ME Fishing Pier at SunsetWhen you visit Maine, you will encounter forests, lakes, coastlines, lighthouses, and mountains. You will fall in love with the state at first sight. If you have decided to move to Maine, you will have to contract a moving company to help you. Before heading down there, you should conduct some research on the state.

It is vital that you know several things about your new home such as information about their government, cities, transportation system, and more. You will find the information mentioned in this guide helpful.


1. Moving Services and Tips

Moving to another state can become quite hectic. You have to rally up the children, if you have any, to pack up their personal belongings. You have to pack up every room of the house, which includes the kitchen, the living room, and the master bedroom. Finally, you have to give every room a once over to make sure you are not forgetting anything.

You have to transport everything to your new home in Maine. The entire relocation process can drain you, leaving you tired and exhausted. For this reason, you have to put some time aside to allow yourself to understand the routes and arrange for a moving company to assist you relocate to Maine.

In order to ensure you have contracted a reliable moving company, you need to get quotes from different movers. In addition to this, visit the professional movers’ site to read about them, their services, and read the feedback of their previous customers, if available on their site.  Here are some more general tips provided by our experts at Movers USA:

  • Pack your boxes neatly, and have them labeled by contents and location of home where they belong. Professional moving companies will offer many packing service options if you need help. If you are packing yourself, it is important to use the best packing products for your belongings.
  • Make sure you carry your immediate belongings with you. Pack a bag with some essentials, like a change of clothes and essential toiletries. Don’t forget the snacks! You’ll need some snack and water to help provide you with the energy for the move.
  • The living expenses in the county are higher than the average in the US. Thus, it is important to find a suitable job before planning the move.
  • Plan ahead, go through the house and decide what you would like to keep and what you may get rid of or donate. Having less items may help make the move easier for you and more cost effective.
  • About one month in advance, you’ll want to have researched and chosen a moving company and finalized arrangements.
  • It is ideal to plan relocation during the season of spring or autumn. The temperature can go to extreme during the summer and winter periods.

Once you have arranged for a moving company to take your personal belongings to your new home, you will have time to take care of other things such as changing your USPS address. You can fill out the form online or visit the local post office. Maine does not require you to have a moving permit so you can cancel this task off your list. If possible, move to the state in the summers rather than winters, as Maine tends to get heavy snowfall.

2. Highways and Public Transport

Maine provides its residents with various highways and public transportation services to travel in and out of the state. You can familiarize yourself with the highways and public transportation services in the state by referring to list below:

Airports- Bangor International Airport and Portland International Jetport are the two international airports of Maine. The state has several regional and local airports as well. For a comprehensive list of local airports, you can visit the state’s official site.

Ferries- The state provides its residents with access to several islands, located off the state’s coast. To visit the islands, you will have to take a ferry. You can visit Deer Island, Cranberry Isles, Sutton Island, and many others. Since the ferries run on a particular schedule, you need to acquire information on the arrival and departure timings of each ferry service.

Highways- Interstate 95 and I-95 are two major highways of the state.

Mass Transit- To obtain information about their mass transit system, visit the American Public Transportation Association.

3. Climate

Its important to take the local climate into consideration when planning a move. It’s best to try and move during spring or fall, as those will be the mildest months for weather. Maine has three zones, Northern Zone, Southern Interior Zone, and Coastal Zone. The average temperature in the Northern Zone is 40 degrees, in the Southern Interior Zone, it is 44 degrees, and in the Coastal Zone, it is 46 degrees. In the summers, the average temperature is about 70 degrees. Maine is a great destination for skiing and other winter sports as well.

4. Education

Many parents moving to Maine will be glad to know the standard of education in Maine is held at high importance in the state. The Maine Department of Education is responsible for overseeing all aspects of public education in Maine. A commission appointed by the governor is in charge of running the department of education. School districts and local cities operate both public and secondary schools.

The department of education evaluates the performance of each school and suggests education policies and spending. Maine has made it a compulsory requirement for all children to receive education, starting from kindergarten to high school. Maine participates in a Common Core State Standards Initiative to assess the performance of each individual student, from grade 3 to 8, and 11.

5. Government

Interstate movers are licensed by the FMCSA. TO check if a company is in good rating with DOT, please check here. The American Moving and Storage association also regulates moving companies. To check if a mover is a ProMover please visit here.

Maine has restructured their official site to be more user-friendly. You can visit the site to see email status updates, notifications, links to other town and city government sites, and videos. You can view information about your neighborhood and city through the site.

In addition to this, the site provides links to a map of Maine, its counties, turnpikes, and snowmobile trails. From the site, you can register for park passes, pay traffic fines, file taxes, and submit application for fishing and hunting license. If you require information about the general election or need to register to vote, you can do it through the site.

6. Cities / Metro Areas

If you are moving to Maine, chances are you are moving to one of the more popular cities. Please find a list of cities and metro areas here.  In comparison to other states in the United States, Maine is not a populace state with a population of about 1.33 million in 2014. Not a lot of businesses have set up their headquarters in the state, but in terms of employment, Maine is better off than the other states in the nation.

Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor are three largest cities of Maine. The state has eight regions, which attract people from all over the United States. The eight regions of the state are:

  • The Maine Highlands
  • The Maine Beaches
  • The Kennebec Valley
  • Mid-Coast
  • Maine's Lakes & Mountains
  • Greater Portland & Casco Bay
  • Downeast & Acadia
  • Aroostook County
7. Cost of Living

Before making the move, you may want to compare the cost of living to your new home. You can utilize calculators available online to calculate the cost of living in Maine. Here, you can find a brief overview of the cost of living in the state. The price of homes in state will depend on the city you are thinking of residing in.

For instance, buying a house in Portland will cost you about $250,000 and $1,000 to rent. In Bangor, a house will cost you $163,000 and $780 to rent. Additional expenses include utility bills, car payments, groceries, dining, and more. Before you move, you have to make sure you will be able to live Maine comfortably.

8. Schools

Families moving in the middle of the school year will need to enroll their children in school immediately. Still, it is vital for you to choose a neighborhood with excellent schools. If it is only you and your partner, the schools in the area will not be influence your choice of neighborhood. Please check online here, for a list of schools and their ratings.

However, if you are planning to pursue higher education, you will need to know the universities in close proximity to your home. Here is a list of elementary schools, high schools, and universities in the state:

Elementary Schools:

  • Holden School in Holden
  • Hope Elementary School in Hope
  • Owls Head Central School in Owls Head
  • Rose M. Gaffney in Machias
  • Yarmouth Elementary School in Yarmouth

High Schools:

  • Yarmouth High School in Yarmouth
  • Me School of Science & Mathematics in Limestone
  • Greely High School in Cumberland Center
  • Falmouth High School in Falmouth
  • Cape Elizabeth High School in Cape Elizabeth


  • The University of Maine
  • Andover College
  • Bangor Theological Seminary
  • Colby College
  • Maine College of Art

Parents who want need help finding a school in their area can visit the site and use their school locator feature to find a school near their area. Parents are recommended to have information about the area and its nearby facilities and educational institutions beforehand. It is important to provide your children with quality education so consider choosing a neighborhood with an excellent school district.

9. Media Outlets

If you have decided to relocate to Maine, you need to know what is happening around the state and in your area. Some of the newspapers you can subscribe in Maine are:

  • Bangor Daily News
  • Lewiston Sun Journal
  • Mid-Coast Forecaster
  • Northern Forecaster
  • Portland Forecaster
  • Portland Press Herald
  • Southern Forecaster
  • The Coastal Journal
  • The Portland Phoenix
  • Twin City Times

When you are in the car, you can turn on the radio to listen to the following radio stations:

  • 3 FM in Gardiner
  • 910 AM in Bangor
  • 3 FM in Machias
  • 9 FM in Lewiston
  • 1490 AM in Portland
  • 9 FM in Bath
  • 7 FM in Belfast
  • 1 FM in Bar Harbor
  • 9 FM in Portland
  • 5 FM in Fairfield
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