure and transportation system for its residents to use. If you want to add to the population, you need to decide on which city you plan to call your next home. Since many of Michigan's roads are in bad shape it is recommended to check in advance if any roads on your route is closed or a roadwork is planned. Because of that reason it will be wise to hire the services of a professional and reliable moving company to help you move to Michigan. A professional moving company will know the best and safest routs to bring your belongings safely to any city you will choose in your move to Michigan.

You can learn more about the state here.

1. Moving Tips and Services

Moving to another location is a difficult task. Homeowners who are planning to move have to take care of every small detail and there are many. Do not allow yourself to turn into a disheveled homeowner, pack your personal items in advance, to avoid forgetting important things. Use 'Moving Checklist' and make a 'Move Folder' with all the essentials paperwork concerning your move.

Do you already have a date that you are supposed to move out of your current home? If you do, you should start packing your belongings and take care of anything that you do not want to leave up to last minute.

Next, you need to map out all the routes to reach your location in Michigan to avoid getting lost. You can contact the Michigan Department of Transportation to inquire if any roads are closed or under construction. Be sure to check the weather in Michigan on the day of your arrival. You should avoid traveling to the state during inclement weather conditions.

Instead, drive down there in fall or spring. Most importantly, you should know the directions to your neighborhood. If your car is equipped with a GPS system, make use of it. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you should never travel alone, as some areas in the state such as Flint and Detroit has a high crime rate.

Before you pack up to leave for the state, you should conduct research on your city. If you can, you should visit the city in question to see the property on sale or available for rent. Once you have made up your mind to live there, you should contact a moving company to send their movers to pack up your personal belongings.

2. Highways And Public Transport

Before and after your move, you’ll need to know the best route for your daily routines. Please use this link here to check the traffic in your area.

Even though the roads of the state are rough and not maintained, they make your journey to the Lower and Upper Peninsula easier. People shifting to the southwestern section of the country will encounter heavy traffic, particularly in the city of Detroit.

Most of the cities in the state have public transportation system such as buses. If you have hired professional movers, they will be well aware of the roads and what routes to take to reach the destination. You can travel from city to city by taking Amtrak, a rail service. People who plan to fly to the state will likely find themselves at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

3. Climate

You will need to pack your raincoat, rubber boots, and an umbrella if you plan to move to Michigan. The state receives a remarkable 30-40 inches of rain annually. The Upper Peninsula receives 160 inches of rain. The Lower Peninsula of Michigan has longer summers than winters. In the winter, expect snow to cover your surrounding area. If you are coming to reside in the Lower Peninsula, know that it is susceptible to tornadoes. Obviously weather is unpredictable and you can only do so much to plan, but checking the weather forecast for your area will help you better prepare for the move.

4. Education

Quality of education is always a big concern for parents making a move to a new school zone. The education system of the state provides educational services to more 1.6 million students, from kindergarten to high school. Over 124,000 students attend private schools. Families with children going off to college should know that the state has several public universities as well as private colleges.

Some of the notable universities your child could attend include the Michigan State University, which currently holds the eighth position in the list of the universities with the largest number of enrolled students.

5. Government

Interstate movers are licensed by the FMCSA. TO check if a company is in good rating with DOT, please check here. The American Moving and Storage association also regulates moving companies. To check if a mover is a ProMover please visit here.

New residents of Michigan can visit the state’s website to acquire information, pertaining to people who have recently moved to the area. Even though the state does not excise taxes, it does levy taxes, about 6 percent tax on new cars.

If you have bought a vehicle from another state and are bringing it to Michigan, you will only have to pay the sales tax. You will not have to worry about paying any tolls, as the state does not have any. You can register for a Michigan driver’s license and to vote from their website. Each metro region provides homeowners with a recycling and trash service. If you require any more information, you can contact the Michigan’s Department of State.

6. Cities / Metro Areas

The major cities of Michigan to move to are the Grand Rapids, Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, Dearborn, and Flint. If you want to be near the nightlife, which includes going to casinos and clubs, you should move to Detroit.

If you do not like the hustle and bustle of a crowd, you can move to Sterling Heights, a peaceful city in Michigan. Sterling Heights is a great location for couples with children. For those who want to be near the cultural and political scene should consider living in Ann Arbor. Lansing and Warren are also great places to live in. Other cities to reside in include:

  • Wyoming
  • Westland
  • Waterford
  • Troy
  • Southfield
  • Shelby
  • Macomb
  • Livonia
  • Kalamazoo
  • Farmington Hills
  • Clinton
  • Canton
7. Cost Of Living

Something many people give a lot of thought to when moving is how the cost of living in a new places, in this case, the state of Michigan, will compare to where you are making the relocation from.  The cost of living in a state is important to your budget. If the cost of living is high, you will have to adjust your lifestyle. Before you move to Michigan, make sure your bank account allows you to live comfortably.

Residents of the state have to pay high property taxes, which is why it placed fifteenth on the list of states with the highest property taxes. However, the cost of living in the state is 8.1% lower than the United State’s average. The unemployment rate in some cities of the state is high. Rental and home prices vary and largely depend on the city you choose to live in.

8. Schools

When you make a move with children, there is a lot to keep in mind. Please check here for a list and rating of any school in Michigan. If you have school-going children, you will need to reside in a neighborhood with schools, offering quality education. Here is a list of the some of the schools in Michigan from each category:

  1. Elementary Schools- Edgewood Public Montessori in Okemos, Howe Trainable Center and Montessori in Dearborn, and Hemmeter Elementary School in Saginaw
  2. High Schools- International Academy of Macomb in Clinton Township, Community High School in Ann Arbor, and City Middle and High School in Grand Rapids
  3. Universities: Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University, Michigan Technological University, Oakland University, and Western Michigan University

If you know someone who lives in Michigan, you can ask your acquaintances to guide you to the best schools in the state.

9. Media Outlets

Daily news may be a big part of your life, so when you move, you’ll have to find a new source for your news. The media outlets you will refer to for your daily news about the state and the world depends on the city you reside in. For instance, if you reside in Grand Rapids, you will read the Grand Rapids Press, which is a daily newspaper, or the Advance Newspapers. You may also like reading the Grand Rapids Business Journal, the Grand Rapids Family, and Michigan Blue.

If you reside in Detroit, you will watch channels such as The CW, TCT, CBS, Fox, and Ion Television, which are owned and operated stations. Some of the radio stations in the city you listen to include the WNZK (ethnic talk), WJR (sports, talk, and news), and more. When you visit the city, you can always look up the most read newspaper or the most listened radio station.

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