Moving to Las Vegas, NV

 Las Vegas There is no doubt that a move to Las Vega, Nevada could be the adventure of a lifetime! Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada and is known for its outstanding casinos, hotels, and clubs. This city offers lots of entertainment and is the city that many choose to spend a grand weekend in. Since this dazzling city has so much to offer as far as entertainment and job opportunities for its residents, this is why many people choose to move to Las Vegas, NV.

1. Moving Tips and Services

A lot of planning and scheduling goes into any move, and a move to Las Vegas is no exception. Las Vegas is located on the Mojave Desert which makes it a warm city. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Las Vegas, it is better to choose early fall or early spring. If you choose peak seasons to make the big move, you might end up feeling drained. And because it is a world-famous entertainment hub, it is important to relocate to this city in the off season when the roads are not packed with people and cars, and the calendar busy with events. If you hire professional movers to perform your move, take into account that it may take a few days until your belongings will arrive. Be preparing by Taking Your Valuables With You and put together a bag of personal essentials you will need for the first week in the new home. You can find useful articles and moving checklists in our article section.

The humid climate might become a trouble if you are moving to Vegas in the summers. The winters are also quite chilly so it is better to relocate in moderate months.

If you cannot afford a high moving fee, it is best to choose midweek for relocating as prices are lower during weekdays. It is also important to check pet permits before moving to Las Vegas. And if you have multiple pet dogs and cats, you will need a pet fancier permit to avoid any trouble.

When moving to Las Vegas, make sure you stay away from The Strip and the Downtown area that are mostly heavily populated. Parking is another issue in this city and parking enforcement is usually strolling the streets so if you don’t want to get a fine on your driver’s license, it is better to be aware. Make sure you keep an eye on the parking signs before leaving your vehicle somewhere.

2. Highways and Public Transport

During your move, you may want to check the local traffic in your area to try and avoid running into major delays caused by the sometimes busy traffic of the city. Click here for the most updated reports of delays and traffic accidents. The clean and supreme city planning is the reason that the roads in Las Vegas are pretty decent and are a great support to the heavy Vegas traffic. Because this city is one of the best entertainment hotspots in the world, the streets are very well-maintained and quite broad, which means that you don’t have to worry too much about getting to different areas within and outside of the city.

The highways on the other hand can sometimes get too busy and make the traffic slow, which is why it is important to keep an eye on the events’ calendar so you don’t get stuck in traffic from a big gig in the city. The city blocks are quite stretched so you might not want to walk. The Las Vegas Monorail might be a good commute option, but can be quite expensive and pretty much useless for most of the citizens.

3. Climate

Making a move to Las Vegas in the summer may not be your best option. Please check the weather reports here to avoid making a move during the hottest weather. Las Vegas is a desert valley which is the reason that it is quite humid and warm for most of the months in the year. Peak summer temperatures can reach 105 degrees and sometimes worse. The winter nights can be quite chilly in Vegas with lower temperatures, but the day time still quite moderate with 60 degrees or more.

4. Education

Even though Las Vegas is knows for the entertainment industry, you may not know going into your move that the city also offers high standard of educations.  Las Vegas has some decent educational institutions that offer quality education to the students of all ages. The Clark County School District is responsible for providing primary and secondary public education in the city. These schools have hundreds of students that are studying in grades kindergarten to high school.

There are many colleges and universities in LA including the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, the College of Southern Nevada, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Touro University Nevada, Nevada State College, and many more.

5. Government

When moving to Vegas, it is important that you have all the necessary resources and information to make your move less troubling. Most of the government programs and rules followed in Vegas are similar to that of Nevada. Some of the things that you need to be careful about include voter registration update, building permit, vehicle registration, driver’s license, trash removal, and sewage handling.

6. Cities/Metro Areas

You’ll want to know how to get around if you are moving to Las Vegas and may not be familiar with the city. Las Vegas is a city that offers various neighborhoods and locations for people with different living requirements. The city has fewer flats except some high-rise condominiums located on the Strip. A greater part of the city also stretched into the desert. However, there are many neighborhoods that offer an escape from the hustle bustle of the busy city. Some communities in Vegas feature their own centers, parks, and recreation. Even if you choose a neighborhood away from the city, you will still be able to easily commute to other parts and easily access stores and other things present in the city.

7. Cost of Living

Las Vegas is a city that might offer lower cost of living than other states, but for those moving to a metropolitan area for the first time, the city might be to the pricey side. Therefore, the place that you move from is of vital importance in this case. If you are moving from Hawaii or any other pricey state, you might find this place reasonable. And if you are relocating from a state that has a low cost of living, you will find Vegas pricey, especially when it comes to the grocery store items.

8. Schools

Not only will you be moving to a new home, but you may be moving your family into a new school as well. To research the schools and rating in the area, please check here. The Clark County School District is the major school district in Las Vegas that manages several schools and has thousands of students. This district is also the fifth largest in the U.S. and offers great variety to the students. But when you are relocating to Vegas, it is important to search schools that fall in your neighborhood than picking the one that is too far away and creates travelling issues for you. You can easily look for zoned schools by entering your location on Clark County District website.

And if you are looking for a completely different kind of school for your children, you will also find many technical and focus-based schools that offer dynamic subjects to students. One such school in Vegas is the Las Vegas Academy and the College of Southern Nevada High School. Both the institutions offer quality education in technical fields, giving student real-world knowledge on various subjects.

When choosing a school for your children in Vegas, it is important to conduct a little research. In order to find out which school is the best for your child, check the Clark County School District accountability reports. These reports include complete statistics on the various schools in the district, giving you an exact idea about the institution and whether you should go for it or not.

9. Media Outlets

If you moved to Las Vegas thinking about just casinos and resorts, you might find a lot more than you expected in the Sin City. In order to get a complete idea of the city that is new to you, you can make use of the different media outlets and make the most of your early days here. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular publications in Vegas that will offer you all kinds of insight on this city.

  • The Las Vegas Sun – Available on the newsstand throughout the week, this publication is quite popular source of information and news for the residents of Vegas. This newspaper features news and information on sports, politics, business, world affairs, and entertainment.
  • The Las Vegas Review Journal – This is the most read newspaper in Vegas that features insight on sports, business, world affairs, politics, entertainment, health and fitness, and local news from the city.
  • Las Vegas CityLife – This free weekly newspaper is widely read and offers local and state news to the readers. It is most popular for keeping the readers informed about the music, arts, cultural, theatrical, film, and night scene of the city.
  • Las Vegas Weekly – This is a perfect publication for someone who is new to the city as it offers local entertainment and arts news.
  • El Mundo Las Vegas – If your native language is Spanish, this newspaper is the best source of information and news in Vegas.

Las Vegas also has many local TV channels and stations including the following:

  • KTNV TV 13
  • KSNV TV 3
  • KLVX TV 10
  • KLAS TV 8
  • KINC TV 15
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